Use This Moment (and difficult times) for Awakening – Video

The pandemic has had me check in with some of my spiritual priorities. Seven years ago I did a lot of work to reverse my habitual patterns of depression by following teachings around how to raise my vibration and manifest reality. These teachings are so often criticized as spiritual bypass – whether we’re ignoring our own problems or social issues – but that denies a presence of nuance or the capacity to wield spiritual tools responsibly. The other side is: if we don’t have tools for elevating our state of being, we are more likely to fall into downward spirals. It is actually during crisis (personal or collective) that finding ways to elevate our state of consciousness is all the more evolutionary.

It takes work to build the pattern in the mind that we have permission to feel good, bliss, ecstasy, even if our circumstances don’t give us the ‘reason’ that we need to feel that way. These are opportunities to find ways to source ourselves with feelings and sensations we normally are dependent upon something external for – an external image which has perhaps fallen away.

When we ego-identify with hardship and allow that to bring us down without checking that, we may become susceptible to negative feedback loops where things just continue to get worse and worse. We’re upset about our circumstances and we behave accordingly, dismally, and the pattern snowballs.

Hardship is an opportunity to learn how it is we find our deepest anchoring, and how we find connection to peace and happiness that is our birthright to feel. So I made a video about this current moment as an opportunity for leveling up and awakening, and I hope you find it helpful! Please share your thoughts in the comments. I am so new to video editing, please forgive me for that 🙂

You can watch here on YouTube, or below.

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