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I am still accepting longer term mentorship clients (6 months or 1 year commitment). If you’d like to work with me in this capacity, please write me an email at sabrina@monarchastrology.com to set up a consultation call.


Soulwork is a means through which I can provide guidance to anyone working with a challenging situation, paradox, yearning or existential question – something unresolved in your experience that you want to transform or have breakthrough with.

Evolutionary Astrology, the modality I primarily draw from, is amazing for providing insight on how to transform what feels like impossible situations and reoccurring themes. It is a study and practice of how to gain personal agency. It’s a type of astrology that addresses people’s cutting edge in this life which often will correlate with challenging stuff.

After ordering, you will receive an intake form and I will follow up with you to schedule. This reading takes place for on hour over live video conferencing. If you have any questions regarding your order or a future order, please email sabrina@monarchastrology.com. Read more below!

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What is soulwork?

In this form, it is a consultation and conversation where we can work with the deep content of your life and psyche and you can receive guidance that helps you. Astrology, and evolutionary astrology, are containers that I collaborate with to hold these inquiries. While the situations may be superficial or on the visible surface of your life (or not), soulwork is about discovering the deeper currents in the situation and working with those roots, for personal transformation.

How long are the sessions?

One hour.

What kinds of topics or questions can you address?

These are some ideas:

  • Questions that pertain to your emotional, mental, spiritual wellbeing.
  • Guidance on how to have breakthrough in challenging situations.
  • Clarity on the deeper underlying and karmic dynamics playing out in difficult or reoccurring situations and how to shift those karmic dynamics.
  • Advice and strategy for moving forward with goals, ambitions, and dreams.
  • Clarity and support on longing, desire and attraction and how to work with these themes relative to your natal chart and situation.
  • Questions which weigh with gravity on you in which you feel like other measures of contemplating them have not been fruitful.
  • Questions which are more profound to you than cliche advice can touch meaningfully.
  • Accessing insight retrospectively about past situations you do not have closure on.
  • Addressing hopes and fears about the future.
  • If you’re not sure if your question applies, feel free to email me at sabrina@monarchastrology.com to inquire.

What will you not advise about?

I will not give legal or medical advice. To clarify, I give emotional, consciousness-oriented advice as it pertains to the dynamics in your natal chart, which can be impactful and enlightening. But it is not a kind of advice that determines what you should do in areas which I do not have expertise (such as legal or medical decisions). This means you would be coming to the session willing to have a conversation about the emotional tones and undertones of your situation; and things like karmic patterns and ways to both identify and loosen/break patterns, and ways to redirect your energy.


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