May 30 – June 5, 2016: The Waking Dream


What we are seeing this week is the Sun and Venus in Gemini playing off the existing mutable T-square of Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Virgo. So much is being washed away at this moment in time: plans seem uncertain, directions are changing, unexpected events are turning up and changing the existing game plan. With Mars still in retrograde and now back into Scorpio, our collective executive function and the ability to act and affect are in deep introspection/soul searching.

Because the exterior world is so changeable, it can become like a waking dream, where the feedback of symbol (Gemini) on the outside world immediately affirms the interior landscape. In working with reoccurring dreams that are nightmares, for example, a way that people deal with it is to become lucid in the dream and change something – face the monster chasing them, so it doesn’t keep haunting the dreamer.

Given the relationship between Neptune and other planets in the sky at the moment, the transcendent dream is taking on more potency than reality as represented by Saturn (norms and conditioned boundaries) – that normal reality is bending to the dream. So what does this mean for you? To learn more about this week’s astrology and keys to navigating it, keep reading the full forecast here.

~Sabrina Monarch


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