Will to Dream: Astrology of 11/28 – 12/4

You are in a participatory relationship with the cosmos. That’s a major reason why we talk about astrology – to see what’s happening celestially and how we can relate to it. Consider your will to dream and your will to hold a vision of reality in mind; to bring a potential form into manifest form. These are ways that you participate in the hero’s journey of this life. The call to adventure often comes in the form of longing, so consider too your deepest longing and where it might be leading you, if you are willing to hold court for it. The emptiness or the vulnerability one can feel when contemplating what has not yet arrived is why it takes courage to dream or imagine a bigger life. Of course it can feel so exciting and expansive, too, when you’ve found the current that pulls you forward; when your dream draws closer to you and you can feel it. This is a dialogue though, that requires our participation.

Mars, the warrior, is in the sign of the dreamer, Pisces. Mars is closing in on Neptune this week (planet of dreams and spirit) and squaring the Sun in Sagittarius. This opens up a lot of dynamic energy for stoking our spiritual fire with dreams and visions for the future, and journeying inward through prayer and communion with the cosmos for guidance on how we might bring these beautiful potentials into reality.

Mercury and Venus will both move into Scorpio this week, which brings in depth and contemplation of shadow. One of Scorpio’s higher potentials is to let go of addictions and old programs which no longer serve us (the lower potential is staying entangled and compulsive). Through Scorpio we evolve – and that comes through being able to face the dark. No judgement or self-persecution is necessary. Just clear, laserlike insight and accompanying compassion and the will to change, so that suffering is decreased and bliss is increased.

This is your life to live, so commit to your growth! These transits are excellent for that. And remember there are so many guides and beings here to help – talk to the Universe and learn how prayer works for you. Keep your sacred life alive if you already have paved that connection but you’re slipping from it. The sacred marriage of the soul and the ego (so that this incarnation may be a vehicle for your authentic self, and not your small self) and the sacred marriage of your personal will with the divine will (so that you bring your own consciousness and desires into alignment with the whole and are able to ride currents more powerful than your own; so that you do not have to use force to make anything happen) are both unions to aspire to and may be especially relevant in this current astrological weather.

You’ll know this shift is necessary if there is anywhere it seems like life is simply happening to you instead of with you.

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Here’s our week:

November 30, 2018

Venus in 29 Libra opposite Uranus in 29 Aries: 7:12 PM PDT

(Image: Amano Yoshitaka)

These two have been in orb of opposition for several months, due to the Venus and Uranus retrograde cycles. Normally this transit would have characterized a few weeks, but this time it’s been a long Venus-Uranus journey. Venus is now moving forward again while Uranus retrogrades, making this the last time they will form an exact opposition for around another year. As Venus and Uranus form this last exact opposition of their recent drama together, here are some things to consider.

  • Thinking about your Venus Retrograde journey, your summer, your present moment… where are there any indicators that your relational life is looking to be set free or liberated in some way? Perhaps you’ve discovered patterns where you don’t really express your true needs (you cater at the expense of self) or ways that you don’t truly listen to other people (your projections onto them cover up their truth). These tensions can be more visible at this time – they may have broken to the surface even though they have been operating dynamics for some time.

  • Whatever discord or breakthroughs have come up for you the last few months are opportunities for your growth. Try not to disassociate from them (as might be the tendency with Venus-Uranus) but actually engage them with your heart.

  • Trauma is universal in our cosmos. We all have trauma from this life and prior lives, though our particular types of traumas that we are working with may differ. A lot of our trauma surfaces or is met through relationship – being mirrored confronts us with ourselves. A tendency might to be project these narratives onto the other, in terms of what the other did. But there is also a much more transformative opportunity to become self-aware and responsible of what these traumas we are carrying are so that we can grow through healing them.

  • It is really romantic to aspire of ourselves to become whole beings who are overflowing who meet other whole, overflowing beings and together that’s how we relate – as perfect beings without flaws or needs. Honing and developing one’s self-esteem and solidity within self IS a virtue that fosters inner-security and profound relationships. However, consider this: we each contain parts of ourselves which are very developed and other parts which are wounded or less contacted. This creates a dynamic in relationship in which we are attracted and repelled to one another based on these factors. These things and our traumas will and do come up in relationship no matter how spiritual we are, no matter how overflowing with love we are. These conflicts are again, worth relating to rather than disassociating from, as they can be vehicles of liberation, evolution, and greater heart opening.

December 1, 2018

retrograde Mercury re-enters Scorpio: 4:36 AM PDT

Mercury will station direct in 27 Scorpio on December 6, and will re-enter Sagittarius on December 12.

  • Mercury in Sagittarius brought a very extraverted energy and perhaps for you as well, the infamous Sadge mouth. But now that Mercury is back in Scorpio, we might found ourselves moving more inward in our communications. Privacy and secrecy are domains of Scorpio – as well as processes of transformation where we might need a degree of privacy to shift within before getting entangled with others’ witnessing, perspectives, etc.

  • Our minds might also interact with a certain drive to get to the bottom of something – to pierce through the extraneous or the superficial and really find what is at the root.

December 2, 2018

Venus enters Scorpio: 10:02 AM PDT

Venus is re-entering Scorpio, now direct but still in shadow of her retrograde until December 17. She’ll be in Scorpio until January 7 of the new year.

  • This is traditionally a challenging placement for Venus. There is so much pain in the archetype of Scorpio and Venus is all about nice things and pleasure and love. Venus can also tend toward the superficial, whereas Scorpio wants it all, including the ugly. We might expect to engage with the tension between what is pleasant and what’s happening underneath, as well as how we engage with others on the surface versus what is happening at depth.

  • The pain of Scorpio is worth considering. We might think of the pain of transformation and growth – the difficult times in life that were so hard to go through but really forged us. Or we might think of the pain of the “small self”, trying so hard to control and manipulate reality to fits agenda; the pain of being attached to things that cannot really be controlled; the suffering of attempting to control and the consequences that creates. Some kind of annihilation is asked for. How can we surrender the small self and its demands, to the soul and the higher self? The individual will shaking its fist at the sky versus the will shared between an individual and Source? Make no mistake, the transition from the small self or the transition from a small life to one of greater, more profound connection with Source and the One is a death process. And in the interim, it hurts, like an initiatory pain.

  • In relationship, this can bring up the disparity between a shared limitation between people (like a belief, a pattern, a way of relating), and the more empowering reality that could be born through them (or through their separation if that is so).

Sun in 10 Sagittarius square Mars in 10 Pisces: 5:34 PM PDT

(Image: Artem Rhads Chebokha)

Mars is approaching a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces, and the Sun squares both Mars and Neptune.

  • A strong narrative/dynamic unfolding right now is the exploration of faith, the will to have faith, and the courage to dream.

  • We might envision a potential (our best life; the health and peace of the planet) and begin to draw toward us in prayer and our imagination the next steps for manifesting these heightened potentials. People who are engaging with possibility (and not just reality as it already appears) act differently than those who don’t. Hope and faith are participatory processes in altering reality.

  • Note that a crusty or cynical heart cannot interact at length with hope or faith! It hurts too much, it is something to defend and harden against. Opening to a better reality is also opening the heart. One has the courage to interact with a potential even if said potential is not promised.

  • In your own life, observe where your edge of heart-opening and courage is. Where does your dreaming of a better future challenge you to open up to love?

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you are reading and resonating, that is a connection that we share and I am grateful for you. If you feel you would benefit from further guidance on your personal natal chart and transits, I am available to help! Book a reading with me here.

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga. Follow her on instagram @sabrinamonarch.


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