Making Space For The New Moon in Virgo


This upcoming New Moon in Virgo September 12, 2015 11:41 PM (PST) is also an eclipse. This is a window that is closing and reopening into something energetically very new. The course of action until that point has to do with finishing things, tying loose ends, and letting go… this is a deep, watery unconscious zone to surrender into and not a time to force anything. If there is something on your mind (Virgo ruling the inner side of Mercury) that is taking up unwanted space, consciously surrender it and let it go.

The Dark Moon period is about trust. Something more mysterious is being navigated and you feel a transition is approaching. You have dreams, hopes and desires for what is on the other end, but even these things can also be let go of because if the thread tying you to them is meant to be, the dreams will be realized in their time. The time before the New Moon is helping us align more deeply with the natural unfolding of our intentions, or with the change of course we need.


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