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I’m Sabrina Monarch. 

I’ve been into astrology since I was a kid, drawing up natal charts for my friends and researching synastry. I knew one day I’d study it in depth, maybe decades later. But at 21 I had a spiritual emergence experience that radically enlivened me and had me questioning the foundations of the reality I’d always known.

Toward the end of a pretty wild adventure, I sat down with an evolutionary astrologer for some answers and felt more deeply seen than I’d ever been in my life. How did this person know my Soul without yet knowing me? I had to study Evolutionary Astrology, and so I did.

Armed with amazing knowledge I wanted to share, I found myself at a crossroads. I couldn’t go back to the normal world from which I’d come, but what I’d touched in my mystical experiences didn’t yet exist sustainably for me or in my immediate world. At the risk of having to live an inauthentic life or a life in exile, I got to work: I wondered how the mystical could be brought down to earth.

This initiatory experience sent me on a path of building relationships with the planets and the Universe itself, and becoming a professional evolutionary astrologer. In the time since, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, taught online intensives, graduated from a M.A. program in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness, and recently started a podcast called Magic of the Spheres (available where you tune into podcasts).

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5 thoughts on “About Sabrina Monarch

  1. Hello and good evening!
    My name is Danielle and I just stumbled upon a link to your page brought Facebook- I believe it was on the oracle report page. I am consumed and enthralled with connecting universal/planetary energies with the self/humans, and most of all, raising the higher consciousness of the human race (so far really anyone I encounter haha).
    This year has been quite transcendental for me… In early spring, near the Equinox, I was gifted with a sudden and unexpected spiritual awakening inside. While I have always been consumed with astrology and astronomy, I feel that I suddenly became more aware of its connection to us and a higher understanding of it. Each day I open myself up more to learning and experiencing all I can, as to share it with as many as I can, so we can all try to achieve as close as we can to oneness, or at least somewhat of better harmony in the world.
    I am not exactly sure what my goal was by writing this to you, but if you have some time one day, I’d love to know more about how you began your journey that led you to where you are now. Perhaps it will give me the guidance and direction I need to boost me toward where I need to take my awakening.

    • Thanks Danielle! I am working on getting together some revisions and updates for this page – you helped spark that. I am happy for your unexpected spiritual awakening! It sounds like it was a gentle and beautiful one. Thanks for the encouragement to share more of myself… I have taken it to heart. Love, Sabrina

  2. Sabrina is fabulous a word I would not normally use It applies to her the other words I would employ to describe her would-be Courageously unpretentious, both intellectually brilliant and gifted with a heightened state of awareness that enables her to communicate and share her gift through poetically shaped and artistically driven Supreme self- confidence that is confirmed by her understanding of the inherent underlying Truth as she unveils the Cosmic message of the moment so adroitly. I’m very impressed with her work that obviously comes from other lifetimes to reach this point of consciousness. Her use of the language and her ability to use succinct images, to convey specific Concepts, processes ,ideas and conditions is breathtaking in its fundamental and erudite simplicity .Kudos to Sabrina Monarch. P.s. in my life I have been a practicing professional astrologer making my living at it continuously for 46 years with clients in 17 countries. I can trace my lineage as an Astrologer back through the male bloodline to the early 1700’s with my great great great grandfather an Astrologer in Scotland.I was unaware of this until went to India when I was 26 and discovered I was adopted at birth .My life as am Astrologer started when I met Dane rudhyar in 1968 and he told me I was an astrologer which surprised me because I was studying to be a transpersonal jungian psychologist at UC Berkeley He sent me to meet Isabel hickey in Massachusetts she was my first teacher then when I came back to California I met Richard ideman and then my teacher was Allan Oken that led me to Lizz Green in England and then I came back I work with Jeff wolf green a friend of Allan . Long story short I’ve been studying and practicing astrology since 1968. You are very special I’m sure you know this so this is not really new information for you. It’s not what you do it’s how you do it it’s the signature that shows up on your work that defines the incredible uniqueness of your creativity and your spirit I had to say something as soon as someone showed me your blog I had to say something. You are a generous gift to the world . Aloha Nui Loa ALL WAYS ONE !!!

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