Plutonian Transmission #1


Desire is a magnet that both attracts and repels. If my desire becomes a shadow over my present, such that I no longer understand the value of the now, such that I cannot extract the marrow from the bones of any situation I consider meager, not enough – then at some point the only thing that moves life forward again is to take absolute honest account of where I’m at. To stop judging it. To see it and to know it to its depths. The pattern has always been one of extreme discontent finally given into for what it means, then reaching a moment of transcendent gratitude… one veil that has covered life lifts, and I’m that much freer. It’s healing every time I remember, and I wonder what makes me forget. But I know the things we desire in this life are potent, and tangible as the body. The memory is always one of not getting too lost in the form, it is then that the form never satisfies. All the bones that make me tired will go away if I will only use them. Complete. Realize. Move on. Seed. New. Green. Life. Realization. Fruit. Drop. Decay. Repeat.

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