Week of November 16-22 Horoscopes


The week begins with a Mercury – Sun conjunction in Scorpio. We get a glimpse into ways in which we are more psychic as creatures than we collectively let on. We may have interactions this week where the subliminal cues speak louder than the ones at the surface.

Neptune stationing direct on the 18th is a subtle energy, but we are likely feeling the Saturn-Neptune square strongly, an influence that will continue to characterize 2016. This is where higher purpose (via Neptune) is going to alter structures of society and culture (Saturn). The sense is that the more out of tune we are, or a culture is, the harder our blockages, the more tight the apparent need for control. But with more need for control (unbalanced Saturn), unbalanced Neptune enters the picture as well, and this can be efforts dissolving, not taking effect, feeling lost, suffering. Take note that where we find blocks we might be going down an alley that is just not the right one or at the right time. With Neptune representing surrender and Saturn representing constraint and limitation, it is like our lives are showing us where to go via the walls. It can just be hard to tell when the limitation is one we are meant to overcome, or if the limitation is there to guide us along. At least, strengthening our intuition or our devotional life (via Neptune) can help with that. Simply ask your guides for help. Separation is only a construct and a deeper, more whole identity comes through when we are able to connect with the Oneness and essentially what we came from. We are able to move through life with more ease and meet our challenges with more empowerment. Saturnian – punishment/guilt based religious philosophies are just one reflection of how we have distorted truth as a culture.

With Neptune stationing, watch your dream life for extra potency. Neptune slowing and changing directions can be felt in the dreamworld and also in our sense of longing. There is more of an intensity or confusion around this. So if you are feeling a bit underwater or lost at sea – Neptune. The medicine is something to do around spiritualizing more deeply or finding structure (as to not dissolve away). With the Saturn – Neptune square we are negotiating both of those until we find a balance or a meeting point.

On the 19th, there is a First Quarter Moon in Aquarius. If you felt particularly dragged down during the week before the last New Moon, you may enjoy this week being a building time in the Moon cycle, energy returning. The Aquarius Moon helps us see outside of conditioning, our social programming, and into our innate individuality. In the Aquarius Moon we can experience our channel. In Aquarius there is the phenomenon of groups of people gathering because of similar interests or frequencies. In Aquarius we can really find our tribe and our community. With that being said, we are called to remember and nurture our individuality, and it is best to not get lost in identifying with a group to the point that the individuality is forgotten. A law that exists within Aquarius is that when we are ourselves we are emitting a frequency that will be detected – it’s just that the more obscure or unusual the frequency, the more isolating it can feel at first. Think of it in terms of gravity though – when people have diligently cultivated their uniqueness with heart (Leo polarity), they have often found deep and true connection eventually. Aquarius can be a broad messenger across all of humanity, because the strength and radiance of its connection to its own channel. We discover in Aquarius that our radically unique identity does have a larger place in assisting humanity. For this First Quarter Moon, the lens of Aquarius is taking us far out of our current Scorpionic focus (focus is a strength of Scorpio) so that we can see the broader picture. It can be quite a download but it is integratabtle and necessary that if we are digging through something we get to take a breath and look up and out every now and then to see if we are still interested in our direction. Maybe our ultra-focused methods are having us confront a wall, and the Aquarius Moon is showing us there is a whole other way of viewing the story.

Mercury changes signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 19th – it seems like it was only in Scorpio a short time, and that’s because it has only been there since the 2nd of November. In this short period there has been a lot of dialogue and conversation around getting to the bottom of things, and revealing deceptions. There was often a kind of exposure energy without suggestion of what to do instead – and this is where Mercury in Sagittarius comes in – rapidly coming up with ideas and visions of how we can broaden ourselves. I think of this one in terms of social media conversations, and the way that at various times its really in collective conversation how social media is an isolating force or isn’t ‘real’ – and that was a theme coming up with Mercury in Scorpio. Social media is as real and as not real as the rest of our human constructions. It is a phenomenon that exists and that we are interacting with (now, obviously), so if we are wanting to have a better experience with it, we can certainly employ a vision for why we are using it (Sagittarius) and how we can use it for our own and for humanity’s expansion.


On the same day of Mercury changing signs we also have an exact square between Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. As much as Libra loves harmony, Pluto in Capricorn seems to want to ensure that is is real harmony and not just an illusion or deception of that. Along the lines of Venus – Square Pluto it is interesting to think of new values that are coming out around relationships and love, non-violent communication, and consent. These are very constructive ideals that have emerged out of violence and out of struggle, and these are not just ideals in theory but ideals that can be practiced. The Venus square Pluto transit can play out in our personal lives by bringing up realizations through conflict (internal or external) around love and our values that are not working or producing the actual results we would desire – modes of being that are at some kind of breaking point, the more so that something in our lives has been stagnant and not evolving. For people who are already consistently doing depth work, shadow work, etc, this is just a time where that work is more in our consciousness and depth material is evoked more confrontationally. As with Pluto always, one must go through the tunnel – there is no avoiding it, no way out but through, and you do feel better on the other side. It’s never as bad as the fear makes us think. But stagnancy, festering and having to deal with the eruptions that happen from the pressure never being released, is the consequence of resisting growth.

And at last, on the 22nd, the Sun enters Sagittarius. As we see within any depth travels, such as through Scorpio, we emerge with a greater desire to seek meaning and expansion. We have hit some kind of bottom, touched root, and we know that is not all there is. It becomes time to explore the outer world again, travel (literally or metaphorically), and expand after having gotten a better sense of who we are in a deeper level, our shadow that we met in Scorpio, and its potentials are we to integrate it.

Have a wondrous and magical week,

November 16-22, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Pluto is in your house of ‘getting a grip’ – authority, control dynamics, career, making a life. With Venus squaring it from your house of relationships this week, you may actually find some sparks flying around your career via strengthened interpersonal dynamics. Tact is of course Mars in Libra territory. But there can be pressure under the lid too – see how you can engage in positive transformation, even if anger is your first clue.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: This week is like a flashpoint of getting on track with destiny and life purpose, larger opportunities and prospects, via your routine, health, and other practices. This is energy that can feel wildly unsettling and chaotic when it’s in the state of overwhelm. The point to reining it in is just taking it one step at a time and figuring out your priorities. What is going to set the best foundation for you to do your work?


Gemini/Gemini Rising: The stage of romance is shifting right now, in that anything that has been just for fun is now experiencing a plot-thickening – either you or the other or both are experiencing deeper feelings. Or in your creative world, something that you’ve made is now taking off with a life of its own. The point in either case is transformation. Mercury moves into your house of relationships on the 20th, opening blunt dialogues w/ the possibility of B.S.ing. Take note.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Some opening of Pandora’s box is going even deeper with the First Quarter Moon on the 19th, regarding romance or newly discovered power. You are getting a fresh vision, and it may feel like a bit MUCH. The next phase of this, with Mercury and the Sun moving into your house of refinement in Sagg, is aligning with what you believe in and what feels expansive. Question why you would adopt a limiting viewpoint and rock an ingenious alternative.


Leo/Leo Rising: A season of more volatile and intense emotions is coming to a close – and probably now by the time that you’ve figured out how to be emperor of it. But the next stage as this one trickles out is about creative expansion; using the struggles and challenges of the recent past as fuel for what you are creating and building in the world – what more powerful medicine could you offer than the one you know has healed your own wounds?


Virgo/Virgo Rising: The First Quarter Moon on the 19th offers radical concepts of what will work better than a point of view or options you have employed devotedly in the past. Experiment with ways of being that day. Mercury moves into your house of home and family on the 20th, in expansive Sagg – protect and nurture your ideas, as something is gestating. There is a confrontation between self-love and power dynamics this week – the key is evolving old paradigms.


Libra/Libra Rising: Venus in your sign squares Pluto – this is a potent transit for releasing old patterns and stale baggage in love. You can become aware of what these things are via confrontation, but don’t get too lost in that confrontation to miss out on the deeper issue. This can likely revolve around battles of will – and how much not-personal content is taken personally by either party. Sun and Mercury move into Sagg and your house of communications = truth talking.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: A rebalancing is occurring with the Venus-Pluto square though it is not coming in a form that necessarily feels balancing. This is speaking to getting back to a core intention after a lot has gotten on top of that and sent you in new directions based off connections – this is back to basics, but also shrouded in some confusion. Stay flexible – and tune into your more transcendent, reliable resources. Let go of what can’t stick.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Venus-Pluto square sets off realizations & confrontations around freedom versus possessiveness in relationship. Much of this is an impetus to notice what assumptions are being made and getting in tune with what actually is going on. This week shakes up whatever has been the status quo – go with this of course. The Sun and Mercury moving into your sign at the end of the week begin a new time period of enhanced forward momentum.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: Shocking and revealing info can come through at the start of the week, plus a maverick impulse or the impulse to form alliances. Keep it clever. Don’t make decisions based on people’s word alone right now – especially if your higher sense of deduction/straight up intuition knows otherwise. Your need to be free to explore your destiny is enough to break not-meant-to-be partnerships or to evolve on the fence ones. Make or break here – but not subjugate.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: This week cues new directions toward enhanced autonomy – in some way you have seen the dark side of power or of authority, but also its potentials. Cue the visionary Sagg-transiting Sun and Mercury, entering your Uranian ruled house of innovation. Watch for where you have been held down by an illusion – in love especially, but also in your ideals. It is always important for your philosophy to expand your vision of reality, not to reduce it.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: The Venus-Pluto square is triggering some deeper reckoning with issues you have long detached from. They are now resurfacing, but you can be integrating this with deep compassion. It is important you allow yourself the process w/o feeling the need to escape. Neptune stationing direct means there is a slower feeling right now, like a pendulum that is coming to a halt. Then Sun and Mercury enter your house that rules Time – a season for mastery.

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