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What Qualifies The Leo Heartbreak


Something that majorly qualifies the Leo heartbreak – or really any heartbreak that comes out of the romance archetype (Leo) is one of losing that mirror who shows you how special you are.

I have not been able to get out of my mind something I read in a tarot book by Jodorowsky, about how the first love is ‘immature’ and that the person will project their soul onto the beloved. Would this then extend to any kind of expansion in love – any time one loves like they never had before?

When love ends it does not mean the values one discovered within that love end too, only that the person that was holding up the reflection is no longer there holding the mirror. In that way, a romantic loss or heartbreak can always symbolize a moment to realize something within you that before had to be given from outside. It points to something that has always belonged to you. Everything that you felt, perceived, believed — all of it came from within. And yet there is no separation from the inner and outer reality. Love is just like a portal into that world of connectivity in which what we feel separate from, deeply and unconsciously, can be consciously awakened.

Anyways, these are my thoughts on a Venus retrograde evening with Jupiter just about to leave LEO… is romance not a little bit shamanic? Opening the floodgates of the soul and all. Thoughts?

(Art: Alexandra Levasseur)



2 thoughts on “What Qualifies The Leo Heartbreak

  1. Deep insight into love. I am thinking deeply as I have had a resent loss of love or maybe it was just lust and find this view to be very helpful in changing my perspective, Thank You!!

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