The Monthly Horoscopes for Scorpio Season Are Up


The monthly horoscopes for the transit of the Sun through Scorpio are up (October 23 – November 21). Read them here.

(We have switched from Gregorian calendar months to constellation based months…)

Here is Capricorn’s:

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: If you have been involved in any kind of dishonest friendships or community interactions, you’ve got something better lying ahead – this month will be the time to stop giving your power away by being anything other than what you actually are, even if this means that for a time you’ll isolate and get to know yourself before going back out and sharing yourself. But there is no reason to have to lie for acceptance. The gift then of this month (if you are ruthlessly true to your essence) is that likemindedness is strong. Fantastic friendships and connections occur. During the beginning of Scorpio Season especially, going out and having adventures is a way to bring abundance and more love into your life – it is through anything expansive that you are meeting Venus and Mars (until they move into your career sector, Venus on the 10th and Mars the 12th – then get dutiful)… the rewards for expanding your sense of reality through travel and adventure are not something to pass up… luck waits at the frontier. The second half of the month becomes more about solidifying, planning, strengthening.


(Image: Sofia Bonati)


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