About Sabrina Monarch

I’m Sabrina Monarch. 

I’ve been into astrology since I was a kid, drawing up natal charts for my friends and researching synastry. I knew one day I’d study it in depth, maybe decades later. But at 21 I had a spiritual emergence experience that radically enlivened me and had me questioning the foundations of the reality I’d always known.

Toward the end of a pretty wild adventure, I sat down with an evolutionary astrologer for some answers and felt more deeply seen than I’d ever been in my life. How did this person know my Soul without yet knowing me? I had to study Evolutionary Astrology, and so I did.

Armed with amazing knowledge I wanted to share, I found myself at a crossroads. I couldn’t go back to the normal world from which I’d come, but what I’d touched in my mystical experiences didn’t yet exist sustainably for me or in my immediate world. At the risk of having to live an inauthentic life or a life in exile, I got to work: I wondered how the mystical could be brought down to earth. I began to live and embody my philosophy.

This initiatory experience sent me on a path of building relationships with the planets and the Universe itself, and becoming a professional evolutionary astrologer. In the time since, I’ve worked with thousands of people, taught online intensives and advanced astrology programs, graduated from a M.A. program in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness, and started a podcast called Magic of the Spheres (available where you tune into podcasts).

You can find me on instagram @sabrinamonarch where I post more regular up-to-date thoughts and introductions, too!

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