New Moon in Pisces and Sun-Chiron: Astrology of 3/14 – 3/20

Heads up! Not only is this New Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron, but the Sun and Chiron exact a conjunction later in the week, too. The personal themes we experience surrounding this New Moon time can be very Chirotic. Chiron rides the edge between wounding and medicine – the way that in our pain itself is also the key to the very medicine and healing that we are seeking. The alignments of this week also point to placing greater awareness in how it is that we create our realities, what kinds of dreams we dream into life. In this, we can be unconscious and create dreams we’d rather not experience – or we can use our creativity lucidly. Below I’ve catalogued some potentials of this week’s manifestations to support your active dreaming in harmony with this week’s astrology!

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March 17

New Moon in 26 Pisces: 6:11 AM PDT

This New Moon is conjunct Chiron. I’ve got a few articles on Chiron in my Chiron archives, the most recent from a few days ago titled Chiron is Your Medicinal Property. I keep hearing that people aren’t quite sure what Chiron is about, so I wanted to provide some info! This New Moon is also square Mars in the last degree of Sagittarius, and trine Jupiter in Scorpio.

  • As the Sun and its very the light of day touch Chiron, as well as the Moon, our filter of awareness – it is likely we can become more aware of the wounds that exist in us. These are wounds that exist before they are triggered (so that the trigger is not the cause of the wound, but only an indicator). From a purely material or casual perspective, it is perhaps an event or perhaps a person who causes us some kind of wounding. But from this Chirotic perspective, the wound preexists the current force that rubs up against it – the event is only salt to the wound. This triple line up in Pisces can be beneficial for us if we view things in our lives like dream symbols. In a dream, we take psychic responsibility for what shows up, that it means something, yet in life, unless you are mystically inclined or brought up mystically, many of us at least in the secular sphere are conditioned that life is random and chaotic and therefore the external events do not actually mirror who we are internally. Instead, if one views the waking life as a series of dream symbols, we have the capacity to become more soulfully lucid as to what kinds of karmas we are working with.
  • Similarly, as in a dream, becoming lucid and having a new interaction with the dream symbols (such as interviewing a dream monster instead of running away from it), we are acting out a new type of creative engagement that allows us to heal. Whether the waking life dream symbols we meet this week are gross or subtle, we have an ability to engage with them in new ways which honor our creative agency in the scenario, rather than the dream just happening to us.
  • Athena, goddess of creative intelligence, is in Taurus and exactly opposite Jupiter in Scorpio at the time of this New Moon, with both Jupiter and Athena forming harmonious aspects to the Sun and Moon. One way to read this is that in terms of the dream are are actively weaving into reality, what we call our co-creation with life… is related to our skillful relationship with the material realm. As both souls and bodies, we are already situated in between the material and the nonmaterial. The attachments we form in Scorpio are emotional and related to symbols of power, while the attachments we form in Taurus are material, and related to sensuality, pleasure and survival. Taurus and Scorpio are opposite archetypes meaning we have to find a balance between them both. Understanding the essence of what we desire (rather than getting fixed on a particular form), and yet also merging with the material realm in meaningful and mutually beneficial ways, are ways to boost the Taurus-Scorpio balance in our lives which is ultimately a way of weaving reality.
  • Another possibility for the Athena-Jupiter opposition is development along the storyline of a healthy sensuality in our lives – working with finding the right relationship to pleasure, as opposed to asceticism or addiction, for example.
  • Things that feel good under a Pisces Moon are feeling loved, and feeling like one’s dreams are a lived reality. Without this, we may feel disillusioned and seek out escapist activities. Pisces is amphibious, capable of living in the sea or on land, but it can be problematic to only live at sea, as the chasm between our dreams and hopes and our actual reality widens. The bittersweetness of Pisces – like seeing divine visions which seem not possible or just like a nice dream – can actually transform into heaven on earth if the visions and inspirations of Pisces are manifested, rather than only experienced in fantasy. And yes – I’m taking to you! You whose dreams seem like nice dreams but nothing more. Court the habits, routines, bridges, and materializations of those dreams… consider your visions more of an important reality than just a fantasy!
  • Pisces is also the domain of grace and surrender. As much as we are asked to walk our destiny paths and to exert our agency in life, it is so much easier to do all this when we bring our lives into prayer and we actually engage our longing with prayer.
  • One of Jupiter in Scorpio’s (trining the New Moon) major virtues is about moving away or moving toward. Consider your magnetic reality. Is your frequency clogged with stale habits, stale addictions, stale beliefs, etc? Can you let it go? Likewise, are there new habits, new beliefs, new self-talk, you want to engage with?

Mars enters Capricorn: 9:40 AM PDT

  • Mars in Capricorn opens a field in which our active will and our structural/strategic consciousness and discipline come into alignment. We can possess the energy to consider the long game, and to actually work toward large or distant goals in a methodical, intelligent way.
  • Likewise, we may encounter frustration when it comes to feeling like the things we want to apply ourselves toward are ‘hard’, that they should be easier, or we seem to be coming up against walls. There is a balance between effort and effortlessness we may be tasked to discover during this time.
  • An Aries kid I know once told me about “getting past the runner’s wall” – that at some point while doing strenuous activity and it feels impossible, the wall bursts and you suddenly have energy you didn’t even know you had. This awesome kid related it to not just running but anything that seemed difficult. Mars in Capricorn can teach us how applying effort and moving into resistance and difficulty is a way to experience a new type of freedom: that which is on the other side of the runner’s wall.
  • The discernment that applies here is in the case of the runner’s wall is knowing if the goal we are moving toward is the best use of our energy, or if we really are just hitting up against a wall for a good reason – if a reroute is being asked for. In this case, it could be useful to have an experienced mentor, or a coach-like figure, who has gotten past the same difficulty that you yourself are experiencing, so they can tell you if the force you are using in the situation is wise, and you’re going to get past that resistance and here’s some tricks on how – or if you’re about to injure yourself, and how you might realign.
  • Resistance is a message that slows us down and has us really consider how we use our energy and where we direct it. Instead of getting frustrated, get smart.

March 18

Sun in 28 Pisces conjunct Chiron in 28 Pisces: 4:14 PM PDT

  • Possible wound themes to see around this time: feeling like one cannot express their creativity, creative jealousy, feeling as though one cannot manifest, feeling deeply unseen, distortions in the mirror, being shamed for something that is intrinsic to oneself, feeling like one wants to hide or not be seen.
  • A corresponding medicine is recognition and validation, creativity, and considering what inner-nobility is wanting to manifest that we experience first as the flaring of pride.
  • We can be asked to really forgive who and what we are, rather than trying to be something else. We may need to distinguish between the Self, and the false self/various masks.
  • Issues with ego can come up. Remember that ego is not just something that is ‘bad’ that needs to be dissolved for a more spiritual or enlightened self to come forth. The ego is a modulating force that creates a stable identity, it is a membrane through which we interpret our experiences and feel like a distinct individual. People with overly permeable or vulnerable egos have troubles, too, not just those who have too rigidly defined egos. Chiron in Pisces and the Sun in Pisces can allude to the nature that our egos are just dreams, which we can be deluded by or which we can be lucid co-creators with. If you’ve ever changed your behavior, your personality, or your self-talk, you have been playing both with Soul and with ego.
  • To only transcend the ego is to check out of the game of life and being a person. Use your higher visions, your meditations, your spiritual lucidity to also shine light, like the Sun, onto your creative unfolding as a human… your self can be an art project, just like your life can be.
  • When we create, we have to deal with the lineage of ideas that creating is suffering, or how we might internalize our concept of failure. Having a dream means we can fail, and we have to learn how to work with that dynamic of there being stakes, of actually really caring about what we are creating, and of meeting disappointment yet trying again, or finding new ways to consciously frame our experience that don’t feel so freaking heavy! Because again, we are creators, weaving webs of reality, and our imagination influences our evolution. Are you autopiloting scripts about the creative process that aren’t actually real? Can you re-direct your imagination?
  • Luckily, when we are super bogged down and our vibration is ‘slow’ it takes a much longer time to manifest from that space. And, a highly accelerated, love-oriented thought is far more powerful than a negative one. You don’t have to worry about micromanaging your creativity and never messing up or never having a bad day, you only need to show up for the art you are making with life, and it will get a magical flow going.

March 19

Mercury in 16 Aries conjunct Venus in 16 Aries: 9:03 PM PDT

This pair is in orb of squaring both Saturn in 8 Capricorn and Pluto in 21 Capricorn, and is trine the North Node in Leo and sextile the SN in Aquarius. This makes this Mercury-Venus conjunction pretty karmic! So, some things to think about:

  • We may have an awareness of things we want to say, especially to people we are in relationship to, that really come with a punch – something where we feel we can cause damage, somewhere we consider holding our tongue. The ultimate point is not repression of these ideas which seem to be forcefully arising in our own consciousness as well (and not necessarily just socially!) – but in engaging a process with them. How do we mull them over and analyze them and soften them out? The “truth”, or just saying it how we see it – doesn’t have to always hurt, nor does it need to be an instrument of violence. If we are at that stage with it, there is further evolution of our communication to unfold.
  • On the other hand, we may also be considering our relationship with anger, and what anger is telling us that we value, as well as what role anger plays in our interpersonal sphere and if there is space made or not for conflict. Conflict and friction are vital parts of life which can strengthen relationships when met creatively.
  • A friction between immediate action or improving a dynamic over time. Anyone who struggles with saying how they feel in the moment, for example, may be called to develop more self-awareness and communication skill about translating their interior reality. When that happens, and situations arise which previously they could not address in the moment, they will be able to. Yet, life can keep pushing the frontier out for us, inviting us to develop in new ways by showing us things we don’t feel ready to meet in the moment that they happen. While keeping a long view, also read the symbols for what you are wanting to develop now!

March 20

Sun enters Aries: 9:16 AM PDT

  • The Sun enters Aries as Aries’ ruling planet, Mars, squares the Sun and the Sun is conjunct Chiron in late Pisces. Aries and Mars both can like a challenge, something to push up against, as much as they also like unbounded freedom! This alignment can shine some light on how we can be energized when we take on challenges.
  • Aries is a cardinal fire sign, bringing activity and dynamism to our Solar season after a month of oceanic Pisces season. Where Pisces was like the dream, Aries is when we get out of bed and do something. Where Pisces is the womb, Aries is the birth.
  • We might also be forming a relationship to the experience of being a novice, doing something for the first time, or feeling like an experience in our life is just freshly unfolding.
  • Don’t just get knocked over by your obstacles – consider them, and how they are helping you to steer your path. A wall or limitation alters the course of the path, and it will only be in time that you discover what unknown blessings occurred as a result. Same with Mars in Cap… don’t get frustrated, get smart! 😉

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! Let me know how you’re doing in the comments and please share the love and share this article with your friends and on social media!

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.

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