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  • Evolutionary Astrology Reading with Sabrina Monarch


    Evolutionary Astrology is a paradigm of astrology that reveals the nature of the Soul and its ongoing evolution. The Soul is the being who continues to exist and reincarnates after this lifetime falls away, and the Soul has been here before. Reading a natal chart with the techniques Evolutionary Astrology holds allows one to get a comprehensive understanding of what the Soul has been up to in a series of prior lives. What has it been focused on? What are its patterns? What are its talents? What is unresolved? What is the cutting edge of evolution in this lifetime? From a reading, this information will be highly clarifying, validating, and transformative.

    Evolutionary Astrology utilizes, on a technical level, an analysis of the placement of Pluto, the lunar nodes, and the planetary rulers of Pluto and the lunar nodes, to tune into this Soul-level interpretation of the natal chart. Because the Pluto and lunar node signatures make up what is like the base tone or root of the natal chart, we can access some insights on the deeper “why” questions of one’s life. Additionally, all life experiences can be related to the map of the natal chart, so whether you know your astrological chart or not, all you have to do is bring your life experience and your questions to the reading. What calls you to seek guidance? In addition to providing a Soul-oriented portrait of the natal chart’s major themes, I synthesize your questions with your natal chart’s wisdom.

    • Readings are conducted over Skype or Zoom meeting (, and are audio recorded. You will be sent the audio afterward.

    • Readings are conversational and friendly. I am able to speak about the chart and provide a lot of specific information, but I invite you always to interrupt for clarification, to ask questions, or to steer the conversation in another direction. This is your reading!

    • My cancellation policy is that you give notice of the need to cancel with at least 24 hours notice. Otherwise, and in the case of no-shows, the reading is forfeited.

    • Readings scheduled by email first are confirmed once payment is received.

    • If you have any questions about astrology readings with me, please email me at

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  • Intro to Evolutionary Astrology Intensive with Sabrina Monarch


    Terms of Purchase:

    • Purchasing admission to this course is a final sale. There are no refunds for this course.
    • You agree that you are accountable for your own decisions. You are responsible for discerning how to integrate the information and guidance you receive during this course. By purchasing, you agree that my teaching assistants and I are not responsible for your choices or the consequences of your choices.

    In this course, you will learn:

    • The twelve signs and houses and their underlying karmic themes.

    • The Sun, Moon, planets, and the lunar nodes & how to place them in signs and houses.

    • Aspects, planetary combinations, and planetary phases.

    • Synthesizing elements of a chart together; how to read the chart as a whole.

    • The Evolutionary Astrology chart analysis method – resourcing Pluto and the lunar nodes as the evolutionary bottom-line of the natal chart.

    • Karma, reincarnation, and esoteric principles of soul-based astrology.

    • How to apply astrology in your life; how to transform and evolve using the map of your natal chart.

    How this course works & what you’ll gain:

    • This intensive is a combination of self-study and class time. Students will receive a video each week (with 1-2 hours of material) and a reading list to follow in tandem with the class material. We’ll meet on Sundays from 11 AM – noon PDT and I’ll answer any questions you have and provide opportunities to practice and workshop the material.

    • This class is an introductory, yet lush & dynamic course, giving you the initiation into the world Evolutionary Astrology. Evolutionary Astrology is a karmic astrology from the perspective of the soul, that delves into themes around past lives and current life purpose. In order to really inquire into this layer of reality we have to understand the elements of the natal chart from a bottom-line perspective – to see deeper than appearances and into the meanings behind appearances. So while we address the personality layers of the zodiac signs for example, we also examine their motivations, their underlying frequencies — so that you can recognize their presence in a variety of manifestations.

    • By grasping the archetypes and the concepts covered in this course, you’ll gain a new lens for understanding yourself and the world around you.

    • This class will set you up with a sturdy foundation to begin a relationship or establish a deeper relationship to your own natal chart, to continue studying and practicing astrology, and for future advanced workshops and practicum courses with me.


    Earlybird Enrollment is now open!

    Up until September 20, 2018: Earlybird rate: $600

    September 21 – November 20: Earlybird rate: $675

    Final Cost: $750 upfront or 3 payments of $267

    Keep reading about this course – I’ve answered some questions that you may have.

    What is Evolutionary Astrology?

    Evolutionary Astrology is a paradigm of astrology that reveals the nature of the Soul and its ongoing evolution. The Soul is the being who continues to exist and reincarnates after this lifetime falls away, and the Soul has been here before. Reading a natal chart with the techniques Evolutionary Astrology holds allows one to get a comprehensive understanding of what the Soul has been up to in a series of prior lives. What has it been focused on? What are its patterns? What are its talents? What is unresolved? What is the cutting edge of evolution in this lifetime?

    Are the videos for this course available after the course is over? When do the materials become available?

    Yes – you will still be able to access the videos from this course after the course duration is complete. The starting course materials (first video) become available to enrolled students on January 13, 2019, a week before the course begins, with sequential release of the following videos.

    How much time will I need each week to participate in this course? What if I fall behind?

    The live calls will be for an hour each week. You could spend as little as two hours a week studying, or 2-6 hours if you dive more deeply into the extra readings and practice on your own. If you fall behind the pace of the course, you will have access to the materials to catch up on your own time whether that is during the duration of the course or after the course has completed.

    Why should I invest in learning about this paradigm of astrology?

    Evolutionary Astrology unlocks keys to understanding the history and story of the Soul. On an inner-level, you gain access to becoming acquainted with the deeper version of yourself – the being who goes beyond the avatar that your current incarnation/ego is. It offers incredibly detailed context for why this current incarnation and ego is relevant to the Soul, and why you as a Soul vibrated with this life in particular. This is such liberating knowledge! A practiced Evolutionary Astrologer can deliver this information to you in a reading, but if you would like the tools to make this an ongoing quest of self-discovery to which you can do your own research, build your own body of knowledge, and form your own interpretations, this course can empower you to do just that. This course will show you how to read the astrological map, which is like giving your Soul’s consciousness flight.

    Is this just navel-gazing though? What is the real use of knowing soul-focused astrology?

    Patterns that are rooted in the Soul are deeply-grooved and continue to recreate themselves in different forms. A certain awareness of what is happening — what exactly the pattern is — offers a moment where transformation can occur. This body of astrology is a way to lucidly access this knowledge so that transformation is an option where there wasn’t that option in sight yesterday.

    What is the Evolutionary Astrology technique, and will I be able to learn it?

    Evolutionary Astrology utilizes, on a technical level, an analysis of the placement of Pluto, the lunar nodes, and the planetary rulers of the lunar nodes, to tune into this Soul-level interpretation of the natal chart. Whether you know what I’m talking about here because you’re a seasoned student or practicer of astrology, or that’s all a foreign language because you don’t know anything about astrology — you’ll walk away from this course knowing how to form this depth of interpretation.

    I find the thought of soul-inquiry intimidating. Why would I want to know about my Soul, and how would I even integrate this kind of information to my daily life?

    Evolutionary Astrology is a Pluto-based astrology, and Pluto is the planet of transformation! This kind of knowledge can make life more vivid and also help us know how to direct our energy – we become more aware of who we are and what we deeply value. By nature, the Soul is interested in this life – it exists here and is bonded to things, like the body. The Soul forms deep (however temporary) attachments whether we do so consciously or not. Becoming lucidly aware of the Soul and how it operates is a way to form conscious intimacy with life, where we previously were ruled by the subconscious. Something I found liberating about this body of knowledge was the empowerment it gave me to invest in life and in my interests – that Soul matters. I felt more secure in my direction. The integration of Soul-awareness is just living in a way where the Soul is guiding you, and becoming more aware of the ways that Soul had been projected (misplaced) onto other things before.

    Who is this class for?

    This is a class for people who want to expand their thinking. Specifically you will be learning a lot about the Soul and how the Soul speaks and operates in our experience, which is a layer of reality often left to the esoteric and mystical sidelines. (Hence why it can seem intimidating.) So how do we know how to talk about the Soul, how to know Soul? This is a class for people who are interested in that question. And this is a class for people who want the tools to interpret an astrological chart (including their own) from the perspective of the Soul’s ongoing evolution: to really take on the “why am I here?” question. What have I been developing in prior lives, and what am I still refining? What are my gifts? My adversities? What fundamentally compels and motivates me? Why has my soul chosen this ego, this incarnation, as an avatar for its development?

    Additionally this class is for people who are interested in astrology already but want to take it deeper. One, they want to take their understanding of the concepts they already know deeper – beyond the personality layer and into the spiritual, soul layers. Second, they want to take their commitment and understanding deeper by studying in a more formal context. When you study astrology, you actually form relationships to the cosmos! This is a class for people who want to develop a meaningful relationship with the cosmos and the part of themselves who knows there is something more to life.

    This is an intro course – are there more advanced courses?

    Yes. Students who have taken my immersion courses or this intro intensive will be fully resourced to take more advanced practicum courses of mine coming in the near future. This introductory course is here to give you the fundamentals and introduce you to methods of applying this knowledge, with opportunities to practice under guidance.

    Do I need to know astrology before taking this course; is it okay if I’m a total beginner?

    This course can be taken by people who have any level of astrological knowledge; including seasoned students/practitioners of astrology who want to learn about the Evolutionary Astrology perspective. Students who are newer to astrology but experienced with studying archetypes or psychology will likely have an easy and quick time grasping the concepts.

    Students who are very new to astrology (like you don’t know how to look up a natal chart) are welcome in this course, and encouraged to stick with the challenge of the learning curve. This course teaches the fundamentals, so you are able to come to this course as a total beginner.

    Do I have to believe in the cosmology piece of this to study Evolutionary Astrology?

    No. As an example, I’ve come to believe (and it is my observed experience) that themes from people’s past lives are recreated in their early life. So while a soul-based astrologer might come up with one story for where a person’s complexes and gifts are rooted (in the deep past, patterns of past lives, specific traumas or events from past lives), a traditional psychotherapist might locate the source of those same complexes and gifts in the person’s childhood (via the parental environment, specific or ongoing early life traumas, etc). You could literally look at it either way. In my opinion, the childhood is just a fractal of the soul’s history (so both are true). The themes of the Soul and the history of the Soul are rich fodder for thought and whether you take them literally or metaphorically, you’ll find it enriching! And since the Soul is not a taught landscape in most schooling, it’s not that often you get to apply a nuanced examination of it. Studying Evolutionary Astrology is a chance to do that.

    I already know a lot about astrology. What will I gain from this course?

    It’s great to bring background to this class. In this course specifically, you’ll get to reimagine astrology through the lens of Pluto or, the Soul. The deeper underlying meanings of the archetypes are explored. And you’ll gain technique for analyzing the chart through an angle you may not be familiar with. If you already are familiar with Evolutionary Astrology, what you’ll gain from this beyond additional perspective you pick up, is sheer practice. On the energetic level, your time and space spent on astrology will simply make you a better astrologer.

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  • Method Acting Writing Workshop with Sabrina Monarch


    A study of the biography of famous writers reveals character portraits of thoughtful eccentrics. Writers have personas – personas which can be vehicles for creative success. As writers, we often study how to write, but what about how to live? Being a writer or an artist is a lifestyle, and there are certain limitations we ought to reconsider, such as the idea that our lifestyle and persona is just something that happens accidentally versus something we could create artistically. What if we took extravagant liberties of self-invention as part of our writing process? What works of art are extensions of persona that require that persona to come into existence? Method Acting Writing is a writing practice that tunes into a construction of persona, environment, and habit to birth a work of writing. It is a way to go all in and to turn writing into an autocosmological adventure. What great works are meant to come through heightened, rather than mundane, versions of ourselves, and how do we tap into these heightened spaces?  Learn about the process of Method Acting Writing and the philosophies that inform it in this workshop. Leave with a persona (a heightened version of you) to tap into for your artistic unfolding.

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  • Personalized Forecast with Sabrina Monarch


    I’m new to astrology. What are personal transits?

    The events I write about in the forecasts are world transits – moments the the planets make specific harmonic angles to one another. Personal transits can be found when we make an overlay of the world transits to chart of where the planets were at your birth and taking a look at the harmonic angles that appear between the transiting planets and your natal signature. Personal transits will characterize moments in time and seasons of your life, and they will infuse your natal chart dynamics (and how those play out in your life) specific to the archetype that is transiting.

    What is the difference between fate and free will in this kind of reading?

    The fate piece is timing: what transits are occurring are already timed and on their way. The free will piece is about how you meet these transits. Each archetype and constellation of archetypes has a limitless variety of manifest potentials. By knowing the major themes that will be at play, you can amp up the strengths of these times while being prepared to meet and transform potential difficulties.

    How can knowing what is coming help me harmonize with these planetary events?

    The movement of planetary bodies translates to synchronicity in our experience. Why do some things come to fruition and other things never start? If your aware of where high planetary energy is directing, you can set up ways to receive it.

    What benefits can I expect coming out of this reading?

    A beauty of astrology is that it brings meaning and gravity to our own lives – rather than being a speck of dust in a large, cold Universe – our lives are as archetypally rich as the cosmos we mutually mirror. With the download of the major themes at the fore for you, you will be able to notice patterns you didn’t connect before, making your experience richer and also giving context to certain transient themes – how long they last and what parts of your life they impact and how. Being aware of the astrological themes playing out in our lives is an extraordinary gift of vision and inspiration.

    You will also have hard dates to mark on your calendar for when transits enter orb (influence), when they go exact, and when they leave orb.

    What happens to the influence a transit introduces to my life after the transit officially ends?

    Transits are windows. Some transits bring in opportunities such as a new relationship, a teacher, a book that changes your life — when these opportunities are engaged with, they can influence the course of your entire life for the better.

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  • Soulwork with Sabrina Monarch


    What is soulwork?

    In this form, it is a consultation and conversation where we can work with the deep content of your life and psyche and you can receive guidance that helps you. Astrology, and evolutionary astrology, are containers that I collaborate with to hold these inquiries. While the situations may be superficial or on the visible surface of your life (or not), soulwork is about discovering the deeper currents in the situation and working with those roots, for personal transformation.

    What kinds of topics or questions can you address?

    These are some ideas:

    • Questions that pertain to your emotional, mental, spiritual wellbeing.
    • Guidance on how to have breakthrough in challenging situations.
    • Clarity on the deeper underlying and karmic dynamics playing out in difficult or reoccurring situations and how to shift those karmic dynamics.
    • Advice and strategy for moving forward with goals, ambitions, and dreams.
    • Clarity and support on longing, desire and attraction and how to work with these themes relative to your natal chart and situation.
    • Questions which weigh with gravity on you in which you feel like other measures of contemplating them have not been fruitful.
    • Questions which are more profound to you than cliche advice can touch meaningfully.
    • Accessing insight retrospectively about past situations you do not have closure on.
    • Addressing hopes and fears about the future.
    • If you’re not sure if your question applies, feel free to email me at to inquire.

    What will you not advise about?

    I will not give legal or medical advice. To clarify, I give emotional, consciousness-oriented advice as it pertains to the dynamics in your natal chart, which can be impactful and enlightening. But it is not a kind of advice that determines what you should do in areas which I do not have expertise (such as legal or medical decisions). This means you would be coming to the session willing to have a conversation about the emotional tones and undertones of your situation; and things like karmic patterns and ways to both identify and loosen/break patterns, and ways to redirect your energy.

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  • The Eclipses of August 2017 Webinar with Ichrak Dahou and Sabrina Monarch


    Eclipses are dramatic events that for aeons have evoked potent emotions in the humans that observe them down below. The eclipse of August 21, 2017 is already being heralded as as a game-changing eclipse for the United States.

    Join us as we reveal:

    • How the stage is set when the lunar eclipse occurs in Aquarius August 7

    • The implications of the solar eclipse in Leo of August 21

    • What kind of personal and collective history is implied by the South Node in Aquarius? What kind of personal and collective transformation is implied by North Node in Leo? What are their pitfalls and how do we align with their strengths?

    • The role of Mars in Leo during our eclipse season

    • An analysis of the Grand Fire Trine between the New Moon in Leo solar eclipse, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius.

    • The meaning of Mercury stationing retrograde in between these two eclipses.

    • The meaning of Saturn, part of the Grand Fire Trine, stationing and going direct just two days after the Solar Eclipse.

    • Important dates after the eclipse to observe, when planets transit over the eclipse point.

    • The archetypal themes present in these transits: what kinds of things can be occurring, how people will be feeling, what the opportunities for evolution are, and strategies for navigating the eclipse.

    This live webinar will be recorded and will be made available as an mp4 recording to all who purchase tickets.

    Would you like more information about eclipses? We’ve put together lots of information for you. Sign up for our mailing list to know more.

    About the Astrologers Presenting this Webinar

    Hello, I am Ichrak of Atlas Astrology. I first started studying astrology under a Venus Retrograde passage in 2009, when I was put onto my spiritual path after life asked me to get quiet enough to listen to what it was telling me. While I had always been interested in the occult and all manner of esoteric explanations, I only pursued it in earnest beginning that fateful year.

    Since then I have been studying astrology formally since 2013, opening my professional practice in 2014.

    Studying astrology feels like remembering to me, and I am certain that I have worked this craft in many lifetimes, re-learning it again each time I am blessed to take birth into physical form! I use astrology to understand myself and others, to understand the bigger cycles which compose the warp and weft of the days and years of our lives, and to live better. You may read my writing and listen to my astrological podcast by visiting  I live in the beautiful, geographically diverse state of Maryland, and I am so excited to share about eclipse season with you all!

    I’m Sabrina Monarch of Monarch Astrology. I’ve been into astrology since I was a kid, drawing up natal charts for my friends and researching synastry. I knew one day I’d study it in depth, maybe decades later. But in 2012 I had a spiritual emergence experience that radically enlivened me and had me questioning the foundations of the reality I’d always known.

    Toward the end of a pretty wild adventure, I sat down with an evolutionary astrologer for some answers and felt more deeply seen than I’d ever been in my life. How did this person know my Soul without yet knowing me? I had to study evolutionary astrology, and so I did. Armed with amazing knowledge I wanted to share, I found myself at a crossroads. I couldn’t go back to the normal world from which I’d come, but what I’d touched in my mystical experiences didn’t yet exist sustainably for me or in my immediate world. At the risk of having to live an inauthentic life or a life in exile, I got to work: I wondered how the mystical could be brought down to earth.

    This initiatory experience sent me on a path of building relationships with the planets and the Universe itself, and becoming a professional evolutionary astrologer. I write weekly forecasts at and see clients, and am soon to begin a masters program in Philosophy.




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