Mutability M.O.


It helps, in the mutable astrology landscape where we currently find ourselves (Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces T-square, soon Sun in Gemini entering the picture and making a mutable grand cross) to not make solid plans or try, at really any step of the way, to push through a fixed vision of how something is supposed to go.

Normally, when the landscape is balanced in other ways, carrying forward one plan from start to finish may have rewarding affects. It is… “making your life happen.” A linear, arguably reasonable progression of events. The Capricorn goat, understanding how each next step of its way up the mountain will in fact, take it up to the top of the mountain.

However, this is what we miss out on when we say “don’t make plans” – not, “don’t make plans you believe will actually happen”. Taking this first one too literally, you get into a shadow syndrome of mutable Pisces that is actually like… the cessation of all will, all together, total apathy in the form of “being open to the flow” but really not doing anything at all.

No – by all means – make plans. Fly with your plans and assume they will change course and be open to the information that comes in.

When you make plans in the mindset of Gemini or Sagittarius, the mind is at a height of flexibility – and in this flexibility, each option seems to need to be sniffed… courted… understood – investigated, explored — even if it takes a person to the opposite end of the world.

In the Gemini/Sagittarius realm, if you follow your senses to some brilliant plan in the morning – lay it all out, get detailed… take notes! Write a draft. By the time the idea has been rapidly channeled, and is staring back at you, the cogs of the wheel of universe have already spun a little bit and noticed your frequency, hypothetically a few banter – “this one hears…” “oh my god… that one is tuned in…. holy shit – send them option 277.” “you think so? no one’s been able to see 277 yet!”

& then, as contingency 1 has been played out to its full, you suddenly get the idea for something else that seems.. “oh yeah, that will work a lot better.” And then the mind, in mutable astrology land, easily moves onto the next fascination.

Or you know, something like that.

If you like certainty, this astrology doesn’t help you out, unless getting you to no longer need certainty is what’s helping.

And most people like a degree of certainty, in some area of their lives — that cushion is not lost forever, but in regards to situations of the now, it’s up in the air. Find something in the unexpected terrain that makes it all worth it. You don’t get to know what it is, but mutable energy in general shifts up energies before moving into the next solidification of form. So with that in mind, something in the future IS forming, but pieces are being broken up first, to be reassembled later.



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    May 29, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    You are Stunningly Brilliant, Monarch!

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    June 5, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    This is so true;l a Capricorn,have been trying to plan a holiday(not something l really relate to) with a new young friend(his venus conjunct my So Node in the 9th), First Jupiter said:The Sky is the Limit”and made the plans. But then ,wait..reality set in with my bank balance and Voila! Change,flow,and the new mantra for all of this;””Flexible behavior is healthy behavior.”””(The friend is a gemini with Mars in Virgo,so he jusst didn;t notice any of this except to say,::Why are you getting so dramatic and upset about this?””

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