Know Your Worth Inherently


I woke up from a dream this morning with the words “know your worth inherently” coming into focus as there was a person and a set of ideal circumstances waiting to align with them as soon as those ideals were owned, like a cloud above their head as they were sleeping.

I feel this is a metaphor for a lot of what is happening with this Venus retrograde. Some larger shifts that are occurring now inwardly will not necessarily manifest until Venus goes direct on September 6th because there is a gestation period of value reformulation happening right now. Not to say nothing will happen until then, just that an overall process is occurring right now and we are on the underside of an arch. When Venus goes direct, ACTING upon those new values is easier, while Venus retrograde has us reflecting and thinking, and perhaps undoing some of our prior actions to align ourselves more with what we internally resonate with, giving the Venus rx that rebellious flavor. Also think of it as there is extra consciousness placed upon matters of Venus right now – retrogrades themselves are very evolutionary.

So now is a good time to exercise some patience and see to it that what you are reformulating now will take motion the same way that a fruit will drop from the tree when it’s ripened.


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