Not Your Average Fall ~ Jupiter Pluto Trine


This season usually things seem to be winding down, but there’s been a steady energy of something building instead. Thinking the Jupiter Pluto trine has something to do with this, as many people are starting to experience more luck or momentum in their prospects (Pluto in Capricorn prospects have involved for many of us intensive labor without yet a payoff – like pushing a Capricornian, Sisyphusian wheel). But Jupiter in the equation¬†represents a change in fortune.

At the same time, this Mercury in Libra retrograde has been a wonder. Everywhere I go it seems people are articulating really well-thought out ideas about relationship and what relationship means, and that just goes to show that retrograde does not have to mean things are out of whack. In Evolutionary Astrology, we look at retrogrades simply as planets experiencing an intensified or accelerated function. On the karmic level, retrogrades in the natal chart represent energies that a person is desiring to hone in on in this life specially.

How is it going in your world? (The lovely, the magnificent, the bad and the ugly.)


(Art: John Turck)


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