Mars in Cancer: Season of Power Evolution


My friend was just talking with me about how really successful and driven people did not get to where they are at just by chance or for no reason. Not only did they work hard, but they worked on themselves and their own psychology. On a separate occasion the day before another friend was telling me something similar, to the effect of noticing that people ‘high up’ at his job were more put-together and thoughtful than he would have imagined.

Sounds like some Capricorn-Cancer business to me… External success and togetherness (rewards of Capricorn) matched with an emotional maturity and development (high vibrational Cancer).

Relative to our current evolutionary journey with Pluto in Capricorn, Mars (the lower octave of Pluto) enters the opposite sign, Cancer later this week on June 24.

So there is the Mars in Cancer – Pluto in Capricorn opposition coming up in July. This transit is not one to be feared, actually, it’s going to help bring in a new season of personal evolution in direct relationship to our external evolution – the job, the money, the social authority relative to Capricorn. Why do we want these things? Freedom to experience things we’d like, freedom to go to the spa or a retreat weekend if we so desire. Freedom to construct our lives as we choose, freedom to take our own vacations and surround ourselves with abundance.

We’re getting ahead.

See your horoscopes for more info of course.

Let Mars in Cancer take you to the feeling you need to embody relative to your greater goals. You live, breathe, exist the dream.

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