Full Moon in Taurus: Consult the Hermit



This Full Moon in Taurus coincides with an exact Venus – Chiron opposition. Since Venus is the ruler of Taurus, there is something especially synchronous happening around healing with this Full Moon (not to mention Venus is also conjunct Jupiter, God of synchronicity).

It may be that Venus-Jupiter conjunction that really takes the edge off of the Chiron material. We are becoming really aware of our woundings, and maybe the ways in which our values and self-image were wounded in childhood or in relationship – ways that our coming to know our essence was stifled or blocked by more powerful opinions of others (before we were to discover our own). At the same time, our scope has widened (Jupiter). We are likely to have a lot of room to move right now, into an alternative, into something captivating in its own right. And if we’re not feeling this expansive energy, this Full Moon can definitely be one of the more emotional ones, coming with an edge of showing us where we have allowed ourselves to become stagnant. Stagnancy arriving from a desire for comfort or security in familiarity will often become a source of pain when it overstays its welcome. As far as initiating a new track, keep to heart that the seeker is promised to find, if the seeker should point the arrow.

However this dynamic is manifesting, of newness on the one hand, and surfacing wounding on the other, when it comes to the integration of past and future this Full Moon, I have been wondering about this question: Are we to process the pain or are we to jump into the new adventure? How can both be accomplished simultaneously?


LOS ANGELES: 10/27 @ 5:05 AM
NEW YORK: 10/27 @ 8:05 AM
LONDON: 10/27 @ 12:05 PM
MOSCOW: 10/27 @ 3:05 PM
TOKYO: 10/27 @ 9:05 PM
SYDNEY: 10/27 @ 11:05 PM


Taurus can be a very self-contained sign at times. Its opposite sign, Scorpio, where the Sun will be this Full Moon — is about how we merge resources with something external, be it a person, or something less obvious like an institution or a book, or a belief. Because Scorpio is interacting with things in which it is not (or not yet consciously) Scorpio develops techniques around power and power exchange. At worst, there is domination, violation and betrayal, and at best deep empowerment and a consciously focused, intentional and laser-directed will that only comes from dealing with one’s shadow and then understanding, and empowering, their true motivations rather than their shadow ones. Scorpio rules over desire – and we can see through the Scorpio-Taurus axis the way in which no matter how developed the desire-reaching function of Scorpio is, if there is not a developed sense of self through Taurus, Scorpio will never feel satiated.

It comes as a sweet gift for Scorpio Season that the Taurus world should be so illuminated right at the start – the Sun only entered Scorpio less than a week ago on the 23rd. This Full Moon offers us into a portal of awareness around how we may show up to nourish the self, in ways that we have thought something else externally had to. For however we strengthen our inner-world this month, we will see results in the outer-world. The more so as we really touch root.

Taurus then, is the sign in which we progress through the journey of self-love. Taurus is discovering completeness in its own selfhood. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, creating a very stable energy. Because of the nature of fixed earth, Taurus can also be associated with stagnancy or getting in ruts (too rigidly absorbed it its own world, and not absorbing or exchanging energy with its environment or with people in ways that would help Taurus’s situation) – but Taurus energy used constructively and intentionally has a lot to do with the consistent cultivation of beauty and pleasure coming from a place of genuine self-love. This creates no need for over-indulgence or excess. Taurus can experience harmony with the Earth, its environment, and its relationship to it in glorious abundance.

Taurus is also related to the Hermit archetype. During this Full Moon I want to honor the archetype of the Hermit and where in our life it is healthfully, beneficently applied. The Hermit beyond the hooded figure holding a lantern in the night…

We have to think that the Hermit is deeply, even ecstatically content, with the way in which they are living their lives, to every last detail. I say this because if you really are alone, and you have no one to make an appearance for, you come to discover something of your own essence and aesthetic. If pleasure is not to be shared between people, but is just between One and the Oneness— then a creative opportunity is born within the self.

Intensity is one force that drives the Hermit. Deeply discontent with the way life is going, the Hermit retreats. Many people who have brought great art, inventions or advancements of some kind to humanity have been hermetic at one point in their process. When the internal reality has no room in the external reality, the Hermit storyline applies. The Hermit has a devotional mission and purpose, which sometimes is simply to find quiet and find peace away from a noisy world where one is constantly bombarded with messages that create an increasing sense of dissonance within the Soul.


One way that this Venus-Chiron opposition can play out is if we are to be experiencing a lot of pleasure and joy in life, suddenly to remember how it compares to the past. A polarization can occur in which I would encourage you not to up the ante but to seek integration as to what it means now. While it’s always a ‘new day’… exceptionally now, it is a new day. We have Venus just parting from Jupiter, meaning a whole new cycle of aligning our values and aesthetic with our truth, and our drive to expand and explore, is beginning. Maybe the maturity being offered here is that as we are moving out into something new with a keen awareness of what has hurt us in the past, instead of our new track being only a defensive reaction to having been hurt, we integrate the new truth that the painful lesson gave us with heart. What did we learn that we could not have, if not for that deeper glance into life? How can we use this moving forward? (Venus in Virgo wants to keep it practical…)

Pain does not need to be sought out for the sake of itself. We seek life, and life will give us all its colors. What we do benefit from seeking is the depth psyche – the deep coding within us that informs our impulsive actions on the surface and its myriad of expressions in the daily realm of life – the part of us that hears a neutral message and takes offense. Why do we worry if we are liked or disliked, if something we said went over well or not? Why would we have ever grown to believe we weren’t lovable? What message from the past have we internalized that is now at a breaking point only because it is becoming visible to the lucid mind? That polarity is operating within this transit – awareness of past patterns of hurt, while a new frontier holding new awarenesses is opening.

See the Week of October 26 – November 1 Horoscopes for more insights on how these dynamics are influencing your Sign and Rising Sign specifically.


Do not antagonize the demons of your past. They are not really here for a fight.

Take a breath and consult the Hermit. And if you wish, do invite your past in for a reckoning. Talk it out. See what you may learn from it. See how it may impassion your present new direction in a more holistic way. How many amazing people, healers, artists and teachers have you met who are at a height of their craft only because they once knew the pain of not?

A critical moment of solitude.

If you find Heaven in that moment – it is not to say you won’t have to dig – you are alone in a room (a metaphorical room, but maybe you are outdoors. I can’t say), and to begin with, it does not excite you or appeal to your senses. But you light some candles. Put on some good music. Take some breaths. Sit down and write, or paint, or do yoga, or whatever it is you do, maybe do something entirely new. No one is witnessing you. You are paving out the art of truly being you, driven by the intensity of your desire to feel alive. Don’t we all? And if you tap root to that satisfaction wired within your very being, you will know a type of magic that is nothing short of Divine. The Divine lives within us. The hermit knows that. In the forgetting of that, we project the seedlings of our realized divinity out onto the world. What we are really meant to cultivate, we think something else will. When we do this too much, it’s like the Universe holds out on us. What we try to grab onto evaporates right before our eyes. Taurus teaches us about the rich inner landscape – what kind of nourishment is available to us when we slow down and experience the ecstasy of simply living and of realizing the earthy, aesthetic capacities of the self. Then this vibration is also projected out onto the world – yielding a significantly juicy crop of its own right.

If the Hermit of course, knows when the time to emerge is, and does. Resources are exchanged. We think less about the Hermit, and more about the Lovers.


(Image: The Page of Cups meets the Hermit – illustration by Thomas Parnell, 1870)


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