May 30 – June 5, 2016: The Waking Dream

This week’s astrological currents are so streamlined and connected, that instead of breaking down each transit and describing them individually I’m going to explain the overall landscape – but included are transit times at the bottom FYI! I might keep to this form, still figuring out which works better, an overview of the week in one essay, or a breakdown of transits. If you have noticed a preference, please let me know! The overview works well in synthesizing all the themes of the week, I think.

What we are seeing this week is the Sun and Venus in Gemini playing off the existing mutable T-square of Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Virgo. So much is being washed away at this moment in time: plans seem uncertain, directions are changing, unexpected events are turning up and changing the existing game plan. With Mars still in retrograde and now back into Scorpio, our collective executive function, the ability to act and effect, is in deep introspection…/soul searching.

Because the exterior world is so changeable and fickle, it can become like a waking dream, where the feedback of symbol (Gemini) on the outside world immediately affirms the interior landscape. In working with reoccurring dreams that are nightmares, for example, a way that people deal with it is to become lucid in the dream and change something – face the monster chasing it, ask it questions, discover what it’s all about, or any other strategy of just changing the sequence of events in the dream, so it doesn’t keep haunting the dreamer.

Given the relationship between Neptune and other planets in the sky at the moment, the dream is taking on more potency than reality as represented by Saturn (norms and conditioned boundaries) – that reality is bending to the dream. Things that seemed to work or be working out are revealing themselves as no longer effectual or no longer true. Or, if we are certain something was true, that’s coming up for review.


(Image: Christian Tagliavini)

Neptune of course brings in a mystical element to reality, compassion, unconditional love, and the chance for reality to be felt more magically which normally, in mainstream culture, is confined, restricted, streamlined, into something more digestible according to the culture’s beliefs about what is possible, probable, real.

And whether the given reality in question returns to normal, this week maintaining that level of normalcy or function isn’t the point of the waking dream. The landscape is way too dissolving-orienting for that to work. What is coming through instead is new information, unexpected vantage points, and the ability for the impulsive nature that originates from a deeper place.. i.e. the Soul – to manifest itself into the conscious arena.

The energy of Pisces (where Neptune is, and Neptune is also the ruler of Pisces) is a sign of transcendent, Universal, unconditional love. It has passed the stage of the journey through the water signs marked by Scorpio, where we form attachments, experience loss, psychically die and rebirth ourselves. There is enigmatic expression of Pisces energy which is the ability to be IN life, while not really of it – a kind of detachment that results from seeing the mandala of life play out, end, begin again – how can one be attached to something they always know is ephemeral? Pisces can see beyond the world of form and see the underlying, connecting, film holding it all together.

When Gemini enters this picture through the Sun and Venus, relationships can easily get wonky. Fantasies (via Neptune) and projections on the other are brought more to light from the confrontational nature of the square aspect. Misunderstandings occur, maybe just in the sense that the realities confronting one another in the mirror are both so complex and multilayered that a common ground eludes the situation. Likewise, this energy can manifest as a heightened level of spiritual awareness about the nature of the relationship, something that transcends (because Saturn is in this picture too) a personal or cultural model of what relationship is supposed to look like.

Yet we examine, after some filter of should’s and boundaries are dissolved away this week, if these constructs really work for us at a deeper level or not. Internally as we view the waking dream circumstances in our lives, this week is a message of what the nature of this dream is based on repetition and synchronicity – what symbols and stories are popping up in abundance. What beliefs are informing your stories, your hopes, your fears, what ideas pop up around you en masse. One way to get a grasp of this is to engage the Gemini part of this mutable grand cross and seek new information. Be open to encounters with new people, or new environments, that give you a sense of contrast and reference for what remains the same.


The state of affairs this week will likely not be set in stone – it’s just a whole wash of perspectives and options which are too varying and abundant to all exist at the next phase. Detachment – letting it all go – will help the pieces sift far over any kind of attempt to control it (mutable signs are great at evading). The work in the meantime, as everything is in flux, is just to be present with what is available and in the current. Let it trigger you. Let that change and growth move through you. Whatever you learn, however you adapt, will serve you in the coming weeks and months.

Watch out for polarization in the relationship arena – seek to understand new perspectives this week as your own may certainly be challenged. And getting new information also comes from posing new questions – rather than the same one over and over again, hoping for a new answer. This is a very transformational time. Since a lot of things are NOT what they seem this week with all these hard aspects to Neptune, there is no need to settle on a truth – allow instead for some kind of breakthrough that only comes when we are confronted with the mystery and wander into that unknown, disoriented and then born anew.

A concept came my way this week that I would like to pass on, which is the idea that transformation does not just occur as an intellectual framework in the mind, but is a change in the very BEING of the person. We can use the intellect, the ideas generated in Gemini, etc… to guide us in new directions, but the changes are ultimately more foundational and vibrational. With Saturn-Neptune like this, vibrational and energetic realities are becoming more real, more of a visible structure. For example, maybe you know the right words to say to someone but it’s just the words – the energetic alignment behind the communication that would back it up is missing. And so the connection that was desired is not met. However, simply having the energetic attunement/meditation/realigning of one’s energy can result in actual, tangible change, maybe without any words spoken. This can of course manifest on a spectrum, but read: bullshit is less likely to fly, more like it dissolves on impact.

For that reason, your own communications and others will not just be about what’s on the surface. Allow yourself some psychic recharge and space to figure out what your desires and intentions really are (Mars retrograde in Scorpio).

This week flux and change are readily accessible – use it to align with your truest heart energy. Which is easier said than done, but you want your moving pieces to realign according to that kind of love, and not your fear, or your anxiety, which are other common reactions to uncertainty.

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~Sabrina Monarch

May 30

Mercury in Taurus (direct!) trine Pluto in Capricorn: 8:05 PM PST

June 1

Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces: 7:43 PM PST

June 2

Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces: 9:15 PM PST

Sun in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius: 11:38 PM PST

June 3

Venus in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius: 5:47 PM PST

June 4

Sun in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo rx: 3:57 AM PST

Venus in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo rx: 5:49 PM PST

New Moon in Gemini: 7:59 PM PST


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