New Moon Reset


The New Moon on the 15th is in Cancer and can serve as a emotional and psychic reset. The exact Mercury and Mars in Cancer oppositions to Pluto happen before the New Moon, and the exact Sun – Pluto opposition has already occurred. The periods leading up to oppositions are like the periods leading up to Full Moons – energy is building toward a climax. The opposing planetary energies are getting ready to link up at that 180 degree mark, and AFTER they do so is when further integration comes between the opposite energies.

So, for the issues that feel unresolved for you but are at the same time blaringly apparent in your conscious mind — see how the New Moon treats you. Until then, take care of yourself and consider the lower ebb moments part of the process of illumination. What are your intentions for turning a new leaf in the places in your life you are currently dealing with discontent about the way things are playing out? What are your emotions telling you as the messenger god after all is in the sign of Cancer? Cancer is not always so much about directness as it is about feeling into something & the Pluto in Capricorn opposition brings time (Capricorn) into the equation too.

Share thoughts here if you’re inclined.

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    Rachel Fishman
    July 15, 2015 at 11:26 pm

    My moon sign is in Cancer, and as a lead up to this week I have been getting signs and messages to “slow down,” and “clean house,” but that a creative “reset” is also happening. As an example: I have been listening to podcasts non-stop for a couple months and have been so inundated with information I felt like my brain was going to explode! So I had a thought that this week I would put the podcasts on hold and only listen to music that I love and makes me feel really really good inside…since my moon is also in the 5th house, I’d say this is an appropriate way to reset my mental, physical and creative energies! It’s helping a lot!

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