The Collectivity Versus the Sacred

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“What is sacred in science is truth; what is sacred in art is beauty. Truth and beauty are impersonal.”

“Perfection belongs to the impersonal.”

“The whole effort of the mystic has always been to become such that there is no part left in his soul to say ‘I’. But the part of the soul which says ‘We’ is infinitely more dangerous still.”

“Impersonality is only reached by the practice of a form of attention which is rare in itself and impossible except in solitude; and not only physical but mental solitude. This is never achieved by a man who thinks of himself as a member of a collectivity, as part of something which says ‘We’.”

“The collectivity is not only alien to the sacred, but it deludes us with a false imitation of it.”

“The human being can only escape from the collective by raising himself above the personal and entering into the impersonal. The moment he does this, there is something in him, a small portion of his soul, upon which nothing of the collective can get a hold. If he can root himself in the impersonal good so as to be able to draw energy from it, then he is in a condition, whenever he feels the obligation to do so, to bring to bear without any outside help, against any collectivity, a small but real force.”

-Words from the Aquarian philosopher and mystic Simone Weil (1909 – 1943). These are selections from her essay “Human Personality”.



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