Full Moon in Virgo 2016


The Full Moon in Virgo on February 22, 2016 represents a full light of unconditional love (Sun in Pisces) upon whatever we have been discriminating. A recalibration of discernment. Likewise, a blast of delusional energy shed on that which we are discriminating against… A choice.

I have not come across any kind of formula to prevent delusional thought, but the closest thing I’ve found to that is non-attachment. Imagine an unrequited love dynamic where one person believes the connection is karmic and therefore ought to be followed through with. We are courting and romancing ideas, beliefs and visions all the time… so I offer a metaphor. However the romance develops, giving space, freedom and choice for the other to have their own experience seems to be the loving course of action. There is surrender. Whenever we are engaging with the mystery; we are served by leaving room for it to be in mystery. Think of a more colonialist approach to the mystery which involves force – “I see the way and you do not, therefore, I will make you see the way.” Dissecting this, it is of course not love or transcendent love that motivates the colonialist frame of mind. It is instead a deep attachment to a particular lens of reality and a fear of anything else swallowing that it up, that which would force an upheaval in the consciousness. I think we are approaching a time on this planet where this latter kind of behavior is no longer supported. Or we are already here.

To continue with the karmic love metaphor; if the lover is truly motivated by love they are able to understand the loftiest principles of noble love – they only wish for the best for the other, for the other to be happy, whether or not they are part of that picture or not. On an energetic level, this kind of love will move mountains. Any other kind of love is like a game of Jenga, remove one conditional stick of its scaffold and it will come crumbling down.

The time on the planet I’m thinking of is like this game of Jenga. We have been taught that love is all fine and great; but at the end of the day it’s not the force that changes the affairs of politics or this planet. That it is not a substance with which to build something. We are in an obsessive linear, reductionistic uber-culture that makes these kind of grand declarations, as ridiculous as the one I am suggesting.

This Full Moon I wonder how the details of life look through the lens of absolute unconditional love. Because there is no separation between self and other; unconditional love does not tolerate self-abuse or allowing abuse from others. Pisces is so clever at avoiding and deflecting whatever it needs to avoid, or can be so content and sparkly witnessing its own abuses as though from the bottom of a well, viewing the world from underwater. We only need consciousness that a negative situation is occurring, so that all parties involved who have any power at all in the situation may take a step back and have a change of heart. We step out of the way and into the flow of Pisces.

Most people who are practicing manipulation and conditional love do not do this because that is who they ultimately are – they do it because they have never known or practiced another way. The colonialist mindset can not force unconditional love on anyone. It can only be practiced – but it caries ripples and waves that affects and moves the hearts of all around them. Most people enjoy love – and however it takes them to come find it, whatever kind of not-love they must discover and discern first; eventually the vibration of unconditional love is available for anyone who seeks it.

Avoiding the “delusion” potential within Pisces we need only to think of the way that our “five senses” are part of a very specific and you might say limited hardware. When we sense the world with extra senses and become extrasensory, our senses are still up for interpretation the same way that what we see with our eyes or hear with our ears is up for interpretation against the presence of some ineffable objective truth. I think that a medicine for Pisces/Virgo is being open to the mystery instead of trying to clamp it down. I’m not saying you won’t know the truth when you feel it or experience it, but I’m saying it’s like the lover that you promise to love unconditionally.

That kind of openness is a radical act. The way in which ultimate truth is systematically validated in this culture based only on the data which you can “prove” is a type of tyranny. That we think that dissecting a plant open in a lab is the real way to understand the plant, rather than to sit with it as it touches the ground and ask for it to deliver us a message in our hearts or in the dreamtime is an example of this type of tyranny. It does not just affect our political world or cultural conditioning and public schools, it is a deeper inner-scrutiny that comes with it. It’s every time that we feel something that we devalidate or think isn’t “real”. See these as extremes. It’s wonderful that we have structures in our society that have kept things clean and organized. But it need not be sterile. The rhythm and heat of life includes both sides of the duality, and we are operating in a culture which seems to have forgotten half of it. So let us remember.


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(Art: Sung Hee Kim by Hong Jang Hyun for W Korea September 2015)

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