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Evolutionary Astrology is a paradigm of astrology that reveals the nature of the Soul and its ongoing evolution. The Soul is the being who continues to exist and reincarnates after this lifetime falls away, and the Soul has been here before. Reading a natal chart with the techniques Evolutionary Astrology holds allows one to get a comprehensive understanding of what the Soul has been up to in a series of prior lives. What has it been focused on? What are its patterns? What are its talents? What is unresolved? What is the cutting edge of evolution in this lifetime? From a reading, this information will be highly clarifying, validating, and transformative.

Evolutionary Astrology utilizes, on a technical level, an analysis of the placement of Pluto, the lunar nodes, and the planetary rulers of Pluto and the lunar nodes, to tune into this Soul-level interpretation of the natal chart. Because the Pluto and lunar node signatures make up what is like the base tone or root of the natal chart, we can access some insights on the deeper “why” questions of one’s life. Additionally, all life experiences can be related to the map of the natal chart, so whether you know your astrological chart or not, all you have to do is bring your life experience and your questions to the reading. What calls you to seek guidance? In addition to providing a Soul-oriented portrait of the natal chart’s major themes, I synthesize your questions with your natal chart’s wisdom.


  • After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to my calendar. If you do not receive this email, please email me at sabrina@monarchastrology.com.

  • Readings are conducted over Skype or Zoom meeting (zoom.us) for one hour minutes, and are audio recorded. You will be given the option to record on your end, or sent the audio afterward.

  • Readings are conversational and friendly. I invite you always to ask for clarification, to ask questions, or share reflection along the way.

  • My cancellation policy is that you give notice of the need to reschedule with at least 24 hours notice. Otherwise, and in the case of no-shows, the reading is forfeited.

  • I do not offer refunds so please be certain of your decision to work with me.

  • If you have any questions about astrology readings with me, please email me at sabrina@monarchastrology.com.

Note on the price increase:

My books have been closed more often than not in the last two years because offering one-time astrology readings had become unsustainable for me at the price I was offering them. I allocated my energy instead for teaching & curriculum creation, engaging with students and mentorship clients, and creating weekly public offerings (the forecasts and podcasts)…

However, I really value the astrology reading space and the magic it holds.

I spend time preparing and meditating charts before the session, and needed a rate that reflects the labor that goes into these sessions & the years of study including higher education, personal transformation, and investing in coaching, that has gone into my practice and scope of vision.

Preparing charts before a reading isn’t exactly necessary – reading on the spot is possible – but astrology readings are special occasions for people, and I would rather show up with forethought and reflection. In order to continue providing chart readings as a service at this standard, I chose to adjust the rate.

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