Evolutionary Astrology Immersion Course Syllabus

May 6, 2018 – September 16, 2018 Course Dates:

Sundays from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM PDT

May 6, 15, 20 and 27 at 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM PDT

June 3, 10, 17, and 24 at 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM PDT

July 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29 at 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM PDT

August 5, 12, 19, and 26 at 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM PDT

September 2, 9 and 16 at 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM PDT


Past Course Details (as example of what we will cover):

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Schedule and Course Descriptions

Part One: Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology (3 total hours)

Sunday, October 22

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

The Cosmology of Evolutionary Astrology: Evolutionary Astrology reveals a chart interpretation model in which we can understand the past of the Soul, the Soul as deeper part of our being who has reincarnated life to life. Before we dive into the archetypes and the chart interpretation model, first we will want to understand the cosmology that Evolutionary Astrology presents. What is Soul, and how do we recognize it in our daily lives? In other words, how does Soul reveal itself in our experiences? And then, why are we here, and why do we keep reincarnating?

Evolutionary Astrology presents a model in which the Soul continues to reincarnate to exhaust its attachments and to eventually return to Source. It is said in EA that “there is no way out but through”, meaning that we learn what we need to learn by moving through it and experiencing it, not by sidestepping around it. We evolve through our life experiences and our emotional development. Just like the Soul merges with physicality, a body, to exist here; our very life experiences are also avatars for the spiritual dimension of life. Eventually, our understanding of the horoscope will reveal what core lessons a Soul has come here to learn, and the multitude of ways these lessons can express themselves experientially.

We will also cover in this class the stages of evolution that are called Consensus, Individuated, and Spiritual, which speak to different layers of reality that the soul may be attached to at any given time through its evolutionary journey. Consensus realities speaks to the cultural norms of which we are brought up in and accustomed. Individuated realities speak to the ways we are called to explore our unique themes, our individuality. Spiritual realities are about the ways we connect to the Source. Our understanding of Evolutionary Astrology will continue to draw upon these themes.


Part Two: The 12 Archetypes and the 12 houses (18 total hours)

How does the Soul evolve through each of the twelve archetypes, Aries through Pisces? What types of evolutionary karmas are associated with each sign and house? Whether you already know the archetypes well or this is an introduction, there is always more territory and depth with the archetypes. We will be focusing on the evolutionary angle of all twelve signs and houses, which is to say, the Soul’s motivation underneath things like the social layer or the personality layer.

We will meet six times in this section of the course, learning about each of the archetypes by examining the natural polarities (opposite signs) within the zodiac wheel. We’ll tease out understandings of each sign as it stands alone, as well as how it integrates and blends with its complimentary opposite, which will become deeply important as we consider the lunar nodes.

We will develop sturdy understandings of each archetype so we are ready for combining archetypes the course continues, so that when you hear a term like “Venus in Gemini in the 8th house”, your imagination will take off with interpretations on what exactly Venus in Gemini in the 8th house could mean.


Sunday, October 29

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

Aries/1st house & Libra/7th house


Sunday, November 5

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

Taurus/2nd house & Scorpio/8th house


Sunday, November 12

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

Gemini/3rd house & Sagittarius/9th house


Sunday, November 19

11 AM – 2 PM PDT (Please account for Daylight Saving Times when converting for your time zone!)

Cancer/4th house & Capricorn/10th house


Sunday, November 26

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

Leo/5th house & Aquarius/11th house


Sunday, December 3

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

Virgo/6th house & Pisces/12th house


Part Three: The Planets (12 total hours)

We will learn about the meaning and symbolism of the planets and practice placing them in signs and houses. It is important to practice combining archetypes in this way as that is largely what makes up the art of astrological interpretation – the ability to synthesize archetypes. Students will be resourced to do this by gaining understanding of what the planets symbolize and how we can recognize these planetary energies in our direct experience.


Sunday, December 10

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

Pluto, The Sun, The Moon, and an introduction to the Lunar Nodes


Sunday, December 17

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

Mercury, Venus and Mars


~Holiday Break~


Sunday, December 31

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

Jupiter and Saturn



Sunday, January 7, 2018

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

Uranus and Neptune


Part Four: Practice Part 1 (4 total hours)

 Sunday, January 14

11 AM – 3 PM PDT

In this section, we will review what we’ve learned by sitting with our own charts. Students may volunteer their charts. We will interview the student volunteers and draw comparisons to their natal charts, drawing upon our understanding of the archetypes, planets and houses.


Part Five: Intermediate to Advanced Technical & Interpretive Concepts (15 total hours)

 In this section we will draw understandings of planetary phases, aspects, and the fundamentals of evolutionary astrology chart interpretation.


 Sunday, January 21, 2018

11 AM – 3 PM PDT

Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology Chart Interpretation

At the base of interpreting a chart through evolutionary astrology, we will analyze Pluto by sign and house, the placement of the lunar nodes, and the rulers of the lunar nodes. We will learn about this method and practice during this class using hypothetical examples and student charts.


Sunday, January 28

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

The 8 Planetary Phases, Conjunctions, and Oppositions

Like the Moon goes through phase in relationship to the Earth and Sun, the planets go through phases with each other. Each of these eight phases have distinct meaning and add a layer of depth to the Soul analysis of the chart. Here is where we will also begin to get into the aspects and how they influence the natal chart.


Sunday, February 4

11 AM – 1 PM PDT

The Square Aspect, 4 Types of Squares


Sunday, February 11

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

Sextiles, Trines, Inconjunct and Semisextile


Sunday, February 18

11 AM – 2 PM PDT

Squares to the lunar nodes or “Skipped Steps”

It is highly significant when a planet or planets form a ninety-degree angle to the axis of the lunar nodes, symbolizing that a critical karmic juncture is occurring in this life. We will go into what this means and how to this chart symbol can direct a chart reader toward pertinent advice. Do you have a skipped step? We’ll talk about that too!


Part 6: Final Practice (8 total hours)


Sunday, February 25

11 AM – 3 PM PDT

Practice Charts


Sunday, March 4

11 AM – 3 PM PDT

Practice Charts & Closing Thoughts:

How can you keep this practice up on your own? I have insights to share from my own process, noting what has worked and what hasn’t worked. I’ll meet individually with each student with closing thoughts on their progress and how they can best move forward.