Method Acting Writing Workshop with Sabrina Monarch


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A study of the biography of famous writers reveals character portraits of thoughtful eccentrics. Writers have personas – personas which can be vehicles for creative success. As writers, we often study how to write, but what about how to live? Being a writer or an artist is a lifestyle, and there are certain limitations we ought to reconsider, such as the idea that our lifestyle and persona is just something that happens accidentally versus something we could create artistically. What if we took extravagant liberties of self-invention as part of our writing process? What works of art are extensions of persona that require that persona to come into existence? Method Acting Writing is a writing practice that tunes into a construction of persona, environment, and habit to birth a work of writing. It is a way to go all in and to turn writing into an autocosmological adventure. What great works are meant to come through heightened, rather than mundane, versions of ourselves, and how do we tap into these heightened spaces?  Learn about the process of Method Acting Writing and the philosophies that inform it in this workshop. Leave with a persona (a heightened version of you) to tap into for your artistic unfolding.


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