Planet Technologies – A Way To Look At Transits


Planetary transits to natal planets are not actually transient influences. They work like lasting influences that spark parts of the personality or Soul to develop or come out. The transit itself is a birth. When a transit is happening for you the question is not just what will happen during that time period, but what will you gain? What will be awakened and part of your consciously accessible toolkit for the rest of your life?

The effects of a given transit will play out whether or not one is consciously observing it as an astrological event. Knowing what the transit is increases synchronicity and the power of that actual transit. Plus your ability to set intentions and “work” the transit. It’s akin to the power of the unconscious becoming conscious. This all applies even (and especially) with so-called “malefic” planets, which are more like potent medicines.

I would say each transit is a technology to be opened.

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(Image: Agora 2009)


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    January 12, 2016 at 9:06 pm

    I so love this. Thank you. It’s good to know the power is lasting, that it isn’t just “here while it’s here.” I’m sticking this one in my toolkit.

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