Week of August 3 – 9 Horoscopes

August 3 – 9, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Getting into your heart this week – the energy is there to support it, yet there is also a kind of weight that tugs, deeper soul angst that doesn’t even feel like you but is being pinched right out. Mars in Cancer, as it trines those wounds where there is now armor, has an enormous gift for you. If you can face your pain with love, the real healing begins. It can no longer be suppressed or ignored… it demands attention and the only resolution is love. At the end of the week Mars moves into Leo, you’ll like the shift… you’ll have gained some maturity too, to be able to make the most of Leo’s creative and sunny offerings.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Feeling in touch with your inner fire? If not the First Quarter Moon in your sign Thursday may stir things up just enough for you. The great thing about your fire is that it is directed and has a purpose, and is easily grounded and activated. Major advancements in the love sector this week as your deepened awarenesses settle into the smallest, most overlooked parts of you and your life… with a gaze of love and healing, romance blooms everywhere no matter where you are or who you are with.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This week is gooey! Lovey and sweet and sublime! This is a great time to speak from your heart to the people that you love. Romantic advances take on a very playful energy. So much love can you even stand it? Wherever the answer is ‘no’ is a place that has gotten hardened for whatever reason. Can you let it go? Also if this reaches you like wtf… where is the love – another potential source of it is trickster energy itself, that is love in unexpected places. The Universe is playing with you this week, see if you can match it with your own wit and ingenuity.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Your inner yearnings and fire have more of a pull right now. This is a time really to own the power within, when it comes to value assessments you are making right now. The outer pressure can be a symbol right now of what is no longer vibrating with you. Yet the intensity of that is because of the SQUARE between Venus and Saturn IS most definitely a tension. It will pass. Breathe deep. There really is a truth within to guide you. An idea – a person who sits well in their power – why, how? If you should happen to receive or give a lioness-nudge of “You got this” this week, that is a almost lovelier than I could say.


Leo/Leo RisingThe excitement this week is palpable. Your communications take on a type of boldness that is, speaking without thought, the words of your heart. The impulses often know something. The only thing to hold you back is the sense of protecting or upholding a sense of personal security within the ego: who you are, what you are supposed to be feeling, how you have conditioned yourself to stay safe. This week is more about a leap of faith, though. Trust that you are held when you make decisions from your truth. The fear is not your compass.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: The possibilities expand. The boundary-setter is Saturn, governing the areas of life you are wanting to keep a certain way. The feel of the resistance to change is due to the tension of the square energy, like a pressure point of gravity that brings things to the surface. Be still and allow natural change. Make this an adventure –see what natural teaching opportunities arise. Mercury (planetary ruler of Virgo) enters your sign this week on the 8th – the stream if information coming in this week is like a burst. You do not need to retain or hold onto any or all of it. Trust you’ll keep that which matters most.


Libra/Libra Rising: Look for a shift this week in mentalities around what is possible. The first urging to be freer in some way, less restrained, tied down, held down, etc. DOES make way into creative solution finding over the span of this week. Be excited with the possibility that the first confrontation then with something IN THE WAY is actually an auger of new stores of resourcefulness in the heart to find a tangible way to have what it is you want. Don’t be surprised as well if part of this process is letting go of some fixation you’ve had in favor of embracing what you had entirely overlooked that’s here right now.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: There is lots of room to move OUT of conditioned structures of self-portrayal, the performance of self. It does, especially if we have a position of authority, get wrapped up in appearances of being ‘solid’, ‘put together’ etc. This week is for the part of you that is ready to be playful with appearances again, to let go of a mask. The biggest help may just be making a commitment to no longer judge yourself, as if you don’t put out the vibration you are not reaping it back to you either… whatever anyone else wants to think is their business. You have your own authority to master.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Trust is a theme of this week – not necessarily of a person though it could manifest that way, but altogether of life itself – are you fighting this present moment, thinking it needs to be another way? Ambition and dreams aside, where is it in your life right now that really is perfect and supporting just what you need right now, that you have overlooked or named as something bad? A deep transition in the heart is possible now as you see that everything in the universe is here to support you and so it is for everyone else. You will also like Mars transition at the end of the week into Leo – putting Mars in your solar house of expansion. You couldn’t dream big enough.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: Saturn your ruling planet squaring planets in your solar soul house is quite the time for things to be brought to the surface. You shouldn’t fret about what is coming up, but simply witness it. It is under pressure, and therefore exaggerated but at the same time it acts as a kind of messenger of where there have been excesses in any given way, and it is helping you adjust yourself as necessary. And as the exaggerations shift to the opposite positive, it’s quite the emotional pendulum – take your wisdom where it is, and have fun with the creative adventure that is unfolding right now. “Serious play” is a good word for it.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: There is a support to take what harmonizes with you, what you enjoy, and make it deeply practical. It can be making your play your work or inviting more heart resonance into what you feel is more like obligatory drudgery. It’s not drudgery to the core – the core remains to yet be discovered, the jewels collected and refined. If you’re feeling the tension you are close to breakthrough. By the end of the week Mercury moves into your solar soul house, also the house associated with the underworld. Depth awareness sets in – it’s a great time to get deeply specific about what you intend to communicate. With focus, the results are penetrating.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: A breakthrough in the form of realizing you set the standard by which you are measuring your performance. Your get to raise this standard in increments, but if you start out with a BIG idea without knowing the small tasks to get there, it can make that big idea (which is really a part of your future calling back to you) seem impossible or far away. You will feel like you are advancing so much more if you can identify and be with pleasure and joy in the smallest parts of the process that are here right now. Bring play to the mundane – it’s no longer mundane! Don’t wait for an external circumstance. So much creative power is laying hidden away in ordinary things, until you uncover them and then it’s like it never stops.

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