Week of September 7 – 13 Horoscopes


September 7 – 13, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: A lot of creative momentum and action for you this week with your ruling planet Mars trining Uranus. There is a quietness to this week, a lot of internal adjusting. Your instincts are strong for cultivating your work – your concept of how to move it outwardly is being fine-tuned. A lot of insight on where there is an invitation, versus where you wish there was an invitation. Where there is not one, there’s just more process to do before you jump into the future.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Getting into the nitty-grittiness of integrity – weighing the smallest of options and their result within the larger picture. A lot of this is with relationship, and adjusting what messages you are putting out by understanding what is going on internally – new stories are being written with this as old angst is being cycled out – the shift comes in reorientation of self and other. A greater philosophy of self worth that cannot help but to reflect the light of people around you.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: Commitment as a larger theme in the realm of how it can empower or fortify you or when it is not actually desired, but instead a drive for security. There is balance. With your ruling sign Mercury in your house of romance coming into a square with Pluto this week, there is a new burst of fire in the heart that seeks heightened alchemy with the world of obligations – for the life of work and authority to be re-invested in with the heart’s desires.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Lots of movement in the relationship world this week that comes with a very internal understanding of what is being desired in the relationship on both ends. Your task with the New Moon in your house of communications by the end of the week is to get in touch with new practices of communication that improve upon your current relationships – the insights for this in your court, and it’s acting on them that turns the wheel of evolution with your partner/friend/self.


Leo/Leo Rising: This week sees an expansion in ideas and points of initiation (projects to begin, contacts to make), while at the same time asking of you to be discerning and to channel your energy precisely – eventually. If you get distracted, you are on the road simply yet to reveal itself. Experimenting shifts your perception and your desires, but come the New Moon in Virgo at the end of the week there is positive momentum to root a direction. This is a self-love New Moon – realigning your self-image.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: This is a soulful week, with the fiery and passionate energies of the Sun and Mars aspecting Uranus in your house of Soul and transmutation, and your ruling planet Mercury squaring off with Pluto. There is simply a deep liberation vibrating within you as you step more and more into the calling of your heart. Your impulses are teaching you to assess the connection or disparity between habit and entirely new ways of being.


Libra/Libra Rising: Speaking what is on your mind serves you this week, the reason being that you are moving out of old ego structure that would restrict that same expression – this is an adventure phase of testing new waters. Likemindedness is strong when you emit the vibration. The New Moon occurs in your house of spirit at the end of the week – initiating new spiritual practices or choices of what you wish to let go of to make space for your flow.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Your career world is taking innovative turns as you continue to show up for the process of going after what you really want, which includes all sorts of learning curves along the way. But you are adjusting quick and skillfully. The New Moon in Virgo end-week occurs in your house of innovation – you are steadily attuning yourself to a vision only you can provide in the world, which means it’s you and Higher Mind…


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Matching the integrity of your outer life with an understanding of what healing is unfolding within – allowing your emotions, and tuning into what they are saying. It’s a New Moon in your house of career, after the Sun in that house opposes Chiron in your house of ego, identity, and the emotional body — so there is some healing before the new start. Making choices that support your life in the outer world inspire an expansive inner-growth.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: You’re at a juncture where tact, teamwork and cooperation are going to get you farther along in your ambition than the sheer assertion of will, even IF that option is available to you. Where the matter concerns other people, there is a new orientation of wisdom to be gained. Adjusting to the realities that present themselves is an expansion of its own. The wisdom of invitation, and empowerment that liberates.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: A New Moon in the soul sector at the end of the week is good for setting deep intentions. In the time leading up to that, you are gaining insights about what you are letting go of, as well as what kind of knowledge (as a gateway of sorts) facilitates your desires at this time. Anxiety that crops up is only a soul search asking to be had. Anxiety isn’t real, but the process IS. You’ve got a more rooted evolution of being to unveil – dig deep.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: A dramatic flair for viewing yourself – do not let yourself blow out of proportion the perceived flaws, insecurities… the same energy can be used humbly. Radical upgrades come from a methodology of self-love you initiate and discover how to maintain in practice and ideal. A New Moon in your house of relationships in Virgo – perfect as the Venus retrograde period has accented realignment.

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