Mercury in Libra Retrograde: Looking Into The Mirror


As you are talking to different people throughout the day, whether it’s people you’ve just met, your friends, or people returning from the past, but at least a good amount of varied people during this very social transit of Mercury in Libra, you will notice some same themes reoccur in different conversations with different people. You as the observer remain the common variable. And while you may be witness to something unfolding within the collective consciousness, you are also in an immediate sense looking in a mirror. It does not mean that whatever is being spoken about means something ultimate pertaining to you. Or… maybe it does. Mercury in Libra is going to weigh the options – it is going to entertain varied possibilities. Mercury is very playful and the landscape is full of riddles. You’ll find that repeating scenarios and synchronicities have a gem of self-knowledge to offer you, if you’ll remember to look back at the end of the day and into the mirror. The more information you collect (the more social you are and the more you get out of your normal tracks), the more stark the synchronicity appears.

Feeling it?




(Top image: Klaus Mitteldorf)

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