Intro to Evolutionary Astrology 45 hour Intensive with Sabrina Monarch Summer 2019


Payment plans are available (6 months of $150) – email sabrina@monarchastrology.com to ask to enroll by payment plan.

This intensive meets for fifteen sessions between June 9 – August 25, 2019. We’ll meet online on Sundays from 11 AM – 2 PM PDT in June and July, and on Sundays and Wednesdays in August from 11 AM – 2 PM PDT. Continue reading about the course in more detail below!

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When: June 9 – August 25, 2019

In this course, you will learn:

  • The twelve signs and houses and their underlying karmic themes.

  • The Sun, Moon, planets, and the lunar nodes & how to place them in signs and houses.

  • Aspects, planetary combinations, and planetary phases.

  • Synthesizing elements of a chart together; how to read the chart as a whole.

  • The Evolutionary Astrology chart analysis method – resourcing Pluto and the lunar nodes as the evolutionary bottom-line of the natal chart.

  • Karma, reincarnation, and esoteric principles of soul-based astrology.

  • How to apply astrology in your life; how to transform and evolve using the map of your natal chart.

How this course works & what you’ll gain:

  • This intensive meets for fifteen sessions. We’ll meet on Sundays from 11 AM – 2 PM PDT in June and July, and on Sundays and Wednesdays from 11 AM – 2 PM PDT in August (see course dates at the bottom of this list). Outside of class you will be given an optional reading list, handouts and other supplemental materials. There is also a class forum where you can engage in discussion with other students and try out interpretations of your own chart and offer feedback for others. I have an open-door policy, meaning students can email me during the course with questions and hear back from me.

  • This class is an introductory, yet lush & dynamic course, giving you the initiation into the world Evolutionary Astrology. Evolutionary Astrology is a karmic astrology from the perspective of the soul, that delves into themes around past lives and current life purpose. In order to really inquire into this layer of reality we have to understand the elements of the natal chart from a bottom-line perspective – to see deeper than appearances and into the meanings behind appearances. So while we address the personality layers of the zodiac signs for example, we also examine their motivations, their underlying frequencies — so that you can recognize their presence in a variety of manifestations.

  • By grasping the archetypes and the concepts covered in this course, you’ll gain a new lens for understanding yourself and the world around you.

  • This class will set you up with a sturdy foundation to begin a relationship or establish a deeper relationship to your own natal chart, to continue studying and practicing astrology, and for future advanced workshops and practicum courses with me.

  • Past students in this course tend to develop friendships with each other! I am proud to offer this course as a live course (not an automated course), and love the communities that develop from this course.

  • COURSE DATES: June 9, 16, 23, 30; July 7, 14, 21, 28, August 4, 7, 11, 14, 18, 21, 25.

  • A note on pacing: the later August weeks where there are two classes a week are weeks where we are looking at volunteer charts. In other words, these are not classes with new material, but rather are classes with the opportunity to practice applying the material we’ve already learned.


Up until May 3, 2019: Earlybird rate: $700

Pay between May 4 – June 9: $800

*Payment plans are available (6 months of $150). To register and pay by payment plan, email sabrina@monarchastrology.com to inquire.

Keep reading about this course – I’ve answered some questions that you may have.

What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Evolutionary Astrology is a paradigm of astrology that reveals the nature of the Soul and its ongoing evolution. The Soul is the being who continues to exist and reincarnates after this lifetime falls away, and the Soul has been here before. Reading a natal chart with the techniques Evolutionary Astrology holds allows one to get a comprehensive understanding of what the Soul has been up to in a series of prior lives. What has it been focused on? What are its patterns? What are its talents? What is unresolved? What is the cutting edge of evolution in this lifetime?

Are the classes recorded and are the recordings for this course available after the course is over?

Yes – you will still be able to access the video recordings from this course after the course duration is complete.

How much time will I need each week to participate in this course? What if I fall behind?

The live class sessions will be for three hours each week (and several weeks in August with two classes a week for 6 hours total a week), and how much you study outside of class is up to you – you’ll be given tons of resources to facilitate that. If you fall behind the pace of the course, you will have access to the materials to catch up on your own time whether that is during the duration of the course or after the course has completed.

Why should I invest in learning about this paradigm of astrology?

Evolutionary Astrology unlocks keys to understanding the history and story of the Soul. On an inner-level, you gain access to becoming acquainted with the deeper version of yourself – the being who goes beyond the avatar that your current incarnation/ego is. It offers incredibly detailed context for why this current incarnation and ego is relevant to the Soul, and why you as a Soul vibrated with this life in particular. This is such liberating knowledge! A practiced Evolutionary Astrologer can deliver this information to you in a reading, but if you would like the tools to make this an ongoing quest of self-discovery to which you can do your own research, build your own body of knowledge, and form your own interpretations, this course can empower you to do just that. This course will show you how to read the astrological map, which is like giving your Soul’s consciousness flight.

Is this just navel-gazing though? What is the real use of knowing soul-focused astrology?

Patterns that are rooted in the Soul are deeply-grooved and continue to recreate themselves in different forms. A certain awareness of what is happening — what exactly the pattern is — offers a moment where transformation can occur. This body of astrology is a way to lucidly access this knowledge so that transformation is an option where there wasn’t that option in sight yesterday.

What is the Evolutionary Astrology technique, and will I be able to learn it?

Evolutionary Astrology utilizes, on a technical level, an analysis of the placement of Pluto, the lunar nodes, and the planetary rulers of the lunar nodes, to tune into this Soul-level interpretation of the natal chart. Whether you know what I’m talking about here because you’re a seasoned student or practicer of astrology, or that’s all a foreign language because you don’t know anything about astrology — you’ll walk away from this course knowing how to form this depth of interpretation. And with practice, you’ll get better and better at it.

I find the thought of soul-inquiry intimidating. Why would I want to know about my Soul, and how would I even integrate this kind of information to my daily life?

Evolutionary Astrology is a Pluto-based astrology, and Pluto is the planet of transformation! This kind of knowledge can make life more vivid and also help us know how to direct our energy – we become more aware of who we are and what we deeply value. By nature, the Soul is interested in this life – it exists here and is bonded to things, like the body. The Soul forms deep (however temporary) attachments whether we do so consciously or not. Becoming lucidly aware of the Soul and how it operates is a way to form conscious intimacy with life, where we previously were ruled by the subconscious. Something I found liberating about this body of knowledge was the empowerment it gave me to invest in life and in my interests – that Soul matters. I felt more secure in my direction. The integration of Soul-awareness is just living in a way where the Soul is guiding you, and becoming more aware of the ways that Soul had been projected (misplaced) onto other things before.

Who is this class for?

This is a class for people who want to expand their thinking. Specifically you will be learning a lot about the Soul and how the Soul speaks and operates in our experience, which is a layer of reality often left to the esoteric and mystical sidelines. (Hence why it can seem intimidating.) So how do we know how to talk about the Soul, how to know Soul? This is a class for people who are interested in that question. And this is a class for people who want the tools to interpret an astrological chart (including their own) from the perspective of the Soul’s ongoing evolution: to really take on the “why am I here?” question. What have I been developing in prior lives, and what am I still refining? What are my gifts? My adversities? What fundamentally compels and motivates me? Why has my soul chosen this ego, this incarnation, as an avatar for its development?

Additionally this class is for people who are interested in astrology already but want to take it deeper. One, they want to take their understanding of the concepts they already know deeper – beyond the personality layer and into the spiritual, soul layers. Second, they want to take their commitment and understanding deeper by studying in a more formal context. When you study astrology, you actually form relationships to the cosmos! This is a class for people who want to develop a meaningful relationship with the cosmos and the part of themselves who knows there is something more to life.

This is an intro course – are there more advanced courses?

Yes. Students who have taken my immersion courses or this intro intensive will be fully resourced to take more advanced practicum courses of mine (available for intensive graduates). This introductory course is here to give you the fundamentals and introduce you to methods of applying this knowledge, with opportunities to practice under guidance.

Do I need to know astrology before taking this course; is it okay if I’m a total beginner?

This course can be taken by people who have any level of astrological knowledge; including seasoned students/practitioners of astrology who want to learn about the Evolutionary Astrology perspective. Students who are newer to astrology but experienced with studying archetypes or psychology will likely have an easy and quick time grasping the concepts.

Students who are very new to astrology (like you don’t know how to look up a natal chart) are welcome in this course, and encouraged to stick with the challenge of the learning curve. This course teaches the fundamentals, so you are able to come to this course as a total beginner.

Do I have to believe in the cosmology piece of this to study Evolutionary Astrology?

No. As an example, I’ve come to believe (and it is my observed experience) that themes from people’s past lives are recreated in their early life. So while a soul-based astrologer might come up with one story for where a person’s complexes and gifts are rooted (in the deep past, patterns of past lives, specific traumas or events from past lives), a traditional psychotherapist might locate the source of those same complexes and gifts in the person’s childhood (via the parental environment, specific or ongoing early life traumas, etc). You could literally look at it either way. In my opinion, the childhood is just a fractal of the soul’s history (so both are true). The themes of the Soul and the history of the Soul are rich fodder for thought and whether you take them literally or metaphorically, you’ll find it enriching! And since the Soul is not a taught landscape in most schooling, it’s not that often you get to apply a nuanced examination of it. Studying Evolutionary Astrology is a chance to do that.

I already know a lot about astrology. What will I gain from this course?

It’s great to bring background to this class. In this course specifically, you’ll get to reimagine astrology through the lens of Pluto or, the Soul. The deeper underlying meanings of the archetypes are explored. And you’ll gain technique for analyzing the chart through an angle you may not be familiar with. If you already are familiar with Evolutionary Astrology, what you’ll gain from this beyond additional perspective you pick up, is sheer practice. On the energetic level, your time and space spent on astrology will simply make you a better astrologer.

What other students have said:

“I feel like it’s really hard to condense my gratitude for Sabrina herself into a short review; it’s like plumbing the depths of the ocean with only a spoon to catch a seahorse. She has a subtle, Neptunian vibe that makes it easy to ask questions and come at the work from a very pure, personal space. When I have spoken up or asked a question, I have always been met with genuine acceptance and respect. The organization each week, the slides, the talk and the conversation between all of us has created an atmosphere that, for me, has been a joy, as I’ve been encouraged to learn as much from my classmates as Sabrina herself, and I have learned a lot! I feel much more coherent and fluid in my astrological practice, and have made genuine friends I cherish. If you’re interested in Evolutionary Astrology, Sabrina will guide you through the process and concepts around it with grace and clarity. I’m so glad I invested in this experience.” – Aliza R.

“There is so much to say that is tough to put in words, but let me try:). I had already studied astrology with one teacher as well as on my own, but you and EA spoke to me. I like that the archetypes are much more psychological and felt. Absolutely all of it seems more felt. Like an experience. Sabrina, you have a gift of expanding the mind and it’s traditional parameters while still maintaining curiosity and openness to learn from everyone and everything. The group dynamic has been amazing. To be able to connect and share with like minded people across the world is a classroom within itself. Lastly, your integrity, in which you practice your craft, is gorgeous and supports the healing modality of astrology. I would love to take a course from you again!” – Stephanie C.

“I first found Sabrina’s website quite by ‘accident’. I found myself reading her blog and exploring older issues of the blog. The words captured me and the unique perspective started shifting these pieces of my heart in profound ways. I would mull over a phrase over the course of a week and find my own perspectives shifted and expanded. After a few months, I learned Sabrina was offering a course on Evolutionary astrology and I deeply desired to take it. I am so glad I did! This course has been life altering in so many deep ways. I have found my understanding of astrology enriched in ways I hadn’t before experienced, as well as finding my night dreams full of symbolism and incredible messages and understandings. My relationship with the planets and the archetypes of their energy and how they play together has enlivened my own birth chart and given me a rich understanding of my inner self.  I highly recommend studying or getting a reading with Sabrina. Her manner is kind and warm, open and encompassing. She truly loves humanity and has a profound understanding of the inner workings of astrology and the human psyche. Learning from her has been an immeasurably beautiful gift.” – Ash-lee J.

“I wholehearted recommend Sabrina’s intensive not only for folks with a curious passion for evolutionary astrology, but for those who are ready to cultivate a relationship to the archetypal denizens of their own nature in a safe and supportive learning environment. I began this course with a peripheral understanding of general astrology, and had a desire to know more than I knew, and I got way more than I bargained for. Thanks to this lovely experience, I’ve gained a deepening confidence in my own ability to recognize and interpret subtle celestial influences in my own life and develop balance in them. There’s a real perennial approach to cosmic living here, and I’m not overstating how valuable Sabrina’s methodology could be to one’s own journey towards fuller embodiment. Not just exclusively for potential practitioners, this a great course for storytellers who want to infuse their work with an expansive approach to intuitive mythology; for healers who want to apply a plus-minded modality for spiritual wellness; or for the seeker who is learning to trust their process of divinity and individuation. Sabrina is a masterful teacher, an Aquarian Age magnet for good people of many paths, and what she’s created will certainly elevate the best of your self-knowledge.” – Sean O.

“Sabrina’s course came into my life at a high crisis moment. The course itself was deeply healing and transformative, and of course, educational. I’ve been a casual student of astrology for a long time but had never delved so deep or known what depths were even possible. Over the 5 months I developed an in-depth relationship to the zodiac and the planets in a way that has deeply shaped and informed my view of reality, my spiritual purpose, the way the archetypes play out in our lives and on a global level, and how to navigate the shifting astrological weather. This course is both an amazing chance for self-discovery and self-healing, and a portal to a new comprehension of existence. Following Sabrina’s course, I’m now considering a future career as an astrologer and will certainly remain a devoted student of this ancient and modern practice.” – Olga K.

“Sabrina’s program was a transformational, empowering experience. I recommend it to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of themselves and their place in the cosmos. This class was a paradigm shift for me, adding dimension to my understanding of astrology that I had not even conceived of. Sabrina is a wise, positive, and empowering guide who is gifted in accessing the soulful aspects of the natal chart. She is supportive and accessible, and has really gone out of her way to make sure that the material is understood. As a healer and herbalist, this has deepened my practice and helped me to incorporate chart readings into my work. Sabrina’s perspective is unique and clearly cultivated from years of soul-seeking and intensive study and observation. It is healing, soulful astrology in service to a bigger picture. I left every class feeling inspired. And it was amazing to be in community with likeminded people! If you’re considering this class, take a leap and go for it. It is well worth it!” – Lauren O.

“Taking Sabrina’s immersion course has been life-changing. As a tarot reader, it’s speaking my language to talk in archetypes, and exploring the twelve of the zodiac has opened my mind and heart to a whole new dimension of understanding human consciousness and experience. I am finding myself connecting naturally and deeply to circumstances in everyday life and identifying them with their corresponding sign, house, etc. The soul-centered focus of Evolutionary Astrology is most relevant in this time where we are at an evolutionary turning point; in which it is almost vital for us to connect with spirit and soul to heal our humanity, our species and our planet. Sabrina herself is present, intuitive, and highly intellectual, and she teaches compassionately without judgement. With the whole of the bigger picture collective evolution in mind, she breaks down the details and offers full spectrum interpretation of the signs and planets. Her course is thorough, engaging and stimulating on both the intellectual and spiritual levels. I recommend her course to anyone curious about diving deeper into the nature of our soul experience as humans on earth.” – Sarah M.

Terms of Purchase:

  • Refunds for this course are only permitted until June 16, 2019, prorated for however many class periods have gone by (1-2). After that, refunds are not granted for any reason.
  • You agree that you are accountable for your own decisions. You are responsible for discerning how to integrate the information and guidance you receive during this course. By purchasing, you agree that my teaching assistants and I are not responsible for your choices or the consequences of your choices.