Astrology of 2/15 – 2/21: Jumping Slices of the Multiverse


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This week Mercury in Aquarius aspects some of our planets transiting through cardinal signs (Mars in Aries, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in Libra). The vibe that comes with that is higher information (downloads) that inspire a start-up/new venture.

It’s relevant to have a way to meditate or connect with Source directly, as a thing within Aquarius and Uranus is to not individuate but to gain a psychological sense of individuation by tapping into a particular group consciousness and its identity. When we channel ideas in the realm of Aquarius, we can tap into our blueprint of Higher Self or we can tap into group clouds (or both). From the state of individuation, playing with group consciousness could be as spirited as putting on a sports team jersey and rooting for a team. Groups certainly have gravity and power and can support a cause together, but an individual has more total freedom when their self-concept is deeply individualized, rather than root-resourced by a faction or group. If everyone was truly individuated and self-actualized, and had the ability to connect into Higher Self amidst socializing or interacting with other beings, war probably wouldn’t exist. Peace would exist because everyone would “fit in”, and be aligned with their purpose, and it would be the Utopia vision of Uranus. Excessive identification with a group is intimately connected with violence and othering (such as, to carry our metaphor over, the violence between fans of different teams at a sports game getting into a physical altercation). Being an individual does not mean one is totally separate from the collective or can’t interact with groups, because naturally when one follows the blueprint of Higher Self it often has something to do with a collective purpose… like we are all cells with unique purposes within a greater organism.

The astrology of this week suggests to me that we can matrix trip (navigate multiple, dense clouds of thought), and the ability to trip matrices without getting lost in one is resourced by having an ability to connect with Higher Self, as well as by meditating and dropping thought-cords (ties and hooks to particular matrices).

The compass between the deep self (psyche) and Spirit/Source is the most radical thing I know to exist in terms of this Earth life. Being deeply self-aware and simultaneously resourced by Source creates results, life paths and destinies as vast as the multiverse.

February 16

Mercury in Aquarius sextile Mars in Aries: 10:15 AM PST


  • Messages that come through at this time can trigger defensiveness, reaction, freedom or a call to action. The information can be electric or inflammatory. This transit is interacting with Pluto in Capricorn (the collective evolution and the collective shadow) in that Mercury is forming a semisextile to Pluto (stressful aspect) and Mars is squaring Pluto (yet another stressful aspect). It would not be unlikely for this transit to be challenging, but also generative.
  • Mars in Aries is gearing up for a shift when it reaches the exact square with Pluto in Capricorn on the 22nd. In the way it currently is building toward that square with Pluto, and relative to this harmonious transit it will have to Mercury, we are getting downloads on what to do next in a way that can feel urgent. It’s around how we can take action in our lives to build a more empowered way of living for ourselves and others. A psychological trap here is fear, and planning or taking action out of fear. It can really help to slow down, detach, and examine what is causing such a stress or trigger response. This is illuminating an operating psychology. And, there is a call to action brewing. One might visualize a relevant Utopia to work toward and channel action steps from. Think empowered action > panicked action.
  • The landscape is itself, inflammatory. To carry over the cell/organism (Aquarius) image: a threat registers and antibodies arrive. Even the way we talk about virus and the immune system is very warlike (Mars in Aries) and we might imagine how purposeful each antibody feels. This transit implies that information comes through which triggers immune response, and while this is the yoga it is also something with which to take care. Literally, to take care of ourselves and resource ourselves so that we can show up for whatever is necessary for us to show up for.


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  • Handling the tasks and chores of reality, whether its paying bills, cleaning the fridge of old food, or writing postcards to politicians (news is that this is the best way to reach them rather than email, phone or enveloped letters), can be vitalizing when our story about it is imaginative, or we can see how it fits into the bigger picture. We sell these little details short all the time even as they are part of epic mandalas of time and manifestation. If you’ve ever played with psychedelics you might have tasted some of the mental constructs of interconnectedness which could be very vitalizing at this time.

February 18

Sun enters Pisces: 3:32 AM PST

  • Watch for a shift early into Pisces Season on February 21 (at 1:12 PM PST), when the Sun will conjunct the South Node in Pisces. That may shine some more light on the archetypal themes of our past (personally and collectively) and hopefully burn through some obscuring veils. This would be a time to employ your best witnessing techniques so that at a time when karma can be burned off, you are not recreating karmas by identifying with them. Unconditional positive self-regard and curiosity for whatever emerges in your experience (rather than believing things or being so entrenched in them that there is no conscious observer) is a useful tool for burning karmas away that are on their way out.

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius: 11:33 AM PST


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  • This Moon will be squaring the nodal axis. On a predictive level, the emotional state that this moon represents will be more resourced through the Virgo North Node than the Pisces South Node. This can mean taking care of unfinished business, loose ends, working with clearing clutter, and exploring those things which you are avoiding rather than escaping them. Sagittarius is a jungle energy and here  a way to tap into one’s grounded primal energy might be reflected in alignment with the material plane one is around. There will be vaster, farther places to launch, if simple matters of reality and daily life maintenance are attended to first. Then the Pisces South Node will be folded in and integrated in the form of feeling a fantastical, dreamy state in the simplicity, rather than feeling chaotic and overwhelmed among the clutter and avoided tasks.
  • The Last Quarter Moon also ushers in a slowing of energy levels, before the New Moon. It’s a point of the lunar cycle to remember to stay hydrated and well-rested.
  • If you find your beliefs changing, this is a potential of this transit and would be making space for an expanded truth. Sometimes we hold onto beliefs to avoid the unknown (which the beliefs map). Letting go of beliefs is expansive, just as forming them in the first place was expansive. Existing in a transitional unknown is a good thing: it means you are opening to something new rather than grasping onto something just for security. This is truly an opening, though on an emotional level it often registers as insecurity.

February 20

Mercury in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries: 8:01 PM PST

  • While there are plenty of external triggers in the air for people’s trauma, this transit suggests they are emerging on an inner-level as well. It is possible to have more cognition than usual centered around one’s traumas. This can be something we’re aware of, or at various stages it can be projected onto the environment so that certain situations become templates of that trauma. Again, the self-witnessing and the unconditional positive self-regard are going to tone this transit’s difficulties down and streamline them into something more digestible.
  • This is a transit that can signify getting to the next level (i.e. like in a video game. Video games and their “levels” are great examples of what it’s like to jump slices of reality. Try to find some awareness around what level you are graduating and see if you can feel the shift when you level up. The mood is freedom and advancement: you’ve already gotten all your experience tokens from this round and it’s time for the frontier of discovery to change, yet you bring with you your conditioning and training of the past. The next round of challenges are unfamiliar, inevitably inviting self-growth.


  • Glitches at this time between levels are like a character walking in place, pushing at an apparent wall like a nice digital Uranus in Aries ram. That kind of glitching and short-circuiting is a good indicator of desired course-correction -or- of if you played video games, a time for cheat codes. Cheat codes in real life may be something like trying a new vitamin or getting into a body stretch you’ve never been in before, or talking to the Universe in a new way etc. Experimentation, haute Aquarian & anything that allows you to forgo normal programming in favor of a new reality orientation.

February 21

Mercury in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Libra: 10:27 AM PST


  • Jupiter is like a genie. And putting one’s ideas and idealistic visions out into social reality does in fact alter the collective (and might grant wishes). We are interconnected and we each can affect the network.
  • If you have an inkling of something that might benefit the reality around you and you’re waiting around for someone else to put it into existence, you might just be missing your own Promethean storyline – that it is actually your vision you are channeling from Higher Mind, and so it’s your thing to make. Or at least even talk about. If you don’t have the resources or energy to make some really cool invention you thought of, at least put the idea out into your circles so other nodes in the network can think about it.
  • Consider that your ideas and thoughts do actually have orbits and gravity. Whenever you have revelations or epiphanies, you are accelerating the gravity around that particular thought form, and empowering other people within the collective to also have those same epiphanies. One great use of making space to meditate (however you do) and tuning out the extra noise is to get to a place where you feel like you can hear your own direct channel, rather than the buzzing channels of group-mind vortexing around one particular concept or perception of concepts. This might be a great time to explore if your thoughts are really true to your higher self or if you’re downloading a collective thought cloud that doesn’t vibe with you anymore.
  • Aquarius, as well as Jupiter in Libra, would imply that reintegration is desired after one travels into their own cosmic blueprint and is on a bliss cloud. There is an ability to bring these state of being into normal life and the mainstream, though it requires will on the part of those who have the ability to detach so greatly from conditioned reality and move between slices of reality. Aquarius is about inventiveness, and often it is possible to channel the very inventions the collective needs. Sometimes people are ahead of their time, but more often than not it is a matter of communication and bridge building that forges the integration between worlds.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch
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