Astrology of 3/15-3/21: The Winter Veils’ Dissolving Sunlight

Between our transits of the week and the Vernal Equinox, we have a meeting of endings and beginnings: old limitations within consciousness and our realities dissolving away in the face of something new. The continuum between endings and beginnings is as thin as the transition from winter to spring: for the new to emerge we must let go and face some kind of finality – what form this takes depends on what is relevant for you, what winter blankets you are ready to de-caccoon from. The start to spring is closely preceded by a confrontation between the Sun in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius, where we may hear the call to take account of our methods and how they align with our dreams, or how we even align with our dreams at all, and to change course as needed. This week if you find yourself disillusioned, take comfort in the death of illusion as it makes way for the next level of a resonant reality. Venus and Mercury join in Aries and bring us messages of what our hearts yearn to create. As we honor the process, we have the ample space to embark.

March 17

Sun in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius: 2:47 PM PST

(Addiction to Oil by Eugenia Loli)

  • The Saturn in Sagittarius -Chiron in Pisces square (browse the archive of blog posts about it here) is pretty tight right now too; the Sun in Pisces works in tandem with Chiron in Pisces. So wounds come to light, especially of the Piscean nature: such as feeling deeply misunderstood and unseen by others, or seemingly unable to manifest one’s dreams into reality. These are likely not entirely new storylines, but just what we can now see because of our maturity and resource of love to do so. Because of the emergence of awareness around aspects or facets of these wounds, they can be alleviated at this time, also.

  • Having a false self (to others or to ourselves or naturally, both) is a source of pain; while the deep spiritual and personal nourishment of the true, transpersonal self also exists (the self beyond this ego; the self that reincarnates life to life, and by extension a healthy and vital relationship to this incarnation’s ego form as it exists for the Soul with good reason).
  • Forging the ability to perceive how current life circumstances, even the difficult ones, as gifts for the development of that transpersonal self.

(Image: Julia Borzucka)

  • The experience of things beyond our control; and whether or not we trust these forces to shape and heal us or if we are wanting to exert more control. Control inherently implies limitation; we can only manifest that which we already perceive. Surrendering, or not having control, allows greater forces to interact with us. And this is life; and a double-edged sword. We can be surprised by hurts and disappointments, or we can be surprised with grace and unexpected treasure. It might simply be our judgement of phenomena that lays out the distinction: a comprehensive faith could view all experiences as the openings and adventures that they are.
  • Trusting the unfolding of time (or the need to).
  • When dreams die, it is not always a bad thing. Disillusionment is always a gateway, and if you will remember ways in which your life turned out better than you imagined, you might have an easier time letting go of the dreams that want to part at this time. The collision of Sun in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius could go either way: of dreams becoming reality or a dream bubble being popped. Or perhaps a combination of both, in different arenas of life. (Let’s be real, don’t we want for example, the great dream of oil oligarchs and the elevation of privatization of resources at the expense of global friendship and sharing… to pass on? Not all dreams are dreamy! Think of a dream centering around a co-dependent relationship for example. The shift into independence might feel shaky at first, but it’s making space ultimately for more rewarding experiences, including love.)

March 18

Mercury in Aries conjunct Venus retrograde in Aries: 5:26 AM PST

Venus is retrograde and this transit trines the Moon in Sagittarius.

  • Mercury transits bring us messages, as Mercury is the messenger, and often a messenger between worlds. As a neutral force, Mercury is able to navigate multiple realms with ease and agility. In conjunction with Venus, the messages this Mercury transit can bring may have to do with love, the heart, and initial sparks of passion (Aries). Mercury here can encourage us to make new choices which expand our reality or fine-tune our relational life.
  • Our relationships are not static realities; they are very responsive ecosystems. Heightened communication, including new impulses and skills in the realm of communication, can and will alter a relationship.
  • It can come under review where will is applied: in general but especially with Venus in Aries, love is an act of will. We choose to love. We can have love for someone but not direct it toward them or the unit that is “us”. It may be important to sense where there is will in ourselves and in others. We can ask for another’s will, but it is their free will to grant it or not. Venus in Aries can direct its sense of vitality from the freedom and emergence of reciprocity. When there is no reciprocity, that is a different message, with different implications and inspirations if its own.
  • It is important to note that reciprocity has been undervalued within patriarchal thought: force and domination has been an ideology. In popular culture depictions of romance have often involved power plays and distortions around “winning” people. In a non-wounded way, Venus in Aries’ love of directness could even play out as a love of a clear rejection for the freedom it creates. We lack a lot of cultural attention on what it means to love someone by letting them go and letting ourselves go of being in the role of hunter/huntress for one whom is not interested. There is a dance even, between unavailable types: one who is unavailable and attracts people who like unavailability, and people who think they want love but continue to try to win love from unavailable people. The ideal of winning an unavailable person, i.e. conquest is so narrow when directed to one person. That same seeking, becoming, questing energy could be applied toward one’s self-development or the pursuit of understanding and letting love in. Of loving one’s destiny.
  • Conquest is itself, a control-based function. The definition is “the subjugation and assumption of control of a place or people by use of military force”. That word is thrown around in terms of love, the love of the conquest. This is quite a Venus in Aries energy but Venus in Aries is not limited to this manifestation. There is something vital about the animal nature of the hunt, but where is this natural within us and where is it culturally distorted?
  • The psychic connection between to-be lovers, in my opinion, is not spoken about enough. It is one of the mysteries of love. Before a connection occurs in more obvious ways, it is possible to ask the Universe for the chance to connect with a particular person in prayer – someone you actually know or someone you are simply imagining. When there is respect for the other being’s free will (aka not doing ritual meant to control another being) and it is a prayer in which one is surrendered to the Universe and the free will of the other party, the Universe actually is the ultimate wing(wo)man. (Be prepared to be patient though, or even forget that you asked.) Before love sprouts; there is a prayer and intention. It can be any kind of connection: a new friend, someone you want to work with, romance. Even couples intentionally seeking to conceive a child may make contact with the Soul of the child before it gets here. If Mercury is a messenger between worlds, you might trust the longings of your heart to reach people you haven’t even met or connected with yet. Bjork’s song lyrics “I miss you, but I haven’t met you yet,” come to mind.
  • The beauty and vitality of being able to say no: as an example many femmes are conditioned to politely decline advances with phrases such as “I have a boyfriend” or “I’m too busy for a relationship,” when they really mean, “I am not attracted to you.” There is a media onslaught of femme rejections resulting in actual physical and sexual violence. “No” is not excluded from the realm of love. When there is safety to say no or to honor another person’s no, that is a huge act of love in Venus in Aries’ world and in this world. It’s great to be that honest ourselves as well as to warmly receive the rejection from others in small and large matters. This is powerful – if our love is conditional upon the other person being a projection of exactly what we want; that is narcissism (a wounded state) and not actual love.

March 20 – Vernal Equinox

Sun enters Aries: 3:29 AM PST & Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn: 8:58 AM PST

(Image: Thomas Dodd)

  • Within the context of the Sun just entering Aries and Spring just beginning, having a Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn at the same time sets up this particular flavor of first sunlight melting ice over the heart. A sense of diminishing rigidity or blockage; being at once inspired by newness and freshness; and aware of something internal and heavy illuminated by that.
  • It may help to not take dramatic juxtapositions so personally as to create polarity. These differing forces meet each other for soulful reasons (such as feeling super jaded about love on the inside while encountering a honeymooning couple clearly in love).
  • As Aries season continues, this is a time of beginnings and sparks and bursts of energy! Aries natives are connected with destiny and the moment-to-moment sense of “becoming”. During Aries season we touch this dimension of life. We might relate to these buddings of creation in different ways depending on our nature. Aries naturally squares the Cancer archetype and is rather protective in the form of being defensive: it wants to protect and defend its unique vision and ambition and keep people away who might fuck with it. Another way to protect this budding sense of destiny is to give it a container to exist within (Aries also squares Capricorn), such as to make a lifestyle change, enroll in school, or make steps toward a relevant or supportive career to that vision. And finally, what Aries is creating is in relationship to others (opposing Libra). The Hero setting off on the journey (Aries) meets helpers and friends along the way (Libra). We are not here to do this alone! Remember this through our Aries season infused with this Venus in Aries retrograde: even if your destiny is unique and personalized; others are vitalized by it and want to help! We are an ecosystem.

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~Sabrina Monarch

(Top Image: SEVENTRAP)

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