The Monarch Forecast: February 22-28, 2016


Monarch Forecast for February 22-28, 2016

Mercury is in positive conversation (sextile) with both Saturn and Uranus, while at the same time Saturn and Uranus are forming a trine. If you remember from the February forecast, Saturn and Uranus working together in this way are building the new paradigm on Earth. This is not even to be woo, it’s inevitable that dynamics are shifting on this planet because of changing societal values as well as the necessary clearing of old ways that are not sustainable. It is very important to show up right now. Not everyone has the same task or job; some people are going to need to be working on protecting themselves or building up their talents or skill sets while others are more on the front line of change. With both Saturn in freedom loving Sagittarius, and freedom loving Uranus in do-what-it-wants Aries, chances are you know exactly what you feel like doing, either because you’re having such an adventure doing it, or whatever is standing in your way is feeling like a prison. Mercury in Aquarius simply amps the personal download: it is incredible what insights are coming in right now. Mercury spent so much time in Capricorn and hit Pluto 3 times, that of course we all have gone to some deep places recently. In Aquarius, it’s as though we’ve surfaced/are surfacing from a swamp. Things are becoming very clear. We know who we are and what we need to do. The revolution is made up of individuals doing their work, the work they were called to do. Imagine how different the world would be if everyone was self-actualized.

Read the Full Forecast for interpretations on the Jupiter in Virgo – Chiron in Pisces opposition and Sun in Pisces – Neptune in Pisces conjunction occurring this week.

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    in one of his books (Breakfast of Champions? Timequake? Sorry, don’t remember) that there are two kinds of writers (paraphrasing, obviously) – those who choose their words ultra-carefully to begin with and produce perfection on the page on the first go-round, and those who spew words out and later have to sift for gems. Vonnegut puts himself in the first category. I’m (current lawyer, I like to think that makes me a professional writer) most definitely in the second. Editing, I think, is more fun than writing, and for some reason it’s the only area in my life where I enjoy practicing minimalism.

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