Monarch Forecast: January 18-24, 2016


There is a dreamy link-up between Mars in Scorpio and Neptune this week. We are examining the ways in which our energy field is merging with something else – whether it is another person, a new dream or goal in life, Earth, the Universe — how our actions penetrate, and how this is part and process of creation. Mars-Neptune is a subtler energy of the week but a very potent one when accessed. The most obvious energy we are encountering is that of Mercury retrograde entering conversation with the Uranus-Pluto square (the HUGE change factor of 2012-2015 that is back again for one last finale). Big messages are coming in about how we have changed or how we are wanting to change – and the message, depending on how friendly you are with Pluto, may feel alarming in nature. This is a week where it easy to be hard on ourselves but there is a potent edge to this that can be directed for major life morphs.

The inner-engineer, the inner-side of Mercury in Capricorn as it is expressed more potently through a retrograde, is going to be very aware of how we could be doing a better job. It will be majorly helpful to use this as data  constructively, and to have a degree of equanimity about making life changes and adjustments as a result. It is a loss of energy to dwell on the story of wrongness, unless this is the very soul work you are doing.

So importantly, the Pluto-Mercury does bring in messages from the Underworld. This is a time where thoughts are going to delve into deeper places and these ideas are going to be worth entertaining, but you are more served by these explorations if you don’t take it at face value – don’t believe it. Stay calm. This is like walking through a dream and taking note of the dream symbols – feeling into what they mean without believing them as reality, because you still know it is a dream.

More on Mars trining Neptune: Mars is like the tip of a spear. It is the point of contact. Likewise, it is also the impulse, and where the impulse originates from is a different place altogether than the impulse. Scorpio and Pluto speak to the other octave of Mars, the motivation, what is compelling Mars to action. When Mars is in Scorpio, we have a time where our subconscious and conscious can work together with more ease. What ease looks like in maybe another realm is different than Martian/Scorpion ease – this one particularly is the ease of having a sight, setting the mark, and hitting the goal dead in the middle of the bullseye.

It always applies that the personal will is more powerful when it is linked and connected to Source. Enter Mars trine Neptune – there is a significant ease this week to setting intentions and having otherworldly guidance and support for manifesting those intentions.

Surrender is difficult for people – it requires letting go of attachments and fixations. But if there is a good dose of surrender in your actions and especially advances this week, look at this this way: If you are approaching the bullseye with fairly good foundation – good training, you area good marksman or markswoman, go ahead and shoot. The key though is not fixating on how it is received. This is a week for making wise moves in terms of relationship, business, career — but the key behind it is that your offering needs to be empowering for you and for the receiver. If it seems like there is any kind of hidden need behind it (I need you to feel secure but I’m hiding this underneath another request), this repels. If your security is dependent on a yes from the other, then this is also a repelling factor and an disempowered foundation. When it is a matter of, “I have value, you have value, together we have more value….” then we are talking. It may not be so obvious on paper, but energetically there will be a resonance.

Think empowering power moves. Not gross… or sticky… ones.

Not sure what to do? Just ask your guides… your oracle cards… your dreams… the things in Neptune’s realm. Seek the highest good. Take note of where your motivations are coming from a place of security and ask to be held by the Universe instead. Where you feel resolved and clear, and feel as though you could handle a yes or a no – go ahead and make that connection.

Have you read the Monthly Forecast for January? This week also includes a Full Moon in Leo, which was written about in the monthly forecast. But for convenience, I’m pasting it again below. If you haven’t read the monthly forecast yet, I hope you will! There’s more interpretations there.

Full Moon in Leo on January 23, 2016 – Good Form and Poise in Romance

During the Full Moon, the Sun will be conjunct Athena, the asteroid of strategy and creative intelligence. Venus will have recently moved into Capricorn, echoing back to the vibe of the New Moon with Venus-Saturn conjunction (Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn). With the Aquarius Sun and Venus in Capricorn, there is thus a little bit of an austere energy lighting up the playful Leo Moon. Part of the reward of playing the game we find in Saturn/Capricorn is that there are perks. It’s the work hard play hard continuum when we do Saturn well. The Full Moon is going to be a time to account for the play needed in life, the feeling that all this work we do has to amount to something in the sense of vision. To play up the magical elements of this Full Moon, consult an oracle deck or any other choice elixir of vision, and ask your questions about your strategy in any given situation. “How could I perceive this situation?”

Typically, no matter how high the stakes are, if we have the ability to look at it not just objectively but with a sense of vision, child’s play — we are open to the magic that life is once again. Saturn overdrive is being too much of an adult that one has forgotten the inner-child. But one who has forgotten their ability to feel one with their inner-child does not know how to have fun anymore. Life may become too efficient, dry, and boring. The medicine for this Full Moon is play and to have something to laugh about, even if life is currently putting you through the refiner’s fire. Perhaps the harshness lessens when you can see beyond/beneath it into the drama – and grand theater – that it all is.

& why did I say good form and poise in romance? It was a feeling of the Leo Moon feeling held and framed at this moment by chivalry, something we find in Leo’s world but also in Saturn. If you’ve ever met a Saturn in Leo or a 5th house Saturn, you may see how “serious” they can get about good romance. They really show up for it. They respect timing – letting it crescendo. They respect the game. But beyond the realm of relationship, your whole life can be a romance. Lady Gaga, who yes I talk about all the time, forgive me, is an example of this. She “curated” her entire life to be an ideal. To create your vision on the earth plane, day in and day out, and in everything you do – to live your life as an act of art, however you would like to be artful – is not easy. It’s actual work. But it rewards you, and it inspires the people around you and inspires them to send you gifts. I am not just enchanted by Lady Gaga for what she is, but for what kind of magic she draws into her life as a result of who she is. Someone sent her a white horse as a surprise, that she now literally rides into the sunset. Being the star of your own life and recognizing (and treating others) as stars is very well a lifestyle, a habit, something you could condition (Saturn) yourself into.


(Image: Christopher Lorain)


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