Astrology of 1/17 – 1/23: Eclipse Magic is in the Heart

We’re again in eclipse season! A time of exit and entrance; of transformational potentials. There are only a few exact alignments happening this week (besides the daily lunar transits) so I thought I would give us a preview of the lunar eclipse happening on the 31st and place this week’s dynamics in that context to assist each of us in our personal eclipse magic. The lunar eclipse will be a Full Moon with the Moon in Leo on the North Node, lit by the Sun in Aquarius on the South Node with Venus too. The creative potentials of this eclipse are immense and we can do well to play with these skies by engaging our imagination and inner-child spirit, and our hearts. If there is suffering or trauma in our lives that we are still looping on repeat, our creativity and our warmth may be the missing antidote to shift the entire landscape. We are in a particular window that supports this shift.

Here’s our week, with an eclipse preview first:

Preview… January 31 – Lunar Eclipse in Leo: 6:26 AM PDT


(Image: It’s A Wonderful Life)

  • Eclipses bring changes. Here it might be a creative pursuit that is being born (Moon in Leo on the North Node) or broadly a new creative lens of identity in which we feel we are creating ourselves and we are seeing the world more playfully than before. This can be directly in conversation with fixed ideas we’ve had about ourselves that we don’t want to hold onto any longer.
  • Past relationship dynamics can come up with Venus on the South Node – if not involving the actual person returning in some way, it can be incoming memories and insights about the relationship.
  • Higher intelligence/downloads/revelations that inspire a new creative direction — upgrading how we play and create.
  • As Jupiter in Scorpio squares the nodal axis in Aquarius and Leo, there can be a deep, often unconscious inner-debate between standing back and watching reality unfold or being a creative participant. It’s a lot like the plot of It’s A Wonderful Life – “After George Bailey (James Stewart) wishes he had never been born, an angel (Henry Travers) is sent to earth to make George’s wish come true. George starts to realize how many lives he has changed and impacted, and how they would be different if he was never there.” (IMBD) There’s a lot of power and healing in warmth right now – that certain scenarios in our lives can tip in a better direction when we shine some loving light on it versus watching it without shining our light on it and seeing how something is lacking, but not realizing that we’re the ones abandoning the scene and that’s precisely why it appears so cold. This dynamic can also apply to adopting narratives which are sad/traumatic and having a pivotal moment in which a new narrative could be created as to empower joy and a feeling of connection, rather than alienation.
  • *A “narrative template” is a mass thought-form that explains or gives structure to a series of data such as “it has to get worse to get better,” or “no pain no gain” or “people who are different are dangerous”, etc. – you might call them narrative or reality “tropes”; these narrative templates already exist and under our current sky we might want to examine whether these tropes we find ourselves aligning with further human suffering or human nobility – popular ways of thinking are not always beneficial, they are just popular. With the Moon in Leo on the North Node, and Jupiter being rebalanced through the Leo archetype at this time (when a planet squares the nodes it resolves its crisis through the last node it made a conjunction with), we might use a little less trauma and re-traumatizing and actually create a new narrative and new mapping because we have the power to do so. Think nobility and dignity over trauma. As an example: someone who is not “culturally beautiful” who instead of listening to the mass-thought form that they are ugly as compared to mass beauty standards, they have made art of themselves and come to be confidently at home in their own body, which in turn beams out of them as beauty.
  • Pride and sassiness are gateways to a more grounded/stable/loving sense of self-confidence and can be an important gate to move through! Maybe it’s not where you solidify your opinion or broadcast your ideas and insults, but it’s a way to get that inner fire lit. When you are offended and feel pride kicking in, you are becoming aware of dignity that wants to emerge. Get lit and warm with this new energy and then from a more loving place, consider changes that might arise.
  • Be aware of your mental pathways that involve “always” or “never” statements, especially in terms of circumstances you find adverse (“it never works out”, etc.). Even if historical examples in your life validate this pattern, it might only be because the pathway for it to occur is so lit up via thoughts, expectations and reactions. This eclipse is an opportunity to reimagine these dynamics by invoking your creativity, whether or not you think you are a creative person. It’s just about imagining what you do want and beginning to play in harmony with that reality.
  • As memories or thought patterns arise at this time that are distressing (the South Node sweeps up karmic debris – some things we like and others we don’t), you can take the time to either focus on something else (detachment) or you can address the thought/memory that is arising by imagining how you would have liked things to go instead (and be generous! It’s your imagination). Being delusional isn’t the point — it’s just about creating new pathways. Same goes for visualizing the future going how you want it to, to redirect anxiety. If thoughts are things – you might generate ones you like!
  • Why do this kind of energy work on yourself? The eclipses are karmic and emotionality can be high during eclipses. They are magical portal times of transformation.

January 17

Venus enters Aquarius: 6:43 PM PDT

  • Aquarius and its (modern) ruler Uranus relate to the octave of information that occurs at higher and higher layers – this being ideas sent through airwaves and received through our devices, as well as ideas sent through the airways that we pick up on psychically. It’s other “stations” of information which we can tune into if we practice that kind of sensitivity. In a subtle way that maybe you’ve not thought of has switching stations, “positive thinking” is one such station. Think about all the thought clouds happening on Earth alone and your ability to enter into any of these clouds by picking up on its frequency with your own thoughts.
  • When Venus is in Aquarius or forming aspects to Uranus, we can become more aware of the harmony or dissonance between various stations we are tuned into and the stations people around us are tuned into. In one way, Aqua can be aloof – staying in its tower and not coming down. In another way, Aqua can radiate its frequency out for others to catch it.
  • Harmony with Venus in Aquarius can be about being in tune with our higher self, which speaks to us through intuition and our emotions or any other kind of internal navigation systems we possess.
  • Taking personal space, invention/innovation, and finding/seeker greater resonance can be themes.

January 19

Mercury in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces: 6:07 PM PDT

  • Mercury and Neptune will together form a yod with the North Node in Leo at the apex, which is where our Lunar Eclipse occurs.
  • The energies of Capricorn and Pisces together are very beautiful – it can relate to the quality of an engineer or a film director who builds something out of the imagination which becomes tangible. With Leo at the apex of this formation, it suggests that we can benefit from tuning into creative direction – that before Capricorn and Pisces get to work with each other, we need a vision of what we ware wanting to create.
  • If you’ve got any situations at this time that feel like no matter how much energy you expend you feel drained or feel like you’re not getting anywhere, but you still really value the project — this transit can be worth tuning into and playing with. Here these trying endeavors need a reintroduction of Leo — that is, the play side of things, the vision, the romance of it — to feel esteem and inspiration in the process again.

Sun enters Aquarius: 8:09 PM PDT

  • The Sun is still in close conjunction to Venus in Aquarius – this pair have been hanging out for a bit (and were combust in Capricorn), relating to our desire to self-actualize our values, in a solar charge of light entering our relationships (revealing, warming, vivifying) and/or to feel burnt out in our Venusian area of life. In Capricorn some of the themes that were lit up and revealed could have been conditions and expectations we place on love, agreements and codes we’d like to change or honor, as well as our judgements – and these may have alchemically transformed as they came up into consciousness. In Aquarius, the themes getting lit up may be around how we connect to community. As a high virtue of Aquarius, belonging does not come from simply fitting in – it comes from being yourself and being a unique contribution to the social ecosystem.
  • For those of you who felt a heaviness through Capricorn season, the movement of Sun and Venus into the air element may lighten things up. In Capricorn it’s like we get right up close with the boundaries and limitations of things so that we can really consider reality and consequence. But Aquarius and Uranus both signify what is beyond the known. When we experience what feels impossible, we are on the verge of breakthrough.

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