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“Greetings and Blessings to you Sabrina! Thank you so much for the wonderful astrological reading you gave me the other day! I very much appreciated your insights as it served to offer me a fresh perspective different from astrological readings I’ve had done in the past. I really appreciated the reading I received from you, because I felt you were able to express very eloquently not just where my Spirit is coming from or the lessons I’m to work through, but also what it is that I bring to shine and thrive with while I travel through this lifetime. After our session together, I felt like I had a much clearer point of focus for how I can best be directing my energies at this time and having a more narrow focus of my energy, is to say the least, life saving. Thank you so much for your good work. I truly appreciate it <3 Until next time, Take care and Blessed Be.” – Zie, Washington


“I started noticing your posts and thought they were interesting – different from usually things I see on facebook or elsewhere. I like your use of imagery in particular. I feel like that’s where true astrology makes sense (or perhaps even originated from.) When I see something on that topic parred with imagery to try to explain something profound about human kind or mysterious (out of reach or unexplainable in the way that we behave in the world and in the deepest parts of ourselves) something clicks there and I can see what is trying to be said, without even really knowing the terminology.” – Andrew, Washington


Hi Sabrina!!
THANK YOU <3 so much!! Now everything is so much clear to me!

You were a wonderful help! <3!
Yesterday I had my bar examination in law school and I approved with lots of honors! 😀

Yesterday in the morning I read your answer and it was so true, when you talked about this habit of adapting to others and not showing my true self. I realized I’ve been doing that for so long, and I was depriving others to meet me and love me. So I decided “today I will be myself, I’ll shine, I’ll feel happy by being just me”. When I arrived to university everyone greeted me happily, and flattered me for looking so pretty and confident, and I felt like that.
As you said, I kept on telling to myself, “today you’re going to be the true and real you, and the universe is going to give you back all that light”.

All those years during my law career I was always so nervous for exams, but yesterday I was so calm and confident. When some friends greeted me, while I was waiting for my turn to come, they thought I had already finished the exam because of my happy looking.

Well, I really wanted to tell you about it and thank you very much for all your inspiration! 🙂 Now the exam is over, I’m going to rest and take care of myself. There’s still a lot of things to happen and I’m happy that now, I have a new sight to keep this path.

Also, yesterday was a great moment to reconnect with my spiritual side. I went to a catholic school very devoted to Virgin Mary, and yesterday I visited the church of my school again and kept on feeling that God and universe love was on my side.

I’m very happy for all your kind help and love!

Hugs and greetings! 🙂    -Constanza, Chile


“Sabrina is a gifted astrologer and storyteller. Synthesizing the information from my chart, during my reading she told me the stories of my possible pasts and futures through details that made sense to me and that resonated with my current circumstances. I never felt like she was simply reading or reciting–I felt like she was speaking from deep knowledge of astrology that she drew on to explain and explore nuances in response to my questions and comments as we went along. I’d been wanting to get a reading for a while but had been putting it off. I’m so glad for her reading because it let me gain insight on my life and feel more connected to my sources. I found Sabrina to be gentle and intuitive. Her skills are unique.”  -Evelyn, California


“My experience with Sabrina was quite a memorable one. Not only did she help me feel comfortable and safe in the process of her working with my specific and personal questions, she excelled in finding what was true in the stars and provided practical uses for me to consider implementing to my life based on the results. She took her time around my reading, which gave a very sincere and special quality to her work. She followed up with me after our session, which was an amazing way to continue my journey and help me process through some of the intense feelings that arose. Sabrina is not only articulate and detailed, but she is an artist, a painter of her craft, and ever-evolving. I am recommending all my friends to make an appointment with her, as this was nothing short of a magical experience encompassing my past, confronting my now, and looking forward to the future.” – Samantha, Washington


“It became clear to me that through her reading of my chart she was able to see things about my personality and character that are far from obvious upon meeting someone. It was something akin to having a conversation with someone who has known you intimately for a very long time. Maybe even like talking with your own journal. Did she reveal my future to me like a soothsayer with a crystal ball? No. She offered uncanny insight into what motivates me; into ways of positively channeling my energy; into ways to be more satisfied with my life. These things were far more valuable to me than a snapshot, a-la the Twilight Zone, of my future with no context or intimacy. In short: I left Monarch Astrology knowing that I had been seen today. It was a wonderful feeling and an experience that I recommend to everyone.” – Eli, Washington


“Sabrina is a knowledgeable and highly intuitive astrologer. I told her the date, time, and place of my birth and she created my birth chart. We then had a consultation in which she interpreted the chart for me, integrating my questions about my present and my life’s path into the reading. I found the reading apt and informative— it addressed issues of spirituality, destiny, and purpose. What impressed me most was how personalized this reading was: Sabrina understands that the placement of a given celestial body in a given house or constellation will signify differently depending on the specific person for whom she is reading and the nature of that person’s inquiries, and also based on the placement of other celestial bodies in the sky. Sabrina is perceptive and picks up on patterns, constantly drawing connections and referring back to other elements of the chart, painting a comprehensive picture. During our consultation, she was very patient with me, allowing me to interrupt to ask any questions I had—and I had a lot! I enjoyed the way she speculated and allowed for multiple interpretations of different aspects of the reading. Her euphonious voice was an added bonus that made her reading all the more pleasurable. I am very grateful to her.” – Molly, Vermont


“Sabrina is not only knowledgable, but also professional, and a pleasure to be with. I was surprised at how accurate her readings were, and how easily she was able to use them to answer my questions. I had no idea astrology could be so useful in providing clarification and guidance, like therapy.” – Nick, Washington

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