New Moon in Scorpio November 2015


Scorpio & Desire

“Love is like a butterfly, hold it too tight and you will crush it, but hold it too loose and it’ll fly away.”

This is what we encounter in Scorpio’s world – are we to not have any desire at all, say not even to eat or drink, we would simply die. We develop ways of desire; of having a life force. Yet to have desire that controls or rules us is one other form of death in Scorpio’s world. Scorpio is constantly shedding its skins or as in the Phoenix correlation, rising from the ashes. In Scorpio, the joy of life is cyclical and one with the sorrows and pains in life, and we know that we cannot receive the new or feel rebirth unless we have allowed something within us to die. For those who love the Scorpio path (and it is lovable past the initial hurdles – think of how it felt to be devastated for the first time in your life), there is a hunger for the cycle; one begins to see that death implies rebirth and so death becomes exciting. We’re essentially not afraid to let go of things when we know it is time to let go.

“I know how to go through the world so quietly,” a person on the path once said, “such that I would not make a splash… that I would have no affect, and alternately, I know how to create massive upheaval, and sometimes I cannot decide which I am meant to do,” to which a friend replied, “Doing nothing is a form of death. It represents a state of not having desire, which is moving toward death. We are alive because we have desire. It moves us.” We walk a razor-thin edge in Scorpio. We come to an awareness that our desire itself is not ambivalent. It is in actuality a potent force. We are not really supported in suppressing it, nor are we supported to become fixated or addicted, to have desire be our driving force for all sorts of covert or overt forms of manipulation. Either one of these choices is a form of constricting the flow. Think to Scorpio’s correlation with the colon for a more visceral meditation on what that means.

New Moon in Scorpio Times

LOS ANGELES: 11/11 @ 10:47 AM
NEW YORK: 11/11 @ 12:47 PM
LONDON: 11/11 @ 5:47 PM
MOSCOW: 11/11 @ 8:47 PM
TOKYO: 11/12 @ 2:47 AM
SYDNEY: 11/12 @ 4:47 AM

The New Moon, Jupiter in Virgo & Chiron in Pisces

This New Moon in Scorpio on November 11 is forming two harmonious aspects: a trine to Chiron in Pisces and a sextile to Jupiter in Virgo. This suggests an ease in letting go of lower vibration fixations in favor of understanding that there is a much vaster supply out there for us, that when we can let go of something finite that we have seen as our everything, we open ourselves to be nourished by the whole of creation again.

With the New Moon’s sextile to Jupiter in Virgo – we are looking at a harmonious force that needs conscious will to be activated. If you like to use the New Moon times for seed planting and intention-setting, think of this aspect as the Guru God Jupiter sending you direct experience to help you process (Virgo) your desire to either attain something or to let go of something. While we are more likely to imagine a process being involved in attaining something, we can overlook at that letting go (grief, potentially) is also a process. When have you heard someone or yourself say “I want to stop x” or “let go of x”, “but I’m not ready”? This implies that letting go of something happens overnight, when really more often than not it is a series of events and realizations, from which we usually just recognize the climax, and only connect the dots looking back. This next lunar month can be an adventure in alignment: the genie is more likely to grant you a learning experience than a free ticket to the finish line. See if you can observe this happening consciously. You’ll be given graceful opportunities to do (and complete) the work yourself, and the prize, in addition to what you asked for, will be what you learned.

For more thoughts on how these transits affect your sign specifically and into the week, see the Week of November 9-15 Horoscopes.

This next lunar month ahead (November 11 – December 11), watch the ways in which your life is offering you its richness through process. It is not just immediacy that sustains you. It is not just getting what you want. What ends up happening is that you get so deep into the process you hardly even notice that you’re changing – that the person who embarked on this path is in the distance behind you, and something else has taken you in and absorbed you, as though you were inside a chrysalis. What does not serve you begins to dissolve. And soon, the more you become one with what it is you were wanting, your desire in realized form cannot help but draw closer to you as a law of magnetism.

Your Process is Innate

You do not have to commit to always seizing your desires or the opposite, of letting go and surrendering all of the time. Chances are you will be more like the ocean shore with the tide coming in and out. You develop a sensitivity, an intuition – of when it is time to hold, to constrict, and when it is time to let go. We do it when we breathe. It is that natural to us, lest we forget.

Blessed New Moon,

(Image: Lauren Marx)

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