Writing From the Dream with Aliza Rood

New episode of Magic of the Spheres! Aliza Rood and I discuss the nature of dreams, sharing dreams (whether having the same dream as others or circulating dreams by telling people about them), potentiating dreams, and sourcing dreams as inspiration for writing. Throughout our conversation we some creative writing in this episode that came from dream images.

Aliza is a writer whose process circles around and through astrology, film, music, visual art, sociology, psychology, and the dream-space. She values process and mistakes, vulnerability, intimacy, and imperfection. She is a searcher, and her holy grail is a deeper and deeper kindness.

Aliza’s IG: @vertigo_opera

Website: https://www.charikloenergy.com

Aliza has TA’d for the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive before and will be again for the upcoming May – September 2022 cohort. Learn more and enroll here.

Tune into our episode on the player below or where you listen to podcasts!

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