The Nodes Have Moved into Virgo and Pisces

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The North Node collectively is now in Virgo…cue more collective attention on the mind-body-spirit connection! Gut health, yoga, chakras, nutrition… bring it on. Yes this can also relate to the need to work through guilt complexes, savior/savior complexes, martyrdom and victim/victimizer issues.


Virgo and Pisces are wonderful polarities to study together because they really both need each other, but collectively the paradigm has often separated them. Instead of seeing a continuum between Spirit and Matter, we have separated them. For all the magic that is available in Pisces, Virgo can organize and define and create science out of it. And likewise, all of the craft and exactitude in Virgo, helps Pisces to feel cozy and to feel thriving in its dream. Like imagine your dream life at night as it correlates to the type of room you’re in, if its pleasurable and dreamy or if its depressing and stale.


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(Images: Stephanie Law, second image: unknown)


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