Befriending The Invisible


The invisible that lives inside of you rejoices at contact with the extra-invisible.

Like the ocean, it is as seductive to some as it is terrifying to others.

The Saturn-Neptune square is a portal for anyone to expand their awareness of reality to include more of the unseen/invisible forces. If, you dig that kind of thing. And naturally they do have a way of becoming more visible to those who seek.

Finding the spirit in nature is good with this transit. I like to think it can have tangible effects on your constructed world too, like the construct is just a house, but its foundations are scaffolded on top of the mystery.

Do you have any Saturn-Neptune goals or wishes? What houses is this playing out in for you and how are you feeling it already? Is it aspecting any of your planets? I’ll join you in the comments (on this page below, can’t promise for Facebook) to discuss.


(Image: Julia Lillard)

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    December 21, 2015 at 11:28 am

    urious about ?the planets placements on march 3 1958 birth time 6pm est… I am gifted with insite yet suffering with difficult karmic loss. Does this make sense to you

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