Monarch Astrology

Years of study and professional practice in Evolutionary Astrology inform these forecasts which are written for you, the individual on a personal development path. You are interested in increasing your agency, in releasing your subconscious blocks, and in discovering how life is always happening for you and not to you. These forecasts are written to name the zeitgeist, to offer insights regarding potential challenges, and to illuminate hidden opportunities of the moment to support your high vibe participation with the planets. Many readers report that these forecasts elevate them and help them along week to week. In addition to rigorous study and practice in the field, the author, Sabrina Monarch, has been seeing little bursts of light that pop into her field of vision to validate resonance. You’ll find writing on this website that was produced in a steady stream of lights. While you may be surprised, sparked, or comforted by the writing connecting to your own experience, the energetics behind the words are here to support your own resonance with your higher self. Meditate on these forecasts to commune more deeply with yourself. Observe the connections, images, and feelings that arise for you with curiosity and welcoming. Bring a little magic into your week and dive into this week’s forecast, or follow some of the links below to learn more about Monarch Astrology.