The Social Media Existential


So the transits do correlate with moments of existential questioning… and Saturn-Neptune is ripe for that. sometimes the landscape is inviting a lot of joy, exciting beginnings, and other times things are ending and people are like what does it all mean??? and we are more or less in the latter, so idealistically, we may build more compassionate or soul-nourishing foundations then the ones we currently are rooted upon.

I noticed a higher-than-normal frequency of disenchantment posts (so Saturn-Neptune) pointing out the nature of social media not being real connection, not real life, and actually fake. the personal branding bullshit. The why can’t I broadcast how depressed I feel? I’m supposed to only share my highest, most iconic moments?

Social media is definitely a container, a receptacle – there are certain social codes that inform it, and then these social codes inform our internal process of judging how our life is going. so if you’re not feeling like your life is particularly photogenic, like you’re not inspired to take photos or pose in photos, if your life is not happening brightly on the visual level, then you miss out on that form of social expression and gratification. that is a very real social arena playing out, and it requires a person to have vision, yet we don’t always have that kind of vision. sometimes we are in a space of feeling very disillusioned or disenchanted, and yet this is not the image (Neptune) that feels like the one worth putting out there. Unless truth-talking it out is your way to go.

social media is a carefully curated form of social expression, but it’s not like other forms of social conduct are not also specially curated according to a societal set of standards. It presents its own unique and new set of challenges, the one that I am reflecting on the most at the moment is the way we tend to withdraw from the social setting of social media when we don’t feel we have something to show or contribute, yet to continue to observe a sea of people showing pictures of themselves living it up (or so we/they should like to think), we internalize our judgements of self as we compare ourselves. Or, when we’re happy about ourselves, we enjoy the little Facebook sea of people being cute and awesome and successful. it’s all quite temperamental is it not?

more confusion = more depression with Saturn-Neptune – that is one way it can play out. So if you’re you know, out at sea, it’s kind of hard to play the game. but maybe it’s not your game, or maybe the game as you see it now is just a message in the sand, about to be washed away by the tides. it won’t be this way forever but dayum can it evoke that thousand yard stare into the ether. There is glittering Neptunian inspiration to be found, and it happens to be in confrontation with depressive modes of thought, like considerations of what isn’t true, what isn’t real, what doesn’t work, what was never true.

my advice? don’t arrive at a belief. do some traveling.


(Image: Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison)


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