Scorpio Season Horoscopes: October 23 – November 21


Scorpio Season 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Much activity in your Soul sector to illuminate your house of self-love by the Full Moon on the 27th! The Venus-Mars conjunction is making your natural way of being seem.. softer/kinder – your will goes over easier. So you are free to be you. At the same time, with Jupiter-Mars-Venus linkup in your house of refinement of self-improvement, you are really aware of what you perceive as your flaws. Or more you are seeing places where your speed is not working, and where you actually have to slow down and figure out what all the individual parts are and how they click together. No matter what your relationship status, this month has an effect of preparing for you more reciprocity and engagement in love. First you are cleaning house, getting rid of self-defeating attitudes and aligning yourself with the adjustments that make your whole life sparkle. Bridging the gap between your desired future and the actual actions it takes now for that to happen is total Virgo magic being lit up in your life atm.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Scorpio Season lights up your house of relationship – this is very much a time where resources are exchanged, what you have developed inwardly sees more momentum on the outer wheel of life. Take care though by applying discernment and being real. Venus, the whole month, even as she changes sign, relates to areas of your life around taking care and having things ‘lined up’. High ideals are romantic and fun, but you’ll want to make sure that your ideals this month are matched with things to show for it. If there’s something off, you are free to ask the Universe for a re-do and continue on your way… but this is not energy for settling nor complacency. Allow developments in your romance arena to unfold organically – you and potentially your significant other (if they are mirroring you) have adjustments to make this month that are informed by experience and being honestly pragmatic w/o getting spun up in the stories. Your diligence is a power move.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This month is about the art of juggling, or giving up that art to focus on one thing. Discernment around how you focus your energy is key, in that spreading yourself thin is not what you want to do this month. But with your discipline, it does not need to be excessively daunting/self-controlling.. you can very well come up with a plan or intention for this month and make a game of it. A feeling of putting a suit on and playing a role but knowing there is more to it than that – that the office is really a jungle (isn’t it though?), etc. Constructive fantasy. As long as it is related to something serving you, and that it’s not just a way of making yourself feel better in a situation you’ve actually grown out of – if the second is the case, this month is about re-focusing and discovering what you really desire and aligning with that. Mercury – Neptune trine (exact on the 6th) is good for bringing higher ideals into your reality plane. Vision serves you, a clear picture to work toward and for serves you.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Scorpio Season takes you into the depths in the area of your life related to romance and the inner-child – the part of us that enjoys feeling ‘seen’ and receiving attention. The Full Moon on the 27th illuminates a path of liberation of this inner-child, of the immensity of ego found here that can be channeled for great things when used intentionally. This is good stars for romance and sex – the moreso that you will dig deep into knowing yourself. A real gift in this month comes from going deep – searching inward and cultivating your creative life force. With this there is an ease to take advantage of, that is of coming into contact with your philosophy and personal truth via exploring your art (whatever that is). Power this month comes in not needing anything external to validate you – the validation is bound to come when on the inner-level you already know it. In maybe a very private way first, this month you can discover beautiful things about yourself. The romance follows.


Leo/Leo Rising: This month can herald the end of some very old angst – if you should choose to go through the tunnel! Also this month, sultriness. The two are definitely part of the same story. The Sun in Scorpio is illuminating the area of life correlating to the emotions and Scorpio relates to the shadow – and it’s pinging off Neptune in your soul sector/shadow sector. This means braving any not-too-often traversed waters of your psyche to illuminate what material is ready to be purged and what is ready to be transformed. This same energy is potent for sexuality and intimacy. The Full Moon on the 27th offers you an internal assessment around how your inner reality is yielding money or security – and the New Moon on the 11th is a good time to set intentions in the same area of life based on what you learned. With Venus-Jupiter conjunct at the start of the month in your house of self-love and relationship to the self, you will find the best expansion and breakthrough coming when you have set solid intention for self-improvement. This is a time to be fiercely honest, but in a compassionate/constructive way.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: This month there are powerful experiences in intentional communication, speaking, and language – the ways in which the forms of communication you are using are activating you, or not, and how you can use symbol to manifest your desires. Magic for this month is around altering the symbolic reality around you to reflect that which you are wishing for in your life – insights around the philosophy of what you have already cultivated come around the Full Moon on the 27. When it comes to communication, there is an element of deeper presence you can tap into, in which you are becoming rooted with the needs or desires of any given interaction. This means you become innately aware of what is to be shared versus what is kept private. Information management can be a theme of this month, but just be clear about your intentions. Manipulation is low vibe. But know that there are consequences to words, and so they may be shared and chosen with awareness of what power they truly have. You’re not naive to this.


Libra/Libra Rising: This month offers you support to very intentionally root into and emanate out your values, while you are discovering what those values are in a more exalted/transcendent sense. The other side of the spectrum to avoid would be engaging in self-destructive behavior or giving into delusional values around pedestaling, sacrifice, and obsessiveness. Those lower tendencies may be something to wrestle with, but Scorpio is always there to help with transmutation and putting to rest what is really finished. Both Venus and Mars enter your sign (Venus on the 8th, then Mars on the 12th) which is going to feel totally fresh and empowering, especially after it hits the degree of your Sun/Rising. Something to remember this season: if it needs to be defended, or if it is a struggle to uphold, check it. Higher and higher forms of power become self-evident, are more spiritualized, and permanent. This month helps you attune to that, and then you are thrown out of the nest when you are ready – it is your time to go do something with it.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Happy Solar Return! Wherever you are at, do consider celebrating with a group of people because there is significant magic happening in your friendship sector and the area of life related to groups of people. This time of year is when the Sun is nourishing your essence and you have renewed clarity and empowerment around who you are and how you want to manifest your gifts. This month is a birth of vision. Venus and Mars are catching up to support in a traditionally active sense later on, (Venus the 8th and Mars the 12th) but until then they are in your Spirit sector meaning that as clearly as you may hold an intention, surrendering it up will help it to manifest in a way that is in the best alignment for you. You are still though experiencing a burst in personal agency – it is easier at this time to ‘get’ what you want in the realm of romance and for any healing in that arena to occur. Powerful Scorpio is passionate but not unhealthily attached – your other is free to be themselves. If you have work around this, this month supports that by you getting in touch with your individual calling, and naturally you will respect and honor the individuality in others.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: The ultimate and most rewarding drama of this month is putting to rest elements of your psyche that are ready to be extinguished. From the ashes emerges the new you. This is the Sun in Scorpio in your Spirit sector. When it comes to trust this month, stay savvy. Your power download comes from looking up and to your personal connection with the divine. Where your spirit is weary (from almost one revolution around the Sun), this is where a promise of a better future fills in. You understand what will not continue into the next phase. The more you can find pleasure and meditation in this process, the more you will also enjoy the richness of the gifts that also come in this culmination phase. One potential of this month is to see yourself in the light of how Creation sees you, and while some people think that Source is indifferent to us, you might see instead into the incredible amounts of love that have threaded the circumstances of your life. If advances occur in your career/public sector, it IS likely related to Spirit and work you’ve done there. No need to be linear. Meditating etc. totally can equal greater $$ income on the earth plane.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: If you have been involved in any kind of dishonest friendships or community interactions, you’ve got something better lying ahead – this month will be the time to stop giving your power away by being anything other than what you actually are, even if this means that for a time you’ll isolate and get to know yourself before going back out and sharing yourself. But there is no reason to have to lie for acceptance. The gift then of this month (if you are ruthlessly true to your essence) is that likemindedness is strong. Fantastic friendships and connections occur. During the beginning of Scorpio Season especially, going out and having adventures is a way to bring abundance and more love into your life – it is through anything expansive that you are meeting Venus and Mars (until they move into your career sector, Venus on the 10th and Mars the 12th – then get dutiful)… the rewards for expanding your sense of reality through travel and adventure are not something to pass up… luck waits at the frontier. The second half of the month becomes more about solidifying, planning, strengthening.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: The Sun in Scorpio travels through the sector of your chart ruling career and public affairs. You could be entering a more strategic zone of your experience, where your words/actions/being itself are carrying a little (or a lot) more weight than normal and so integrity becomes very key. The other part of this is cycling out old concepts of what being together and having it all together really means – it is not about right or wrong however it is prescribed (especially by someone other than you) but is more about what is legitimately, in a realistic sense, empowering for you. What are the consequences, and what are you willing to take on? If being emotional around others feels messy right now, don’t judge yourself. But don’t keep the lid on so tight that you burst, either. Image is a concern – but you are also epically changing and redefining that image. This month is a taste of how you would like to be and be seen if you are to be a figure – beyond pedestrian. But the task is of course, bringing your humanity, into that figure.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: This month you are seeing vitality through a direct experience with the raw energy of change, and of how your consciousness calibrates, adjusts, and expands through witnessing the becoming or the destruction of something. (The inherent underlying wisdom being that everything has a cycle…) There can be wonderful pinnacle-like moments this month of being in harmonious truth with your essence. What obscures this are simply the ways in which you are not yourself – and this month it’s your task to figure out why. You are so incredibly supported to beam out your truth, and this month is about the empowerment of that personal truth. This does not come from the opposite extreme of zealousness, because that is also just another way of giving your power away (needing people to believe what you believe). It’s more important that your truth be integrated into how you are, so it can be self-evident and an inspiration to others. And it also becomes your quest to figure out how to make your ideals living proof.

(Art: Sofia Bonati)

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