Venus in Aries Research Project: Calling Upon Men


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This Venus in Aries cycle has corresponded for me with a prompting for a new interview research project. I would like to speak with men (conditioned male, pass as male, trans, born male but non-binary, self concept is male, etc. All orientations welcome) about values, love, relationship and sexuality. I feel that the information I am seeking to learn comes best by asking. This would look like being interviewed for an hour about yourself, specifically geared to the topics of love and gender.

If you would like to be interviewed about what love has meant and means to you, please email me at sabrina@monarchastrology.com or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. In your email, please let me know your location and time zone as well as general availability. Sharing your birth info with me so that I can learn more about astrology in addition is optional and appreciated. Please read the additional info below.

It is a philosophy of mine that the healing of the troubles of our collective society and planet are healed through connection, cooperation, and love. I have spent plenty of long nights talking with ladies about the state of love in the world, less so with men. I am curious what men think along these lines of inquiry.

If there are men who feel they have things to say on the topic of love such as what has worked in love, what are the struggles, what has created connection and what has created disconnection – I want to hear about it. I have interview questions to ask and will also improvise based on what comes up in the conversation.

This will look similar to the original research project I carried out, where I interviewed 115 people about themselves while drawing upon their natal charts. I spoke to each person typically for an hour, and met in person or over the phone/Skype. This time I will be doing Skype or in person interviews for one hour. I received consistent feedback that these conversations were very generative and therapeutic for people.

And if you were wondering what I am doing with this information, here are some specifics:

1. Conversations will be recorded and sent to you by email, if you prefer. I will ask permission to record and only do so if it is okay.
2. I have no linear goal in mind for this project. I have open-ended curiosity. I am seeking to get a temperature on how people feel and what people are thinking. I intend to continue a career of working with people, and of creating literature, philosophical and astrological text, and I want to collaborate with other people. This kind of research informs my work and helps me to pose more questions and to theorize more solutions to the issues we collectively are working through together.

Thanks for your help!

~Sabrina Monarch


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