To Uranus


If you want to Uranus, as a verb, consider viewing your entire life as a science. There are many ways to do this, and even so many ways to define science.

To Uranus straight up, without watering it down, one sips from the electric blue light that is Higher Mind directly, many people call this channeling.

A mellower Uranus is when a person activates their rebellious nature by choosing something to be rebellious against, in so doing they are in relationship to the thing they are rebelling against which in certain systems does have a time and place and usefulness. It is more a way of being in the world as it is already presenting itself.

Another mellow Uranus is adopting an identity that is given to a subculture. One is not of the mainstream, but one is still a member of a defined group and takes on the values of that group.

Straight up Uranus, being radically free and oneself, requires making a science of one’s life and very existence. “How does my ecosystem thrive and what does it need or like to do this?” (Notice I could have also tinted this question “How does my system function and what do I need to make it operate?” still Uranian, but like the Industrial Revolution tinted, where as the first one is more eco-friendly) From this stance, any ideas or ideologies are only lens and tools, gateways to experience, but they are not overly-identified with.


Uranus-ing straight up requires a level of detachment which could come easily to people who are not comfortable in their culture or surroundings. Being comfortable in a tribe or family or culture makes a person more likely to identify with that culture’s system of rewards for behaving a given way.

People who go directly into their own experience, pioneer or engineer something, can become cultural leaders… the outlier becomes example.

Higher Mind is a tricky elixir, seducing many a mad scientist, alienating great minds from others from self-imposed isolation or separation. The best way to engage with Higher Mind, in my opinion, (and we are talking Uranus/Aquarius here) is to engage the polarity of Aquarius – Leo – and the heart. Being a joyful weirdo cultivating a garden of creativity and exploration of the Universe is a different story than being a sad weirdo who is disenchanted by life. Both weirdos may feel like unique beings, but is uniqueness the privilege or is there something beyond that more worthwhile, like genuine connection?

Higher Mind is not just one singular place, it has many pockets. For example, if you read only classic literature from the 19th century, you might start to think and write in a way that is tinted by the minds of the people whose thoughts you’ve been downloading into your consciousness. Higher Mind as it constellates around 19th century authors.

I correlate Uranus with drugs, in the sense of altered states of consciousness (and Neptune is more about the intoxication aspect of drugs) and so I also correlate information and drugs. I think that sometimes the mind can be doing acrobatics that are nothing short of prodigious and extraordinary. A way of thinking can be like a way of playing the piano, one can write something very beautiful in a major chord or a minor chord, or any infinite possibility of fashion. No matter how beautiful or good the song, it’s not necessarily the only truth out there.

When Uranus-ing, you always have the chance to access something you never conceived of before.

I’ll stop here. I wrote this because I’m feeling exceptionally Uranian at the moment, and I wanted to buzz with that vibe for a minute. Thoughts?

~Sabrina Monarch

(Top image: Silki doodle)


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    Eva Dilcue
    June 23, 2016 at 3:28 am

    Absolutely on! As one with Uranus conjunct Sun conjunct Venus, you’ve captured what is experiencing me, perfectly!

  • Reply
    June 23, 2016 at 2:10 pm

    owww… yessss. thank you. no one ever explained it so clearly ! xxxxxxx

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