Personalized Forecast with Sabrina Monarch


This reading is focused on how the current transits of now to six months out are personally impacting your natal chart. When a given transit aspects a planet in your natal chart, it also activates the natal harmonics the transited planet is involved in. We’ll look at longer-acting outer planetary transits as well as transit events that exact their alignment in this six month window.

In this reading you will learn more about those activated natal dynamics as well as gain clarity on the planetary weather patterns that make up this current moment in time for you. By illuminating the archetypal dynamics at play, you are granted more free will and opportunity for how to harmonize with these events.

After purchasing, you will receive a short intake form and once I get that back from you, we can schedule your transit reading. Afterward you will receive a mp4 recording (video). You may also let me know on the intake form if this reading is a gift for someone else.

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I’m new to astrology. What are personal transits?

The events I write about in the forecasts are world transits – moments the the planets make specific harmonic angles to one another. Personal transits can be found when we make an overlay of the world transits to chart of where the planets were at your birth and taking a look at the harmonic angles that appear between the transiting planets and your natal signature. Personal transits will characterize moments in time and seasons of your life, and they will infuse your natal chart dynamics (and how those play out in your life) specific to the archetype that is transiting.

What is the difference between fate and free will in this kind of reading?

The fate piece is timing: what transits are occurring are already timed and on their way. The free will piece is about how you meet these transits. Each archetype and constellation of archetypes has a limitless variety of manifest potentials. By knowing the major themes that will be at play, you can amp up the strengths of these times while being prepared to meet and transform potential difficulties.

How can knowing what is coming help me harmonize with these planetary events?

The movement of planetary bodies translates to synchronicity in our experience. Why do some things come to fruition and other things never start? If your aware of where high planetary energy is directing, you can set up ways to receive it.

What benefits can I expect coming out of this reading?

A beauty of astrology is that it brings meaning and gravity to our own lives – rather than being a speck of dust in a large, cold Universe – our lives are as archetypally rich as the cosmos we mutually mirror. With the download of the major themes at the fore for you, you will be able to notice patterns you didn’t connect before, making your experience richer and also giving context to certain transient themes – how long they last and what parts of your life they impact and how. Being aware of the astrological themes playing out in our lives is an extraordinary gift of vision and inspiration.

You will also have hard dates to mark on your calendar for when transits enter orb (influence), when they go exact, and when they leave orb.

What happens to the influence a transit introduces to my life after the transit officially ends?

Transits are windows. Some transits bring in opportunities such as a new relationship, a teacher, a book that changes your life — when these opportunities are engaged with, they can influence the course of your entire life for the better.


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