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Working With Your North Node

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I am currently reading a book that details the lessons of each North Node and as it’s mentioning what emphasis one can take for reality to become “magical” I realize how much I resonate. I think of the North Node as a kind of North Star for the Soul. It definitely brings in major magic.

So.. in short, this book by Jan Spiller is great!

If you have a planet or planets squaring your nodal axis, your relationship to your nodes is significantly different. The squaring planet implies that you have done BOTH nodes (not just the South Node representing your past) and that the squared planet is a function seeking to be balanced through one of the nodes. It will be the node it last made a conjunction with. To figure out what this is, you start with the squared planet and go in a clockwise direction. Whichever node you hit first is the resolution node.

Working with your nodes is among the best astrological DIY practices out there…



2 thoughts on “Working With Your North Node

  1. What if you have two planets in opposition that are BOTH squaring your north node? For example, I have a Sun-Uranus opposition with both Sun square North Node and Uranus square North Node. South Node is in Aquarius (deposited by Uranus) and North Node is in Leo (deposited by Sun).

    If I move in a clockwise direction from one planet, I hit the South Node. But then, if I move in a clockwise direction from the 2nd planet, I reach the North Node. So using the method described above, you cannot determine which node is the “resolution node.”

  2. I have my Scorpio Sun & Venus both squaring my Nodes. Going clockwise, they first hit my South Node. I’m still a little lost on what it means specifically. (6H Leo South Node)

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