Astrology of 6/14-6/20: Forging New Patterns for New Realities

This week Neptune stations retrograde and many of our mutable-signed planets are aspecting one another. Something to understand about the mutable energies (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) is that they function well within chaos or fluidity of change. The mutables are naturally very experimental and even shamanic, able to create new patterns of consciousness and observe the resonating effects. Neptune stationing retrograde may affect our dreams, as well as how we relate to our waking life dream & its symbols. The Sun and Mercury in Gemini oppose Saturn in Sagittarius, offering us the chance to forge new patterns within our thinking and therefore forge new realities. Strategies below, after this announcement!

The Yoga of a Personal Astrology Practice

I am putting together an e-book about the yogas of a personal astrology practice. I am breaking down into detailed, guided language various spiritual principles that would accelerate one’s sensitivity to the planets and being able to perceive them directly. Astrology is not just about the study of technique or memorizing the meaning of the planets and archetypes (though that is part of it), it’s also about accessing types of thought beyond our conditioned boundaries and opening our very consciousness to what is beyond the realms of experience we’ve already mapped. The concepts contained within this book are launching points into deeper spiritual realization.

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit yogaḥ, “yoking, joining together” and by extension “harnessing of one’s mental faculties to a purpose” and thus “yoga.” – (American Heritage Dictionary)

The chapters are so far as follows:

? The Yoga of Discernment Between the Ultimate, the Particular, and the Ephemeral

? The Yoga of Understanding the Nature of the Soul

? The Yoga of Direct Knowing

? The Yoga of Freedom, Brilliance, and the Blueprint of Higher Self

? The Yoga of Emotional Calibration with the Cosmos

? The Yoga of Self-Actualization

? The Yoga of Moving Fluidly Between Realms

? The Yoga of Infrastructure and Engineering Consequences

? The Yoga of Vitality and Accessing the Will

? The Yoga of Relationship, Listening & Open Heart

Once I hit my first Patreon goal, the e-book will be released for free. Around a year ago now, I began to make these weekly forecasts free instead of by subscription because I wanted to share these ideas with more people. That means however, as a business model and being able to practice astrology as a career and afford various business expenses and the time to devote to astrology, these public broadcasts can use your support. I’ve set up a Patreon campaign so that readers who would like to support the forecasts can do so by a dollar amount of their choosing per month.

Thank you so much to those of you who have contributed! Your readership, enthusiasm and participation with the forecasts truly energizes me and inspires me to create more content. I’m excited to share this new book with you all! If you’d like to support the writing of the weekly forecasts and quicken the release of this e-book, join my patreon campaign here.

(Top image: Julia Lillard)

June 15

Sun in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius: 3:17 AM PDT

This opposition between the Sun and Saturn is met with a T-square formed by Chiron in Pisces squaring both the Sun and Saturn. The imaginary point of this T-square to make a grand mutable cross is Virgo, so we will want to take that into account. Whenever a T-square forms, including the imaginary (non included) final sign is a way to access greater health for the whole alignment. Here are some possibilities and ideas related to this entire alignment:

  • The way that structure, seriousness, austerity, gravitas, can positively influence one’s creative endeavors. The necessity to construct optimal conditions for flow – that unless certain structural realities are attended to, entropy occurs. A simple example I can think of as a writer would be having a desk space that is clean and full of symbols/items that resonate with my current process. If my desk is inspiring to me, I am more likely to write. If I wait for inspiration to clear my desk, the inspiration may never come. If I prepare my desk, the inspiration comes. For however this relates to your process, it is an act of positive expectation to facilitate a setting for your aspirations in a tangible way, rather than to wait for something else to happen to inspire you to get going with your dreams or goals.
  • Psychological complexes are repeating storylines that create “never” or “always” statements in our consciousness. In believing these statements and making decisions and choices based off of our predictions related to these statements, we create a gravitational field around our complexes and perpetuate their existence. Shifting a complex is work that often takes time and deep patience (Saturn) but when we are talking about mutable energies such as the ones in this alignment, we actually can shift complexes via more magical or shamanic routes. One example is to utilize mantra (Gemini) to create new statements. If you imagine your thoughts as kind of stirring a mental/emotional pot (a little cauldron of magic and manifestation in the mind regardless of whether you intended it for that), a shift in circumstance can be created by creating new thoughts or new mantras. The devotion and practice of re-training one’s mind starts stirring the pot in a different direction, which creates new patterns and new consequences.
  • The resistance to making new consequences can be simply a matter of routine and not having imagined an alternative. Think for example about the consequences of praying for strength; if that is one’s motivating desire; sometimes one may attract situations that are extremely challenging (and strength occurs as a result). When it comes to situations we are diligently working on (Saturn in Sagittarius), certain resonating synchronicities appear to help along those lessons. We may have to get clever in terms of considering what it is we are asking to forge within ourselves so that our animated storybook of our own lives is full of lessons we are excited about. To use the strength example again, if one keeps praying for strength to combat increasing difficulties in life; it may be important to note that one’s wishes have actually been creating the problem that one keeps wishing for the remedy for. (The genie says, “I am giving you strength! See how you keep rising above these hard knocks!”) We can be flexible with our wishes instead of rigidly fixed within them.
  • Related to above, one might wonder why the genie dimension of life cares so much about the words we use as invocation. I am not speaking about intentional magic only, I’m speaking also of unintentional magic that people practice everyday with their thoughts and language. This phenomenon can be observed within the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius alone. While Sagittarius rules direct experience and the mythic quest, the expansive qualities of life and adventure, Gemini correlates with language and communication. These qualities are in a direct relationship. It naturally follows that a change of language or a change of intellect changes the adventure that is directly playing out as a result. One can get locked in to a series of consequences related to their thoughts, and relate these consequences to “reality”, when in Reality, one can jump between different realities – truth becomes quite relative in this way. It becomes a matter of personal responsibility to switch into a different reality when the current reality is dissatisfying or confronting a person with constant walls. A change in thinking is like train hopping into a new adventure. A person who feels lost could actually just imagine they knew exactly where they were headed and try that thought pattern on like a hat, to see actual changes in their imagination and inspiration.
  • Within certain traditions and thoughts along prayer, (and prayer being a kind of wish), we will often be prepared in very real ways for the things we ask for. So yes, it is important within Sagittarius and our recent Jupiter direct to dream big! And when we do so, we should also be sensitive to observe the very small adjustments and lessons coming our way to assist the big dream we wished for.
  • All in all, you might think of these energies as the clever courtship of consequence; slipping out of troubling situations with ingenuity and slipping into better consequences with one’s imagination and experimentation. Staying on your toes to see how your world shifts and how you might microadjust (Virgo) your experiments to maintain results you desire or shift the results. More entrenched stories take more time to shift; which does require a broader vision and imagination (Saturn in Sagittarius) to see the change through.

  • A note for Chiron in Pisces in this alignment: often the resolution or medicine for the deepest conflicts of all is not just somehow masking the problem or controlling it in increasingly intelligent ways, but a sufficient realization of love and worthiness that melts the original illusion of separation causing the problem. This is certainly a yoga – something that prayer, devotion, and tenderness can yield. It may involve the sincerity of our utmost “why” questions directed to Source and the faith that there has got to be an easier way than the various machinations we pull off in the struggle of it all.

June 16

Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces: 4:10 AM PDT

  • This can be a pertinent time to pay attention to your dreams and what messages they are illuminating in your consciousness. Stationing planets articulate themselves and get louder in the sky and in our experience.
  • This may also be a time to consider the influence of illusion in our lives. Perhaps illusions we want to break, but also the role of illusions which facilitate temporary experiences or are building blocks to future events. A friend of mine once was reflecting with me how he felt there was some intelligence in not knowing everything that was going to happen in his life, as he was not sure he’d be able to walk the path if he knew it all from start to finish. We may like clear answers, but there is a seductive role of the mystery that helps us to flex our minds and entertain concepts from a scope which necessarily has some nebulous quality to coax us into new territory.

June 17

Last Quarter Moon in 26° Pisces: 4:33 AM PDT

This last Quarter Moon is preceded by its ruler Neptune stationing retrograde. A quality to watch out for around this is disillusionment. The Last Quarter Moon vibration is already of letting something go, and Pisces has a dissolving function. Disillusionment is when something we previously had faith or trust in existentially dissolves or falls away. It is like moving through deeper layers of the veil or Maya. Sometimes it is accompanied with grief or feeling jaded, however, depending on our attachment to the illusion that has fallen away. There can be a tendency to try to quickly replace the lost ideal with something new because of the general insecurity of not having something to hold onto. However, sometimes the clearing of prior illusions can be like a transcendent bathing. Consider being present with the quality of something being flushed from your consciousness; whether or not something new is yet incoming.

Pisces is oceanic, and like all the water signs speaks in patterns of waves. At the same time we may experience tides of disillusionment, we may reach jewels of ideas and dreams which were triggered by that same disillusionment. Not all dreams that dissolve away were good dreams, or dreams that we need to keep having.

June 18

Sun in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries: 11:46 AM PDT

Beautifully, these are both the rulers of our current South and North Node, and both are in harmonic aspects with both. The Sun in Gemini sextiles its ruling node, Leo, and trines the opposing node in Aquarius. Uranus in Aries sextiles its ruling node, Aquarius, and trines the opposing node in Leo.

  • Along a larger storyline of pioneering or inventing something (Uranus in Aries), there are important times to gather information; research; initiate a variety of novel experiences. Research and collecting experience is a creative act; as it is the constant shaking loose of old associations, patterns, and rigidities. In so doing, it allows one to gain an increasingly objective viewpoint. Collecting information zooms out the lens such that one can see patterns across a wide swathe of localities. On a personal level, this relates to the intelligence that emerges when one is open to experimentation and trying new things relative to something new and inventive that one is looking to discover or cultivate.
  • There are some experiences we have which make us feel very isolated, like we are the only ones experiencing it. However, when we do find some way to communicate our experience, we will often find others who can resonate with it and even rephrase the essence of it back to us according to their own experience of it. Sharing one’s unique experience is a pathway for generosity: it allows our own circles to expand as well as validating the experiences of others who are just as susceptible to feeling alone.

(Image: Isolation Peak by Lawren Stewart Harris)

  • Personal innovations which are connected to a collective destiny.
  • Honoring the nobility of higher impulses that are coming through at this time: utilizing the electric impulses of new, innovative ideas to aspire/become/actualize the being who would be able to channel that electricity. The aspirational effect of a compelling idea.
  • Unreliability can fragment loyalty that has been built, but sometimes these structures of loyalty are outdated and require upgrades – at key points new information arises which challenges the existing value system to grow. One can attempt to maintain a previous agreement or structure; or one can upgrade.
  • The radical quality of seeing an issue from multiple perspectives rather than one true, ultimate perspective and then to see how these perspectives interconnect. This is radical in a culture where differences in opinion create “us versus them” boundaries.
  • Flightiness, spontaneity, creative inspiration that can cause detours, or cause one to be unreliable/absentminded in other routine areas of life.

Mercury in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius: 12:07 PM PDT

(Image: Ira Carter)

  • Relationally, the quality of an opposition between a curious lightness of thought and a heavy, philosophical judgement of truth. This can play out internally as a vacillation in one’s inner-dialogue, or can be projected relationally, such as one person saying something that’s an existential downer and another person being like, “Well… have you thought of…?” and introducing a light, airy concept. Or, someone expressing an innocent, curious thought and another person darkening and getting very serious and saying, “Well, actually…” and judgmentally correcting them. It can be the difference between being open to consider a variety of perspectives and a rigidity toward adopting one dogma. In the multitude of fashions this can manifest, it is repetitively orbiting around the theme of ideas that inspire seriousness, or seriousness that inspires shaking up the old perspective in order to access some levity. This phenomenon of modulating opinion in another is reflected in the common impulsive reactions between a believer and an atheist, where one person says they believe and the other person feels they must necessarily say they don’t believe, and vice versa.
  • Communications and thoughts at this time may be more methodical or considerate of consequence; communications might slow down or carelessness might be more readily met with ‘retribution’ in terms of judgements or unsolicited opinions.
  • Just considering that this energy is in the field right now, it would be noticeable that judgmental thoughts might appear more frequently or that disagreements on matters of truth and fact could come up more frequently.
  • The thought patterns through Mercury in Gemini can shift depending on the overarching philosophical container Saturn in Sagittarius is providing. Within this, it creates a reality in which facts and data streams actually differ according to the bubble of belief/culture viewing and sorting the information. You may have noticed this experientially by traveling, and accessing different thoughts and feelings in accordance with a different landscape. However, consider what it’s like to live in those places; where people’s thoughts and perspectives are conditioned by that locality for years and years. In a simplistic way, people think that other cultures have something wrong in regards to certain issues, without taking note that the other culture has been conditioned in a radically different fashion. To understand other realities, one must also understand the conditioning. To form bridges in communication; there is also a need to attend to the differences in conditioning and to form bridges, rather than wars of right and wrong in a reality in which truth is often relative and conditioned based upon personal experience and locality. (Individuals or families might be considered micro-cultures in this example, as well.)
  • In the case of limitations: limitations are not always something that need to be changed. Often we strive to. Is there a wisdom to the particular constraint? Sometimes working within limitations is how creativity works, via constraint.

June 20

Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces: 1:26 AM PDT

  • A type of spiritual experience emerges here from loving and being tender toward the body and one’s physical experience of life. One can deny the body and the physical to “transcend” it but in so doing also distort the spiritual channels related to the body. The physical is an entrance into the spiritual, just as the spiritual can be an entrance into the physical.
  • Considering the spirit or essence that is in matter and one’s personal aesthetic in regards to this.
  • The importance in recognizing that one’s spiritual experience of reality is in connection to one’s self-esteem. It could be as much to say as God helps those who help themselves; or God punishes those who are already punishing themselves. We may invent stories on Source’s agenda, but we are co-writing that agenda all of the time. When Source is externalized, self-esteem might also be outsourced, and one has to earn love rather than just be love. When the Universe is felt on the inside, one’s self-esteem actually changes what kinds of grace and gifts one experiences in life because they vibrationally feel worthy of it.
  • In general, this can be a time of utilizing the cultivation of one’s self-esteem to reach new spiritual heights; or dissolving illusions of self-deprecation that are keeping desired spiritual experience at bay.

Mercury in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries: 2:30 AM PDT

(Image: Alessandro Keegan)

  • This is a harmonic between the horizontal mind (Mercury) and Higher Mind (Uranus). Higher Mind is also like a collective database, a place where all information that ever is and was is stored. Within the mythos of Higher Mind for example, no one invents things out of nothing. Inventors simply pull from Higher Mind. This can be observed in the case of multiple people in separate locations inventing the same thing at moments throughout history.
  • A harmonic between Mercury and Uranus tends to mean that we more readily access heightened or brilliant concepts; we are more likely to have epiphanies and revelations especially when we attend to the health of these archetypes. Both Mercury and Uranus relate to the nervous system. There can be connections here between how food assists or hinders our thinking, or how massage work can loosen up and release traumas stored in the body and allow for new information and patterns to be stored (for example).

Sun enters Cancer (Summer Solstice): 9:24 PM PDT

This movement of the Sun into Cancer is accompanied with a sweet Venus-Moon conjunction in Taurus.

  • In Cancer season, some of our new experiences from Gemini season congeal into more familiarity: we might get to know new friends more intimately. We create closeness and trust.
  • Cancer relates to one’s inner world and how one protects it (the shell of the crab). Cancer is a very protective, defensive sign even. It is more responsive to safety and kind touch than it is to confrontation and harshness.
  • While the Sun transits through Cancer, our home life and our experience with family (of origin or chosen family) is highlighted and can be a source of greater satisfaction or upset. Though family cohesion may arise in some family units more easily than others, in general creating closeness and trust within a group of people is a creative act and can be fostered.
  • The Venus-Moon conjunction in Taurus occurring with this ingress may also highlight that we find home with people who share similar values to us, or values that we wish to try on.

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~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.

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