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“Sabrina’s presence reminds me of someone who walks in the footsteps of an ancient wisdom lineage. Her aesthetics and values harmonize in combination with a symbolic perception sourced from inner ruminations. There is a Venusian flair to her expression that channels insights attuned to the ever changing moment.” – Gray C.

“Sabrina is like a breath of fresh, eccentric air. The thing about my reading that really stood out was that she meditated on my chart before the reading, and then gave me information and translations about the transmissions she received. If you enjoy art, and if you are intrigued by intuitive guidance through the lens of astrology, I suggest getting a reading with Sabrina. She is an incredibly intelligent soul and has one of the calmest energies I’ve ever experienced. She is a deep listener and a powerful seer. She explained the nuances of my energy combinations in a way that resonated in my cells and provided me with a ton of curiosity and excitement about myself. She also talks about the asteroids and sent me a PDF on black moon Lillith when I expressed interest in her –  which I loved!” – Kate M.

“I worked with Sabrina in August of 2015, and again in February and March of 2016. I am an professional astrologer, but seldom have found it useful to try and diagnose my own chart when in the midst of a set of challenging circumstances. I was in one of those periods when I found Sabrina and contacted her for a session. Sabrina was very insightful and kind in how she helped me to see what was not only going on with my natal chart and transits, but she also held a safe and powerful space for me to see where I was “stuck” in a loop that was causing much suffering. Sharing from her own personal experiences and her strong intuition, she guided me to a place of acceptance and letting go, that actually culminated and a natural and effortless solution to this difficult time in my life’s journey.

I’d highly recommend Sabrina to anyone, especially if you’re prepared to do some serious work on yourself, and aren’t interested in just having someone tell you wonderful stuff about your chart. I’d also like to add that Sabrina kind of shamanically weaves a magical space within which the session occurs, and it very healing.

Sabrina, thanks for the sessions, and for being in the world at this time.” – Isaac G

“Sabrina’s work has been an invaluable addition to my life & self-care! I absolutely recommend her to fellow seekers and self-discoverers. Tapping into what she does has been a huge support for me for sometime now. The more I pay attention to Sabrina’s sharing, the more nourished I feel on a soul level. The more nourished I feel, the more I live in my truth from my heart. I am beyond grateful.
Her astrology forecasts are always on point and I really value how she highlights the opportunities of celestial moods and happenings. She often picks up on energetic ‘keys’ that can really cultivate a more magical relationship with reality, and it’s been so nice to rediscover life again with her reminders and insights.
Sabrina’s podcast ‘The Magic of the Spheres’ has also been a big upgrade for me personally. When I feel restless in myself/ lonely/ etc as we often do in times of growth- I listen to an episode that calls me and it reminds me that I am not alone, that other people talk about things I am interested in, and that listening (within & without) is an invaluable skill set.
I just completed her course on Evolutionary Astrology, and it was a really deep, again nourishing experience. Sabrina’s grounded, educated, light-hearted teaching style is so nice to integrate and receive. I look forward to a natal chart reading from Sabrina in the near future. Grateful for her sharing her passion and gifts! Inspiring is an understatement.” – Nicole L.

“I so appreciate your reading style. You have an incredible depth and capacity for conveying the energies and archetypes of astrology. And you have a wonderful sense of connection and ease with rapport. I found the reading very insightful, and I felt that my insights and questions were fully welcomed. I appreciate how you co-created the reading with me. I felt seen and known and guided in a way that is truly rare…and truly a gift you possess. Thank you for this gift. Thank you for making your offering so accessible and affordable. I always find value in your writing, and hope to work with you again!” – Tifin D.

“My reading with Sabrina was a warm yet profound experience; so interesting but also incredibly useful. Her intuitive delve into my natal chart brought up such intimate and accurate insights into my personality and soul path. I was so impressed by her confident grasp of Evolutionary Astrology and how she welcomed me into this extraordinary realm. I felt more understood in who I am by Sabrina and her reading, whom I had never met before, than by people I had known for years, even all my life. She answered my somewhat specific questions through the chart and really provided me with guidance that is rooted to my very core being. I am so pleased to have crossed the energetic and intellectual bridges that EA creates with Sabrina’s eloquence and attentiveness and will hold her words in very high regard into the future.” – Flo R.

“Sabrina Monarch gave me a POWERFUL astrology chart reading! She was speaking the blueprint of my soul in poetry! She radiates compassion and is a master of her craft. Truly! The way she delivers the COMPLEX language of astrology is so sweet yet so deliberate and direct. I love her emphasis on the nodes of the Moon and Pluto. I was able to receive so much insight about my natal chart!!! I feel refreshed in my sense of purpose and I can’t recommend her enough! 100%! Her podcast Magic of the Spheres is also a GREAT tool of reference that I’ve learned so much from! Thank you so much Sabrina! 🙏 And, to anyone reading this, don’t hesitate to book a reading!” – Tylnn M.

“My reading with Sabrina was an illuminating, expansive and validating experience. Her interpretations deeply resonated with me. She affirmed my aspirations through the lens of my chart and offered me guidance on how to work with my placements to grow in this life. Learning about my chart from an Evolutionary Astrology perspective has been invaluable. Sabrina is an intuitive, compassionate, non-judgmental, and affirming astrologer. I highly recommend working with her.” – Shaina S.

“Taking Sabrina’s immersion course has been life-changing. As a tarot reader, it’s speaking my language to talk in archetypes, and exploring the twelve of the zodiac has opened my mind and heart to a whole new dimension of understanding human consciousness and experience. I am finding myself connecting naturally and deeply to circumstances in everyday life and identifying them with their corresponding sign, house, etc. The soul-centered focus of Evolutionary Astrology is most relevant in this time where we are at an evolutionary turning point; in which it is almost vital for us to connect with spirit and soul to heal our humanity, our species and our planet. Sabrina herself is present, intuitive, and highly intellectual, and she teaches compassionately without judgement. With the whole of the bigger picture collective evolution in mind, she breaks down the details and offers full spectrum interpretation of the signs and planets. Her course is thorough, engaging and stimulating on both the intellectual and spiritual levels. I recommend her course to anyone curious about diving deeper into the nature of our soul experience as humans on earth.” – Sarah M.

“Your gift is invaluable; I found so much unexpected validation in the reading and the wheels have been turning ever since.” – Kim B.

“Sabrina’s writing is incredibly beautiful and deeply healing. Her prose opens you up to new perspectives that help shift your reality.” – Anais S.

“Thank you Sabrina for the lucid and poignant messages. Sabrina’s knowledge of astrology is vast and it was so fun/informative talking with her.

Her use of metaphors makes her readings so clear on a visual level. I’ve been looking at my chart for years and yet I was able to see and understand aspects I had never noticed before. I have a whole new framework and vocabulary to understand myself and my position in the world. Valuable knowledge!

Sabrina is also ridiculously positive (and realistic), or at least doesn’t cast a negative light on any aspects. Every aspect creates potential for understanding and growth.

I left our conversation feeling totally seen, affirmed, and inspired. Thank you Sabrina!” – Cici C.

“”My reading with Sabrina was enlightening and reassuring. Her aura was calming and comforting. She listened to details of my particular situation with compassion and walked me through my natal chart, explained how each planet and aspect affect/shape me, what my innate strengths and weaknesses are, and gave me a great perspective on how I can balance these influences in my life. I felt heard and understood on a level that I rarely experience and that in itself was empowering.” – Juliana D.

“Hi Sabrina, thank you for your perceptive reading, I know you delivered it from the heart and your evolutionary perspective spoke to me from generations of soul-centred wisdom. In the short time since discovering astrology, I have found it has unearthed self-awareness hitherto hidden from my sight, unlocking potential and understanding and allowing me to believe in myself. Your passion for your subject and approach to astrology is a joy to behold and has been no small part of my “as above, so below ” journey. I am ever so grateful for the insights your reading has offered me.” – Elaine M.

“My reading with Sabrina Monarch was very validating. She saw my strengths and advised how to use them to their best advantage. Sabrina was articulate and able to communicate overt and subtle aspects of my birth chart very precisely. She was very accepting and non-judgmental and I felt comfortable with her seeing the deeply personal traits that are present in my chart. She gave comforting and sound advice and gave a recording so that I can return to the chart consultation at anytime. Highly recommended!” – Sara W.

“I wanted to reach out as I just listened back to our first interaction and am so impressed. At the time I had just had my now ex move in with me, after having moved across the country away from him, and you handled my then excitement but also conflicted/strange energy so gently and professionally. What’s so beautiful is that even in the midst of my toxic relationship entanglement, which perhaps you sensed, you focused on the empowering aspects of my chart and accompanying practical applications. Almost a year later, it’s incredible to reconnect with the storylines of my chart that stood out most to you. My mind is blown by the knowledge you dropped and the elegance with which you communicated this information.”Alicia C.

“Sabrina had me spot on read. She named things about myself I’ve never quite been able to put to words. I found her reading to be very insightful and affirming.” – Oliva L.

“Your forecasts are always so helpful in processing my emotions and subconscious behaviors for the week. I just wanted to say thank you. Reading your reflections on the current shifts in energy and the archetypes at play have helped me better understand where my consciousness is, my own archetypes currently on the stage, and where harmony lies. Knowing both sides of the coin to this reality through your astrology (space-time and consciousness) have been indispensable toward manifesting and transmuting my world.” – Tracy G.

“Sabrina’s [evolutionary astrology immersion] program was a transformational, empowering experience. I recommend it to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of themselves and their place in the cosmos. This class was a paradigm shift for me, adding dimension to my understanding of astrology that I had not even conceived of. Sabrina is a wise, positive, and empowering guide who is gifted in accessing the soulful aspects of the natal chart. She is supportive and accessible, and has really gone out of her way to make sure that the material is understood. As a healer and herbalist, this has deepened my practice and helped me to incorporate chart readings into my work. Sabrina’s perspective is unique and clearly cultivated from years of soul-seeking and intensive study and observation. It is healing, soulful astrology in service to a bigger picture. I left every class feeling inspired. And it was amazing to be in community with likeminded people! If you’re considering this class, take a leap and go for it. It is well worth it!” – Lauren O.

“Your reading provided a thought-provoking lens that I feel is helpful in making sense of the themes I’m currently noticing in my life, as well as their permutations in years to come. I appreciate how grounded you were during the session, which allowed me to feel witnessed and validated. The reading had an air of spaciousness and yet we managed a deep, thorough dive into my chart.
I particularly resonate with your observation with regards to the crucial role of creative expression in my life as well as my deep relationship to my creative muse. This is something I’ve always felt very strongly as the source of both great joy and great alienation in my life. I feel something subtly, slowly, profoundly shifting from the reading – almost as if my soul is accepting the role it knows it’s supposed to play in this lifetime.
I also appreciate how you had a direct, yet gentle approach to the one topic that’s been looming large over my life the past couple weeks despite the fact that I also included other topics in my prompt. It was as if you peeked directly into my soul and its current struggles. I found it incredibly refreshing (perhaps my 8th house in Aries?) and this morning as I was journaling more about some of the themes we covered, I noticed that I carried some of that ‘straight to the heart of the matter’ energy with me.” – J. K.

“I felt such a peace and nourishing energy from Sabrina while chatting with her on Skype. She was patient, kind, and sweet. Her words are insightful and she uses astrology in such a way that deep soul-work is intertwined with it. She helps clarify things and qualities in your life so that you may use them in the best way possible to achieve your full truth, and she also helps you connect the dots in parts of your life that you might be confused about. It’s the little things from the reading that I found the most enlightening. The signs tell all, and she is a remarkable vessel. Thank you so much Sabrina, I hope to catch you soon.” – Estevan H.

“Sabrina’s astrological insights are not only remarkably astute, her mastery of interrogative awareness is astounding!” – Magz R.

“I think you are uniquely gifted in describing subtleties and nuanced manifestations of the psyche’s dynamics. I have never before read the kinds of commentaries you create. They are eloquent, creative, descriptive and sound.” – Kyrie A.

“Thank you for a beautiful, healing reading, Sabrina. The depth and range that you display in your writing all came through for me in the way you spoke about my chart. Your gentle, but very practical wisdom is an wonderful gift. Your words and your way touched me deeply. <3” – Kelley L.

“Sabrina’s [immersion] course came into my life at a high crisis moment. The course itself was deeply healing and transformative, and of course, educational. I’ve been a casual student of astrology for a long time but had never delved so deep or known what depths were even possible. Over the 5 months I developed an in-depth relationship to the zodiac and the planets in a way that has deeply shaped and informed my view of reality, my spiritual purpose, the way the archetypes play out in our lives and on a global level, and how to navigate the shifting astrological weather. This course is both an amazing chance for self-discovery and self-healing, and a portal to a new comprehension of existence. Following Sabrina’s course, I’m now considering a future career as an astrologer and will certainly remain a devoted student of this ancient and modern practice.” – Olga K.

“Thank you so so  much for my session! You are truly gifted and I feel very relieved and infinitely grateful for such an empowering reading.” – Sofia S.

“I’ve been a long time reader of Sabrina’s blog and admirer of her way with words on all matters astrological. The depth and breadth of her knowledge and understanding of archetypes and their relationships was not just a pleasure to read but my weekly guidance for aligning my life with the Universe too. And yet even though I knew all this nothing prepared me for the personal reading Sabrina gave me the other day. Her way of communicating the chart is even more beautifully precise. Every word, and I mean EVERY single word is steeped in relevance, capturing something very deep and personal within the chart. I would even go as far as to say that the way she delivers the message of the chart is very Plutonic – there’s no waffle, no word is wasted, and instead EVERY word she utters is absolutely necessary. She drives her point laser-sharply and straight to the core of an issue (aspect, planet, archetype, etc). AND she delivers these penetrating insights in the sweetest and softest of manners. I always saw Sabrina as someone’s who’s taking the field of astrology to a new and higher/deeper level of understanding and application but after my reading I think she’s also an amazing advocate for all the goodness that Pluto is capable of offering us all. In fact, I’ll go as far to say that Sabrina makes Pluto lovable!” – M. O.

“I truly enjoy your astrological offerings; your tone and perspective is light but not frivolous – truly empowering.  Thank you so much for your offerings and sharing your gifts with us. Truly.” – Shonna Z.

“I am an avid fan of Sabrina’s website. Her articles are always well informed and written with an easy, intelligent flair. Her style is original and I believe very on point astrologically, and psychologically. I am excited to see her develop this talent and skill to an even greater level as I believe that others could learn a lot from someone this interested, dedicated and insightful.” – Tracy S.

“I really enjoy your writing! Your work is thorough, insightful and beautiful all at the same time and I haven’t found any other resource like it online or elsewhere.” – Charlotte W.

“I have been subscribing to Sabrina’s astrology posts and forecasts for about a year now. We also had a Skype session which was most insightful, intuitive and inspiring.

Sabrina is wise beyond her years and has a deep knowledge of her subject. I just love the way she articulates herself and I’ve had more than one ‘Ah ha’ moments whilst reading her quirky illustrated posts.” – Lisa M.

“Hey! I just wanted to reach out to say thank you! There is so much from our conversation I have been able to realize, and truly have begun to manifest so much in such a short amount of time. During this Saturn transit, things are unfolding in ways I never imagined and I’ve found myself talking about our conversation from several months ago to quite a few people. I just wanted to reach out and say thanks and good luck to you as you continue onward in your journey!!” – Marquita B.

“Thank you for these words you speak . You have this way of articulating energetic macrocosms so well that it seems like some sort of fine laser weaving the finest silk sweater around a bee.” – Sepner Y.

“…Thank you! Your Venus in Capricorn post was also incredibly helpful—it popped up on my newsfeed at the perfect time in the midst of some serious conversations I was having with my current partner about restructuring our relationship. I read both posts aloud to him and the conversations went from seriously down and depressing and stifling to much more uplifting and positive, allowing us to view things as not ending but restructuring and taking into account the transitions we are both going through separately in order to reconcile that with the way we want our relationship to look like. I’m so happy you are doing what you are doing, please continue to share your gift!” – Cheyenne L.

“I am such a fan of your writing and ideas! You’re incredibly eloquent and broad-minded through any interpretation. I love your use of imagery, and find your pieces to be profoundly illuminating. I’ve been so appreciative of your work. I’ve been referring anyone and everyone to your weather report emails and noting that you have a Facebook page as well. My Virgo sun/Mercury/Jupiter appreciates your analyses! I just wanted to reach out to you. Your summation in your last email encouraged me to. Mercury retrograde has me feeling disappointed, and it’s been hard for me to counter my cynicism. I found some great reflections on your weather report.” – Samantha D.

“In a time of personal need, a dear friend referred me to Monarch Astrology. I immediately resonated with Sabrina because she is an open conduit. Aside from being skilled in interpreting charts through deep astrological knowledge, she is more importantly an intuitive listener. When a visionary can calm her own thoughts, and listen to the guidance from the cosmic collective, then the needed messages ring clear to the receiver. I see a bright future for this young astrologer/writer, as I have already immensely benefited from her expansive vision.” – Jenny S.

“I have enjoyed your posts. Your evaluations of the working energies are concise and usefully descriptive. Thank you for your work.” – Margo C.

“Sabrina is a gifted astrologer and storyteller. Synthesizing the information from my chart, during my reading she told me the stories of my possible pasts and futures through details that made sense to me and that resonated with my current circumstances. I never felt like she was simply reading or reciting–I felt like she was speaking from deep knowledge of astrology that she drew on to explain and explore nuances in response to my questions and comments as we went along. I found Sabrina to be gentle and intuitive. Her skills are unique.” -Evelyn H.

“Hello! I discovered your astrology site mid to late last year because I’m often trying to find astrology sites that speak in a language that resonates with me or I have some synchronized vibe with and by synchronized vibe, I mean, whenever I happen to go to it, it’s message and a whole number of things align making it more than just an astrology site I go to. I’m not sure if that makes sense to you so I’ll just say this. I LOVE your site, I LOVE your writing style, I’m constantly blown away each time I’ve gone to your site and read the week’s article. Not only do you write in a language that touches me but I’m genuinely comforted and encouraged by the way you analyze and share your insights. In a short time you’ve become one of my absolute favorite sites to come to. Thank you for all that you do. Please know it’s appreciated and valued. Thank you thank you thank you. You truly inspire me.” – Way C.

“You have no idea how much I eagerly wait in anticipation for the arrival of each new article. Your writing style and eloquent deciphering of the cosmos is par excellence. Thank you!” – April M.

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