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I’ve mentioned a few times on Facebook that I was working on Saturn-Chiron square article. What I do have prepared is a big list of notes I found too difficult to organize. It has felt more like an invitation to release notes on the Saturn-Chiron square in smaller posts, so that I can refine individual concepts instead of stressing to write a whole big article at once about a transit which is truly immense in its totality.

And that way, we can keep the Saturn-Chiron awareness flame lit! (It’s a daily thought in my head, anyway 🙂 ) I wonder if we can even come up with a cool name for the transit, like how Mystic Medusa coined the Uranus-Pluto square the “Zap Zone”. Open to suggestions.

The exact squares between Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces form April 30, 2017 and November 2, 2017, but are in orb of the square aspect throughout 2017. Saturn enters Capricorn toward the end of 2017, and the square may start to decrease in intensity once the square is what we would call “out of sign”. Regardless, Saturn-Chiron is a vibe setter for 2017 and I am devoted to promoting some morale regarding it.

An elevated purpose of this transit is to make real and visible the truths which we are transpersonal conduits of. It is our choice, we are the gatekeepers. The choice with these archetypes implies that we could sit back and do nothing but this will correlate with Saturnian depression and Piscean despair. One of my dreams about this transit was a mood of profound relief and deep holding (because gifts and truths were finally shared). The crisis of our times is compelling people to bring forth the gifts they were passively storing away somewhere. The desire for relief and the crisis has made that moot & that is the silver lining of this upheaval. It’s unlocking a lot.

Maybe there is some attachment to sharing one’s truth as though it must be visibly received (and an idea that there is no reception creates withholding). But these truths deepen on the inside to a point where one just has to share it. The external world (Saturn) reflects the deficit that the Spirit (Pisces) knows how to remedy. It is the loud call to develop it, which in so doing radiates healing and inspires people. The motivation to share or produce in the world is no longer so limited – it invites the dimension of spirit into the status quo.

Alternately, it might not be outward movement. Some do go within to assess what has led to this moment and to reach inside to discover who one is in the equation. The external and internal passages of development may be simultaneous.

This is a paradigm shift of motivation. We’re not motivated to produce so we can be good cogs in the machine, but we’re motivated to be inventive and to share because it’s how Universal currents of energy work… to be a conduit rather than a hoarder holding up a gate is all the relief in the world. The crisis is not a static reality but a calling to participate in the unfolding of reality. Imagination creates what we call reality and we really do have vast choice.

Stay tuned for more ongoing posts about this aspect!

~Sabrina Monarch


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